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Enhance your skin clinic’s health with a focus on patient care

Pabau’s comprehensive practice management system will accelerate your routine tasks without compromising patient care. Our integrated software manages the entire patient journey, enabling you to concentrate on delivering top-notch service and turning visitors into loyal patients.

Skin Clinics use Pabau for:

Effortlessly manage comprehensive patient records

Deliver outstanding communication to patients

Ensure accurate compliance with every treatment

Treat more patients in less time without compromising their care


Effortlessly manage digital records, simplify patient intake with automated forms, efficiently organize treatment notes, and diagnose with globally acknowledged accuracy. Our EMR suite is crafted to help you focus on what truly matters—providing exceptional patient care.

Centralized, secure patient information at your fingertips

Store all your patient information in one centralized location: the client card. From medical history and treatment notes to lab results and patient communications, everything you and your team need is just a click away.

Streamline your appointments with pre-filled forms

Get your intake forms out before the appointment and tailor them just how you need with our ready-to-go industry templates. When your patients fill them in, their details go straight onto their client card, automatically.

Simplify your documentation process

Speed up your documentation process with our intuitive treatment note templates. Designed for consistency and packed with prepopulated patient and appointment details, they’re super easy to complete, sign, and store.

Avoid repetitive typing with one click

Use our macro feature to quickly insert common phrases and streamline your record-keeping. It’s about doing more with less effort, so you can give your patients the attention they deserve.

Utilize standardized diagnostics for accurate records

With Pabau’s integration of SNOMED codes, you can easily standardise diagnoses. Whether manually entered or auto-pulled from medical history, this info is highlighted in patient cards and triggers instant alerts for letter-writing or prescribing medications.

Online bookings

Provide your skin clinic patients with a great online booking experience, accessible right at their fingertips. Say goodbye to the back-and-forth of scheduling appointments and enjoy seeing your calendar book up effortlessly.

Effortlessly accept bookings around the clock, 24/7

Connect our online booking widget to your website or social media profiles, offering patients the convenience of booking appointments anytime, anywhere. It simplifies the booking process, enhancing patient satisfaction and reducing admin workload.

Reduce no-shows with automated reminders

Automatically send out SMS and email reminders to make sure your patients turn up on time and ready, greatly cutting down on missed appointments.

Tailor your booking system to reflect your brand

Personalize with your own branding, choose which services your clients can book online, and decide what information you need to collect.

Secure your appointments with flexible deposits

Set up deposit options to lock in appointments and reduce the hassle of last-minute cancellations. Our system lets you choose the deposit amounts according to your clinic’s policies, giving you full control over your schedule.

Protect your diary with smart booking policies

Create cancellation policies and add no-show protection to your bookings. This way, you’ll always be paid even if your client doesn’t show up.


Pabau’s powerful prescription feature enables medical practices to swiftly and confidently prescribe medications to their patients.

Integrated BNF database

Integrating the BNF drug database, Pabau provides precise, current medication information, empowering you to prescribe with confidence and accuracy.

Document patient allergies

Log patient allergies effectively using the SNOMED database, creating a comprehensive and standardized health profile for safer and more personalized care.

Smart Alert system for treatment safety

Pabau flags potential contraindications by cross-referencing allergy data with BNF information, ensuring patient safety in treatments.

Streamline repeat prescriptions

Simplify your practice’s prescription routine by setting up repeat prescriptions in Pabau, letting the system handle the details for ongoing patient care.

Customized Dosage Guidance

Use the BNF database for standard dosage instructions or tailor your own with Pabau’s easy-to-use dosage instruction builder.

Precare & aftercare

Remain compliant and seamlessly inform your clients throughout their entire journey. Enhance their experience by offering engaging video aftercare, taking your client service to the next level.

Automated precare and help your patients prepare for their appointment

Pabau automatically identifies the appointment type and sends relevant precare information to your patients.

Plus, easily link medical and consent forms for clients to fill out at home, adding convenience and reassurance to the pre-treatment experience.

Captivate patients with custom aftercare videos

Stand out with Pabau’s aftercare videos. Choose from our extensive library, or personalize with your own recordings. Sharing is a breeze – Pabau will automatically attach a link to your communication!

Crafting engaging aftercare instructions

With our rich text feature, create detailed aftercare instructions that are not only clear but also engaging. Use different fonts, styles, and images to tailor messages that are easy for your clients to follow.

Choose from over 100 pre-recorded aftercare templates

Explore our collection of pre-recorded aftercare videos, created by our content experts. Covering a variety of treatments, these videos are ready to be linked to your services, ensuring your clients are well-informed and impressed.

Face Map & Diagrams

Enhance your treatment documentation with the precision of Pabau’s sophisticated face plotting tool. Chart injection sites and dosages right onto a facial image, and let Pabau seamlessly generate a precise medical summary for you.

Simplify treatment records with accurate injection mapping

Mark injection points directly on a patient’s face photo or diagram, creating clear, visual treatment records and eliminating lengthy note-taking.

Draw directly on images and engage your patients

Illustrate their concerns or detail your treatment plan through direct image annotations, ensuring every consultation is personalized and easy for patients to understand.

Record every single injection with precision

Choose and log the specific product and dosage for each injection site on a facial image. Pabau will then automatically generate a detailed medical summary, including a breakdown of the quantities used.

Manage Stock levels with accuracy

Keep track of your injectable stock effortlessly by linking usage to stock levels within Pabau, ensuring timely reordering and stock management.


Take advantage of Pabau’s sophisticated photography features to easily capture unlimited high-quality photos and swiftly create impressive before-and-after images.

Produce engaging before-and-after photos with a simple click

Effortlessly craft professional before-and-after images or record your treatments using multiple images side-by-side, just by dragging and dropping.

Create a visual journey of your patients' progress

Track and display your patients’ journey from their initial visit, crafting a visually engaging story of their transformation and progress.

Showcase results with dynamic visuals

Use our comparison slider to smoothly transition between before and after images, providing a striking visual representation of your work.

Zoom in on perfection with high-resolution imaging

Record the fine details of your treatments using high-quality images that offer zoom-in and zoom-out capabilities, guaranteeing both clarity and striking visual effects.

Showcase and share your results

Share high-resolution photos with patients and on social media platforms effortlessly, allowing them to celebrate their results and promote your expertise.

Other Popular Features
with Skin Clinic Users:


Order labs from within the CRM using our integrated lab providers and receive the results digitally for instant connection to the patient.

Patch test management

ffortlessly handle patch tests for laser treatments, making sure they are a required part of the appointment process.

Client portal

Provide your clients with login details to see everything related to their bookings, including intake forms, invoices, packages, and more.

I would highly recommend Pabau to other clinics because if you want an easy life, then this is the only patient management software to use.

Roxanne Merchant

Head of Operations, Juvea Medical

Trusted by 2500+ practices across the world

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