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See your practice succeed with a focus on patient well-being

Elevate your optometry practice with Pabau’s all-in-one management system. Say goodbye to boring tasks and hello to more time for patient care. With Pabau, keep your eyes on the prize and treat patients efficiently and effectively.

Optometry Practice use Pabau for:

Automating tasks, reducing admin work, and scaling their business

Taking bookings 24/7 and attracting more clients and leads

Safely storing medical records and simplifying online appointment booking

Managing eyewear and contact lens inventory

Executing targeted marketing campaigns to attract and retain patients

Managing patient payments and handling insurance claims

Patient Management

Pabau makes it easy to organize all your patient data. From their contact details and medical history to consent forms, treatment notes, diagnoses, and insurance info, it’s all right there, making patient care easier to manage.

Everything about your patients, all in one spot

All the important details about your patients are kept in the client card. This includes their contact info, their medical history, photos, all communications, payment records, and more.

Say goodbye to paper and go digital

Pabau makes paper documentation a thing of the past. Instead of dealing with stacks of forms, you can collect and keep all your medical records, consent forms, treatment notes, and prescriptions digitally.

Send forms automatically for a simplified appointment flow

Automating intake and consent forms allows patients to complete the necessary paperwork before their appointments, cutting down on wait times and ensuring a smoother patient experience. Plus, you’ll avoid the dull task of scanning and manually entering data.

Create forms tailored to your practice's needs

You can use our pre-built medical forms or design your own intake, consent, treatment, and prescription forms. Our simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to personalize your forms with various elements like fields, text, and images, ensuring they meet your specific requirements.

Make diagnosing easier using SNOMED codes

Pabau simplifies the diagnostic process with SNOMED codes. Whether you enter the codes manually or they’re extracted from medical forms, the patient’s diagnosis is displayed on their client card. Additionally, you receive alerts when composing letters or prescribing medication.

Booking Calendar

Keep your optometry practice running smoothly with Pabau’s calendar feature—a one-stop shop for all your scheduling needs. Easily manage appointments, access important info right away, and set up automatic reminders to keep your patients in the loop. You can also offer booking video appointments for easier access to care.

Take charge of your schedule

Run your optometry practice your way with an appointment system that practically manages itself. Whether you’re booking, adjusting, or canceling appointments, Pabau’s easy-to-use platform lets you personalize every detail to match your appointment types, rooms, and schedule.

Prevent no-shows with automated confirmations and reminders

Set up automated email and SMS confirmations and reminders to ensure your patients stay informed about their upcoming appointments. This proactive approach helps reduce the likelihood of no-shows, keeping your schedule running smoothly.

Prepare patients for appointments and provide clear aftercare instructions

Automate sending precare and aftercare instructions tailored to each service, helping patients understand what to expect before and after appointments. This ensures they take appropriate steps to take care of their eyes and optimize outcomes.

Stay connected with your patients, no matter where they are

With Pabau, you can also have virtual appointments with patients no matter where you are. This handy feature is great for offering tele-optometry services, setting up follow-up appointments, or monitoring eye conditions remotely, making it easier for patients to get the care they need.

Online Booking

Allow patients to book appointments whenever it suits them, straight from their phones or computers. Eliminate back-and-forth scheduling and focus on managing your business. With the client portal, patients can easily handle their appointments, check documents, and view invoices online.

Effortless booking: anytime, anywhere

Our online booking portal is designed to integrate with your website or social media platforms. This means your patients can schedule appointments easily, anytime, day or night, giving them the flexibility to book whenever it suits them best.

Tailor the booking experience to your preferences

The online booking portal offers extensive customization options. You can tailor the portal’s color scheme to match your brand, select which services can be booked online, and decide how much staff information to display.

Allow your clients to easily manage their bookings online

The client portal is designed to offer patients an online space where they can check and schedule appointments, buy and handle packages, manage insurance details, and access important documents and forms. With customizable settings, you have the flexibility to control their access and actions.

Boost revenue and loyalty by offering packages and gift vouchers

Use the online booking portal to sell packages and gift vouchers. This is a fantastic way to increase revenue while adding value for your patients and building loyalty. You can also allow your patients to add funds to their accounts, which they can later redeem against appointments.

Secure bookings and reduce no-shows with deposits

Require deposits when clients book to cut down on last-minute cancellations and no-shows. You can set different deposit amounts based on the service, or ask for full payment upfront for some appointments. It’s a simple way to keep schedules on track and make booking hassle-free for everyone.

Set no-show and cancelation policies to protect your revenue

Create cancellation and no-show rules that match your business needs, providing clear guidelines for missed appointments. These policies ensure you’re fairly compensated if clients cancel late or don’t turn up, keeping your practice financially stable and running smoothly.

Stock Management

Pabau’s stock management features make it easy to keep track of all your supplies, eyewear, contact lenses, and other products. Your team can stay on top of stock levels, order what’s needed, and track how everything gets used to make sure you always have what you need to take care of your patients.

Manage your consumables and retail products with ease

Easily add all your products, whether they’re consumables or for retail purposes, and keep track of their quantities in each location. Set minimum and maximum stock levels to ensure you always have enough on hand. You can also opt to receive alerts when your stock levels drop below the minimum threshold, preventing any shortages or disruptions in your inventory.

Keep track of your inventory levels with regular counts

Ensure your inventory is accurate by conducting regular stock counts. Whether you prefer using a barcode scanner or manual input, you can easily track your stock levels. Any discrepancies will be flagged, and you’ll have a clear overview of your inventory status, including total items, out-of-stock products, low-stock items, and pending deliveries.

Create and track orders for better inventory control

In Pabau, managing suppliers and stock is simple. Whether you prefer to input orders manually or let the system suggest items based on current stock levels, Pabau offers flexibility to suit your needs. Additionally, you can easily track the status of orders and access previous purchase records.


Ensure your schedule stays booked and your patients remain engaged using our suite of powerful marketing tools. This includes email and text newsletters, tailored feedback surveys, loyalty initiatives, automations, and more.

Send tailored marketing messages via email and text

The broadcasting feature allows you to send customized marketing emails and texts to everyone or specific groups. Whether you’re promoting services, sharing helpful tips, or telling your clients about a new range of glasses you’ve just got, you can tailor your messages to suit your business needs and engage with your patients effectively.

Automate appointment recalls and follow-up processes

Automate repetitive tasks like appointment recalls, follow-up emails, and billing processes with Pabau. Appointment recalls remind patients to schedule their next visit, resulting in a significant increase in re-booking rates and ensuring continued patient engagement.

Increase patient loyalty and revenue through loyalty campaigns

Encourage patient loyalty and increase revenue with loyalty campaigns that reward specific actions with loyalty points. These points can be redeemed later to cover appointment costs, improving the overall patient experience.

Gather patient feedback for ongoing improvement

Gathering patient feedback is key for continuous improvement! With Pabau, you can tweak your feedback forms to ask exactly what matters to your business. These surveys get sent out automatically after appointments, so you’re always in the loop on how to make things even better.

Showcase your reputation to draw in new patients

Pabau’s review dashboard gathers all patient feedback in one place, making it easy to manage and respond to comments from different sources. This helps you maintain a positive reputation and attract new patients. Additionally, you can share your ratings on Facebook and highlight the best reviews on your website using a review widget.

Billing and Invoicing

Pabau simplifies your practice’s financial tasks with its integrated billing and invoicing functionalities. Easily generate invoices, monitor payment statuses, and handle insurance claims, all through intuitive tools designed to boost efficiency in managing your business finances.

Simplify payments and invoices

Simplify your payment processing and invoice management with our built-in Point of Sale system. With Pabau, you can generate invoices with just a few clicks and process transactions using Pabau Pay card terminals, saving you time and hassle.

Link patients with insurers to choose who pays for appointments

Create profiles for the insurance providers you collaborate with and link them to patient files. This allows you to decide if the patient or the insurer covers an appointment, ensuring your billing is adaptable and precise

Create price lists for accurate billing

Tailor your price lists for different insurance companies, ensuring accurate billing based on patients’ insurance plans. Customize rules for each list, like where and when they apply, and for which insurers. This simplifies billing with clear pricing guidelines for everyone involved.

Payment remittance to simplify your financial workflow

With our remittance management feature, you can handle all unpaid invoices when insurance payments come in. It helps you keep accurate records, manage different insurance providers better, and easily match invoices for smoother finances.

Other features loved by
Optometry Businesses

Lead Management

With our lead management feature, you have everything you need to nurture your leads from their initial inquiry all the way to becoming satisfied clients.

Payment processing

Make handling payments easier with our Payment Processing tools. Whether you're accepting payments online, using Pabau Pay card terminals, or sending QR codes for patients to settle outstanding invoices, we've got you covered.


Analytics and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into your business performance, patient demographics, appointment trends, revenue generation, and marketing effectiveness. Customizable reports and dashboards allow staff to track key metrics and make data-driven decisions.

I would highly recommend Pabau to other clinic’s because if you want an easy life, then this is the only patient management software to use.

Roxanne Merchant

Head of Operations, Juvea Medical

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