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    The 8-step Marketing Strategy for Medi-Aesthetic Clinics [Updated 2024]

    The medical clinic business is facing a number of obstacles in the coming year.

    But with a proper strategy, there’s no need to fret. You’ll be able to increase profits, attract new customers, and improve customer retention if you put some time and effort into developing a marketing plan for your clinic for the year ahead. However, if you jump right into it without putting in the necessary preparation work, you might not get the results you want.

    Instead, it is best to start by considering the big picture, and only then move on to the specifics. In addition, we are here to walk you through the process, which consists of a few easy steps.

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    The 8-Step Aesthetic Marketing Strategy for Your Clinic

    It doesn’t matter if you run a mobile clinic, a small beauty clinic, or the clinic that offers the treatments that are the most in-demand: you need a marketing plan, and having one will only help you achieve your business objectives more quickly and effectively.

    When developing a marketing strategy for your beauty clinic business, the following steps should be followed in order:

    The 8 steps:

    1. Evaluate your performance and the numbers for 2022.

    It is essential to conduct an in-depth analysis of the performance of your clinic business over the past year before making any decisions regarding the future of your clinic business for the upcoming year. Determine what aspects worked well, what aspects did not, and what aspects would require some adjustments in order to work well.

    Tracking, analyzing, and evaluating the metrics of your clinic can help you determine how successful your clinic has been in meeting its business objectives over the past year. The following is a list of numbers that you should be keeping an eye on:

    • Number of scheduled appointments on average per month
    • Revenue for the full year as well as revenue for each month
    • The total number of new customers acquired throughout the year
    • The total amount of customers we serve.
    • The total number of users following you across all social media platforms
    • Number of website visitors

    The outcome of this activity will provide you with an approximation of the state of affairs currently pertaining to your company. Make an effort to analyze these numbers and find a correlation between them and the promotion efforts you have made. For instance, when you put in the most effort possible into your marketing, did that result in the highest number of bookings possible? When you implemented a certain strategy, did you see an increase in the number of people following you on social media?

    Your answers to all of these questions will assist you in developing a marketing strategy for your clinic that is founded on the lessons you’ve learned over the course of the past year.

    2. Establish objectives for your medical practice that are attainable.

    Determine the goals of your clinic now, taking into account the outcomes of the first step as well as the state of your company. There should be two categories for your goals:

    Goals that you want to accomplish within the next few months and then within the entire year are considered short-term goals.

    Long-term objectives demand that you consider the overall context of the situation. The goals that you have for your clinic throughout the entirety of its existence. For instance, you want your clinic to have a reputation as “the go-to beauty clinic in the neighborhood,” “the upscale aesthetics clinic,” or “the meetup beauty clinic for women.” This is what will point you in the right direction and give your marketing efforts the fuel they need.

    In a nutshell, you need to create a mental image of what the ideal version of your clinic would look like, and then use that image to inform the business objectives you set for your clinic.

    Think about what you want to accomplish in the coming year, keeping in mind the short-term and long-term goals you have set for yourself, such as the revenue and profits of your clinic, the number of new clients you bring on board, your client retention rates, the number of followers you have on social media, and the volume of traffic to your website. The next step is to consider the means by which you can accomplish these objectives.

    Just remember one thing: when you’re setting goals, you need to be as realistic as possible. You don’t want to find yourself in a position towards the end of the year where you’re experiencing feelings of regret because you’ve fallen short. Therefore, it’s best to begin your clinic marketing strategy by taking baby steps and establishing goals that can be realistically achieved.

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    3. Finalize your budget

    Think of the money you spend on marketing as an investment rather than as a cost you have to pay out of pocket.

    It’s possible that you already have a good idea of how much money you spent on marketing this year. And now that you’ve decided what you want to accomplish, you have an idea of how to get there. Therefore, you should make an appropriate determination regarding the amount of money you need to increase your spending on marketing.

    You should make it a standard practice to set aside at least 5 percent of your clinic’s gross revenue for marketing and advertising purposes. However, if you want to speed up the expansion of your company, you should think about raising your marketing budget to between 10 and 12 percent of your total gross revenue.

    Keep in mind that the choice rests solely with you, and that no one else but you is qualified to determine what constitutes a reasonable spending plan for your household.

    4. Redesign your website and your social media profiles so that they are in line with your objectives.

    Your online presence is of the utmost importance in this day and age, when technology is so prevalent. During the pandemic, many owners of businesses were forced to acquire this knowledge the hard way.

    In addition, the website for your clinic and social media accounts can be very effective marketing tools. Putting in the time and effort to keep them current and give them a facelift is very important. In addition, doing so can assist you in attracting and engaging a greater volume of traffic, as well as in acquiring new clients. Not only that, but it will also assist you in recapturing the interest of the customers that you already have.

    You can give your website a new and updated appearance by switching up the color schemes, modernizing the content, adding new pictures of your work, testimonials from satisfied customers, pictures of clients, and so on.

    Do the same kinds of things on your social media handles as well. For example, you could ask customers to tag you in pictures they take after you provide a service, you could repost their pictures, you could post more frequently to increase engagement and reach, you could upload pictures from your work, you could promote your offers, and so on.

    You should make sure that any changes you make are in line with the goals you have set for the upcoming year. Including a booking call to action across all of your marketing channels, such as a Book Now button or a link to your booking page, is another essential step to take in order to increase conversion rates. 

    Some medical practice scheduling software, such as Pabau, grants users the ability to incorporate a “Book Now” button into their Instagram, Facebook, and Google My Business pages, in addition to their own websites.

    5. Place your emphasis on the retail sector

    Retail is an additional segment that generates revenue and has the potential to have enormous profit margins. You need to give your retail business more of your attention and concentrate on it more.

    Sense your customers’ pulse about your current retail products. Ask customers for feedback to find out what kinds of products they like best, and look at the retail sales from the previous year to get more accurate results.

    You can try to increase sales of the products that are most popular by stocking up on them and selling more of them this year. You might be selling some products that you know to be of high quality but that have failed to pique the interest of your customers. You should try to sell such products at special discounts, and you should package them with the products that sell the best. In addition to that, explain the benefits to your customers.

    If it is not already the case, you can differentiate yourself from your rivals by introducing your own line of retail products, if you do not already do so. The advantage of having exclusive access can be enormous! In addition, you are aware of the preferences of your clients as well as the requirements they have. In the beginning, you can promote your products by offering exclusive discounts, product bundles, or complementary services along with more expensive offerings.

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    6. Develop a marketing strategy for the upcoming year.

    When executed correctly, advertising for a clinic can be quite successful. Advertisements on Facebook and Instagram are becoming increasingly popular, despite the fact that pay-per-click models like Google’s have been around for some time and are just as effective. And why on earth not? They make it possible for you to focus on a narrow segment of your audience according to factors such as their gender, preferences, location, and more!

    Because Facebook owns Instagram, any advertisements that you publish on Facebook will also appear on Instagram if you choose to do so. You also have the option to create ads that are exclusive to Instagram. You will be able to more effectively reach out to the younger demographic with the help of Instagram. You can create picture ads, carousel ads, videos, stories, etc.

    It is recommended that when using Google PPC ads, you direct visitors to a landing page in order to increase conversions. In exchange for a deal, you should request their full name, as well as their email address and/or phone number. In point of fact, advertisements have a better chance of being successful when they include an enticing deal for prospective new clients.

    It is recommended that a paid digital advertising strategy be incorporated into the marketing plan for your clinic for the year 2024. At a bare minimum, focus on advertising on Facebook and Google through pay-per-click.

    7. Encourage continued patronage and retention of existing customers

    Did you know that a mere five percent increase in the percentage of returning customers can result in a ninety-five percent increase in revenue?

    Simply taking this into consideration is sufficient to comprehend why maintaining loyal customers is essential to the expansion of your clinic’s business. Existing customers are the most important aspect of any business, but this is especially true in the beauty industry. If you treat your customers with respect, you will not only be able to maintain positive relationships with them but you will also be able to bring in new customers. Furthermore, it is approximately six times more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to maintain the customer base that is already in place.

    Building stronger relationships with your patients can be facilitated by instituting loyalty programs at your clinic. These will assist customers in becoming more dedicated to your brand and invested in the services you provide. There are many different kinds of customer loyalty programs that you could provide, including the following:

    Customers participating in the points system will be rewarded with additional points proportional to the amount of money they spend. These points can then be accumulated and redeemed for prizes. For instance, once a customer has accumulated 200 points, you have the option of providing them with a complimentary massager.

    The punch card is an excellent customer loyalty system for businesses just starting out. Provide your customers with a punch card that should be punched at the conclusion of each visit. When the card is fully completed, the customer is eligible to receive a complimentary service or product.

    Customers who purchase VIP Memberships have the opportunity to receive special discounts that will be of benefit to them over the course of their membership.

    All of these programs are designed to increase the likelihood that patients will continue to visit your clinic on a regular basis. The following are some easy steps that will get you started:

    First, remember that doing something is preferable to doing nothing at all. Start out by using one of the programs described above, preferably the punch card system if you’re just getting started.

    Step 2: Run the numbers. You want to offer discounts, but you don’t want them to be so low that your customers aren’t impressed, and you also don’t want to offer discounts that are so high that they hurt your budget. You need to locate the optimal balance point somewhere in the middle.

    Step 3: Communicate with your most devoted customers: Gain an understanding of the preferences of your customers. Would they be interested in a points-based system or a membership program? Include their input in your decision-making process moving forward.

    Step 4: Now is the time to put your plan into action. Once you have chosen your course of action, it is time to put it into motion. It may be simpler to put in place the rewards program if your clinic makes use of appointment scheduling software such as Appointy.

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    To encourage repeat business from existing clients, offer them special pricing, as well as free or discounted products and services.

    8. Ensure that your marketing strategy for 2022 is immune to epidemics.

    Even though the vaccine against Coronavirus is already on the market, it is unlikely that the pandemic will end anytime soon. And now that you’ve seen how the weather has been this year, it’s in your best interest to be ready for the worst! Create a marketing plan for the coming year that will put you in a position to generate revenue even if there is another lockdown or other extreme circumstance.

    The following are some precautions that should be taken in order to make your clinic’s marketing plan pandemic-resistant:

    Encourage advance booking and the use of online scheduling: You should strongly encourage your clients to schedule their appointments in advance. You and your clients can both benefit from the use of an appointment scheduling system if you implement one in your medical practice.

    Accept payments made without touching the device. “Touch” is the most contentious word these days, thanks to Covid. The most effective method entails accepting payments digitally and without physical contact through reputable gateways such as Square, Stripe, PayPal, and others.

    Clearly demonstrate your social detachment, cleaning, and disinfection procedures: Displaying your protocols in your clinic, on your website, and across social media will help you earn the confidence of your clients in the preventative measures you have put in place.

    Adopt the use of virtual consultations: If you want to lessen the number of people who actually visit your clinic and improve your ability to maintain a social distance, you should provide virtual consultations using well-known and trustworthy video conferencing platforms such as Zoom.

    How-to videos paired with home beauty kits In the event that your clinic is forced to close unexpectedly, you should be prepared to share with your clients and social followers how to perform at-home beauty treatments using beauty kits purchased from your store.

    You could handle the pandemic situation more effectively and save a significant amount of time overall with the assistance of a clinic scheduling software. The clinic booking software offered by Pabau enables you to accept online bookings around-the-clock, encourage clients to schedule their appointments in advance, place a cap on the total number of appointments, process digital contactless payments, and even conduct online beauty consultations thanks to its integration with Zoom.

    Make your plan work!

    Developing a marketing strategy for your beauty clinic that extends into 2024 is not sufficient on its own. In order to advance your company, you will need to ensure that this plan is successful.

    Making a calendar for your marketing plan is the most effective way to get started with this process. You could use something as straightforward as your preferred calendar application, such as iCal, Outlook Calendar, or Google Calendar, or you could opt to make use of an online appointment management system instead.

    Make a note of all the significant dates and events, such as Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, etc., so that you can plan special promotions in conjunction with these occasions. It is important to remember to market your clinic around events that are unique to it, such as its anniversary, as well as other special times of the year, such as the prom season.

    You shouldn’t devise a strategy that will cause you to become anxious. Make a plan that can actually be executed and is attainable.


    Because you are the owner of a clinic, you may find that you are so busy helping people look and feel their best that it is difficult for you to find time to devote to marketing and advertising efforts.

    You won’t be able to lose your way or your concentration if you have a compass in the form of a clinic marketing plan to guide you and help you keep your eye on the bigger picture!

    We wish you a prosperous year ahead and hope that this clinic marketing guide will be of assistance to you. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts and experiences, and thank you for doing so. We hope next year is full of success and happiness for you!

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