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Get one-to-one support with our account management services

We’re proud of the support that we offer to all our customers. But if you want a more personalized experience, you may want to consider upgrading to our account management service for: 

Customer support team at the ready

Pabau account management: What to expect

Account management is an optional add-on that you can choose to add to your subscription. 

Your account manager acts as your point of contact for all inquiries about your account. They’ll help you maximize the value you get from Pabau from the moment you sign up. When it comes to onboarding, setup, customization, unlocking more value, and resolving any potential issues, they are your go-to person you can turn to, and trust, with your account. 

Here’s what you can expect from our account management services…

One point of

With our account manager service, you’ll have one person for all your Pabau related queries. Your clinic, your account manager, no one else.

Bespoke onboarding and system setup

Get set up for success. We’ll coordinate a comprehensive onboarding and system set-up, and ensure seamless alignment with your specific workflows and processes.

Extra training whenever you need it

Not quite sure how to use a new feature? Need a refresher on something you haven’t used in a while? You can schedule regular training sessions, whenever it’s needed.

Dedicated Slack channel

Prefer not to use live chat or email? You can skip this entirely.  Instead, you’ll have access to your own Slack channel which will connect you directly with your assigned account manager.

How we’ll help you grow

First look at new features

We don’t sleep when it comes to updating and improving the system. With an account manager looking after you, you’ll be first to know about all the newest Pabau features that will help you power growth, increase revenue, and leave on time each night.

Added customization options

Every practice does things a little bit differently. Whether it’s a specific workflow that you use for onboarding new clients, or you need to set up your automated communications in a custom way, we can work with you to customize your account to your needs.

Swiftly resolve challenges

Our account managers know the system inside out. Chances are, if there’s a problem, they’ll be able to identify it quickly and resolve it for you even faster – especially if they’re already familiar with your account and the features you’re currently using.

Understand your data

What’s your biggest revenue driver? Which marketing campaigns are working and which aren’t? The answers lie in your data and analytics. We’ll help you interpret the numbers and build custom reports so you can make strategic decisions about your business.

Go multi-location, seamlessly

Expanding your business? Opening up a clinic in a new location may feel like a daunting process, but not with an account manager on board. We’ll help you seamlessly set up a franchise location, and add staff, location specific pricing, and lots more.

Account management vs regular support

Which plan is right for you?

Choosing the right level of service is crucial for getting the most out of the system. 

At Pabau, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Some clients are using practice management software for the first time and others are managing the needs of large-scale, complex practices. Both scenarios come with their own challenges, and opportunities.

That’s why we offer both regular support and account management services. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide which plan aligns best with your needs:

You may not need account management support if…

You’re happy to learn over time

A lot of our clients start off using a handful of features in the system and gradually use more over time. If that’s you, you probably don’t need an account manager right now.

You’re tech savvy

Maybe you’re pretty familiar with practice management software already. If you want less hand holding and more of a ‘do it yourself’ approach, account management isn’t for you.

You’re confident self-learning

Happy to self-manage your learning? We have a growing library of on-demand video courses on the Pabau Academy that will help you learn in your own time at your own pace.

You may benefit from account management support if…

You want bang for your buck, today

Pabau is a very powerful, feature-rich system. If you want to be able to unlock all of that value from the very first time you log in, an account manager can help you do that.

You have ambitious growth goals

Increase customer spend, boost revenue, you name it. Our account managers will be able to advise exactly what features will help drive growth, and how to use them.

You have a complex, busy business

The bigger the business, the more of a well-oiled machine it needs to be. We’ll get everything right in the back-end, so that everything looks slick and professional on the outside.

Hours and availability

Our account managers are available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 8pm. You will also have access to extended weekend support with our customer care team via live chat from 9am to 1pm.

Weekday support

Account manager via Slack
Monday-Friday 9am-8pm

Weekend support

Support team via live chat
Saturday and Sunday, 9am-1pm

How much does it cost?

Like to know more? Account management is an optional add-on to your monthly subscription with Pabau. The pricing for this service varies depending on your location. 

For up-to-date pricing information, please use the links at the top of the page. Please note, fees are non-refundable.

Upgrade to a dedicated account management package