Treat more patients, without a drop in care quality

Pabau’s all-in-one practice management system will make your regular tasks faster, so you can focus on treating patients as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Key features for
GP practices

Electronic medical records

Go paperless with digital patient records that capture everything you need to know, from medical history questionnaires and allergies to treatment notes.


Create professional letters quickly using placeholders for personalised information, templates, and even AI assistance to simplify and speed up the process.


Order labs from within Pabau using our integrated lab providers and receive the results digitally for instant connection to the patient record.

GP practices use Pabau to:

Managing patient records, treatment plans, and automating tasks

Improving efficiency by minimising administrative workload

Sending automated appointment reminders, follow-up messages, and other patient communications

Using Pabau AI to enhance patient care

Electronic medical records

Our EMR suite is designed to keep your focus on patient care. With Pabau, you can quickly access digital records, automate medical forms, organise treatment notes, and make accurate diagnoses with internationally recognised precision.

All your patient information in one place

The client card serves as a central hub for accessing essential patient information. With a single click, you can quickly access personal details, electronic medical records, communication logs, financial information, and more.

Use appointment time for care, not admin

Send your medical forms before appointments and customise them as needed with our ready-to-use templates.

As patients fill them out, their records update automatically, keeping your focus on patient care instead of administrative tasks.

Easily create clear, standardised medical notes

Speed up your documentation process with our intuitive treatment note templates. Designed for consistency and packed with prepopulated patient and appointment details, they’re super easy to complete, sign, and store.

Avoid repetitive typing with one-click

Insert commonly used phrases in an instant, with a single click, and maintain consistent, clean records without the hassle. It’s about doing more with less effort, so you can give your patients the attention they deserve.

Keep accurate diagnosis records using standardised coding

Our integration of SNOMED and ICD codes allows you to easily use these internationally recognised clinical terminology systems for accurate diagnoses.Additionally, Pabau’s AI features alert you to relevant patient diagnoses during tasks like writing letters or prescribing medication, ensuring you provide the best possible patient care.


Send letters quickly using Pabau’s integrated letter system. It pulls patient data from records, so you don’t waste time typing the same information repeatedly.

Easily generate letters

The letters feature quickly fills letter templates by retrieving data from the patient record.

You can send letters to patients or third parties without the need to repeatedly type the same information.

Save time by using letter templates

Create letters effortlessly by using customisable letter templates. You can design these templates with your own headers, footers, and placeholders for patient information.

When you generate a letter for a patient, these templates automatically fill in specific patient details, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Utilise the power of images

Pictures can be worth a thousand words for avoiding patient confusion. Embed images into your letters for even clearer communication, explanations, and instructions.

Send referral letters to 3rd party individuals and organisations

Easily communicate with other organisations by adding their details to the client record as a relationship, and instantly pull in their details.

There’s no need to add the details manually either. Search the Pabau Network, and link them at the click of a button.

Create letters faster with Pabau AI

Take it to the next level by harnessing AI to automatically generate letters for you, drawing from the wealth of information already recorded in patient treatment notes, allergy records, prescriptions, and more.


Order and get lab results directly within Pabau through our lab partner integrations with The Doctors’ Laboratory (TDL) and Randox. This integration makes it simple to manage everything in one place, giving you fast access to accurate lab results without leaving your practice management system.

Request and receive results digitally for faster communication

Forget relying on postal delivery – request and receive lab results digitally for instant and reliable communication. Results are automatically stored against patient’s record.

Interpret lab results more easily

Pabau presents lab results in a clear and easy-to-understand format, allowing for faster and more efficient analysis. This user-friendly display ensures that you can quickly interpret and act upon the information provided.

Integrations with lab providers

We’ve teamed up with TDL and Randox to integrate their lab services with Pabau, allowing you to order and oversee lab tests right from your practice management system.This integration simplifies the whole process, ensuring efficient management of lab tests.

Easily share results with patients

Through the Pabau Connect client portal, patients can log in to their accounts and instantly view their results, eliminating the need to wait for collection or postal delivery.

Pabau Network

The Pabau Network lists potential service providers across several industries. It can be used to easily select and connect 3rd parties to the patient card for referrals.

Associate patients to other organisations for easier communication

The Pabau Network covers 99% of the UK, as well as over 15,000 Pabau users.

Connecting relationships allows you to easily send emails and letters, without needing to type their details over and over.

Join Pabau for a premium listing on the Referral Network

Pabau clients gain a preferred listing position, including additional details like reviews, making it more likely you will be selected for referral by other Pabau users.

Create letters faster with the GP Network

Save valuable time by selecting the required recipients from the associated relationships, and send letters and emails to the relevant parties all at once.

Pabau AI

Transform your patient care with our AI-driven tools. Utilize technology to simplify tasks, enhance patient risk management, and elevate your practice’s overall performance.

Dynamically generate letters

Our AI-powered tool for generating letters uses detailed patient data from patient records or specific treatment notes to create personalised letters for patients or third parties.

You can easily adjust the content as needed, making communication more efficient and tailored to your practice’s requirements.

Enhance your prescribing process

Pabau AI analyses all patient data, recommending medications based on allergies and conditions, ensuring personalised and effective treatment plans.

This tool simplifies decision-making, empowering you to deliver high-quality care.

Stay on top of risks with AI-powered alerts

Pabau AI reviews patient data to automatically identify potential issues and medication interactions, adding an extra layer of safety. It alerts you to any concerns with previous prescriptions, ensuring safe and informed medication decisions.


Pabau’s prescription system simplifies the medication prescribing process, making it quick and straightforward. You can share prescriptions with pharmacies via email or deliver them to patients through CloudRX, ensuring prompt care for your patients.

Integration with BNF and

Our integration with BNF and gives you easy access to the most current and accurate information about medications.With clear and up-to-date details on a wide variety of medicines, you can prescribe treatments with confidence.

Log patient allergies to enhance safety

Build a comprehensive understanding of your patient by logging any allergies using the SNOMED database.

This allows you to accurately record and track all known allergies, ensuring that vital information is easily accessible whenever needed.

Identify medication

By integrating BNF,, and patient allergy information into the system, Pabau automatically alerts you to potential contraindications when prescribing specific medications.

This ensures that any potential risks or adverse reactions are promptly identified and addressed, enhancing patient safety and care quality.

Generate repeat prescriptions with a single click

Cut down on paperwork and save time by generating repeat prescriptions with a single click.

Pabau takes care of all the hard work for you, making it easier to manage patient medications.

Configure dosages with ease

Pabau can either recommend the dosage instructions via the BNF database – or you can create your own with our dosage instruction builder.

Other features loved by
GP practices


Gain valuable insights into your business's performance with detailed reports. These reports offer the information you need to make smart decisions that improve your business and enhance patient care.


Keep your schedule full and your patients engaged with our versatile marketing toolkit. It includes email and text newsletters, feedback surveys, review management tools, and more to help you connect with your patient base.

Billing and invoicing

Managing your practice’s finances is made easy with built-in billing and invoicing features. Quickly create invoices, check payment statuses, process payments, and handle insurance claims using our simple tools.

I would highly recommend Pabau to other clinics because if you want an easy life, then this is the only patient management software to use.

Roxanne Merchant

Head of Operations, Juvea Medical

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