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Grow your business by empowering your people. Pabau lets you improve retention, performance, and save on labor costs.

Staff Management

Managers have enough going on. Do more with less by letting Pabau stay on top of company policies with HR tools that improve your bottom-line everyday.

Create staff profiles and upload your employee data to seamlessly organise all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle, then use that information to achieve great things.

Staff member permissions provide your staff members access to only specific parts of the Pabau system and enables them to perform particular tasks.

Keep your employees happy and motivated by pulling helpful analytics related to their performance to make sure everyone is reaching their targets. Schedule one to ones, and record and track performance.


With our flexible and functional schedule planning module you can adjust staff availability, and view the latest shifts from any device.

See who is booked-up and who can take up more appointments by monitoring your team’s schedules across different devices, all in one single platform.

Pabau handles requests & approvals digitally, then generates reports on the progress of time off data.

Empower your team

A single, secure database, with powerful, beautiful reports that help you improve your organisation and ensure results.

The team report is essentially 10 reports in 1; you can track key information such as average spend per head, hours worked and much much more.

With powerful dashboards integrated into Pabau, you can generate different team statistics at a click of a button. You can also measure employees against each other to have a true view on performance.


Improve your bottom-line with sophisticated HR tools

The right staff management tools for the right users, at the right time.


Promote more sales with our perfectly structured commission process by rewarding those who perform most productively.


Set different access levels to the software in the clinic and the Pabau mobile app, and control permissions based on staff positions.

Activity Logging

All activities of the logged-in staff members can be tracked with ease by managers and admins.


Keep your employees motivated by setting up sales targets for your products and services.


You can securely upload employee contracts directly into Pabau

Performance Reviews

Keep track of your staff’s performance and add feedback directly within Pabau.

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