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Be in the room,
even when you’re not

Imagine if you could have full visibility across your practice, without needing to be in multiple places at once.

With Pabau at your fingertips, you’ll see exactly what’s happening in real-time, so you can manage and control your operations most effectively.

Front of house staff use Pabau everyday to:

Consistent expectations without consistent headaches

Maintaining a high, consistent client experience from attraction, through onboarding, to retention is constant hard work. Unless you have Pabau. Pabau lets you create and customise client journeys anyway you want and makes sure they’re always followed.

Customise workflows to suit your practice

Pabau adapts to the way you work, not the other way around. However you want to run your practice, Pabau streamlines and automates wherever possible.

Brand all your client communications

A strong brand is essential for your practice, so don’t let staff send out unclear, inconsistent communications. Pabau helps you quickly and easily brand all your emails and forms to enhance your reputation.

Automatically engage and update clients

Clients lacking the right information is your biggest challenge as a practice manager. Pabau lets you automatically text or email to keep them fully informed at every stage of the journey.

Key features for Practice managers

Digital client records & forms

Ditch all the paperwork, improve efficiencies and transform all your record-keeping with Pabau’s super simple (and often automated) file management.

Complete stock management

Stop worrying about empty shelves, missed orders and low profits. Pabau simplifies and streamlines all your stock management to save time and increase profits.

Appointment & staff scheduling

Appointment scheduling should be simple and seamless for both clients and staff. Pabau makes sure it’s always quick and easy to schedule, view, change and automate bookings.

Automated, customisable reports

Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it hunting around for important information. Just use Pabau to automatically collect and present reports on any part of your practice.

Train your team without any trouble

Changes to working practices, software or tools are often met with resistance from team members. Good job Pabau tackles the problem head on, encouraging staff to make use of every feature at every opportunity, transforming uptake overnight.

Instant access, instant support

Create unique templates, pre-set permissions and ready-to-use forms so that your staff can get started right away with Pabau. (And if they need help, our support team is always on hand).

Reduce admin, increase productivity

When your staff see how much form-filling is automated and how much time is saved with Pabau, they’ll wonder how they managed without it. Watch staff productivity improve overnight.

Auto prompt to build positive habits

Set staff routines and workflows from the get-go with automated nudges and prompts that remind your team to check forms, take deposits and capture before and after images.

"I would highly recommend Pabau to other clinic’s because if you want an easy life, then this is the only client management software to use."

Roxanne Merchant, Head of Clinic Operations
Juvea Medical

Detailed insights without constant oversight

No-one likes a micro-manager, but when you’re responsible for the effectiveness and efficiency of your practice, you can often find yourself breathing down your staff’s necks. But with Pabau’s clear, real time insights it’s easy to take a step back and let your team do what they do best.

Track activities with individual staff profiles

Never be in the dark about workload levels, client numbers and staff activities, with real-time logs into where your team members spend their time.

Set team goals and check personal KPIs

Motivate your team, boost productivity and help them achieve their full potential, without having to constantly chase and cajole. Pabau helps your staff monitor their performance and strive for success.

Schedule regular performance reviews

Don’t let any staff fall behind or feel unsupported. Pabau helps you stay on top of performance reviews, automatically scheduling them into every team’s members calendar so they’re never missed.

Multi-site management without multiple worries

More practices shouldn’t mean more work or more stress. If you’re managing multiple sites, you just need to make sure you’re using the software that grows with your business and can be quickly and easily deployed in every location. Software like Pabau.

One platform across every practice

Pabau deploys the same seamless features and benefits across every practice so you and your team always know what to expect. You can keep every activity consistent and check in whenever (and wherever) you want.

Rota organisation made simple

More sites, more staff, more scheduling. It could be a recipe for confusion, but with Pabau, it’s never been easier to manage and coordinate rotas, rooms, and equipment across multiple sites.

Location-specific ready-made reports

Business wide reporting is essential, but if you want to get into the detail of how individual practices are performing, you need to filter by location. Pabau lets you dive into any metric at any site with one simple click.

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Over 12,000 practice managers use Pabau to transform operational efficiencies