Stock Management Software for Clinics and Medical Spas

Managing stock is the last thing you want to do after a busy day of treatments. Good job you don’t have to. Pabau streamlines your stock management process so you always know where you’re up to.

Inventory Management

Maximize your inventory efficiency and rely on Pabau for seamless retail sales

Purchase Orders

Supply your company’s inventory from one single screen.

Set minimum stock levels for your products, and we will alert you when levels are running low for a timely re-order.

Email your orders list directly to your suppliers with our quick product selector tools, then sit back and relax while they process your order.

Pabau’s smart ordering predicts which products are about to run low in stock and which products you have plenty of, ensuring you are always on top of a perfect stock count.

Easy to use Inventory reports

Track every stock move with Pabau’s unique inventory reports that can showcase what product lines are performing best, and which are under-performing; from purchase, to stock take, to sales order.

Make smarter decisions with real-time dynamic stock reports that you can save and share with anybody.


More stock management tools, built and designed for growing businesses

Cut your admin in half with modern stock management software and improve all your
internal operations

Auto Consumption

Consume products automatically once a specific service is sold.

Sell Retail Products

Increase your revenue through retail sales by having stocks that most patients will love.

Multi-location Stocks

Each of your departments can manage it's own stock of inventory items along with per department sale prices when required.

Bulk Stock Updates

Receiving updates on bulk stock and adjusting your levels in bulk allows you to cut your admin time in half.

Manage Product Suppliers

Save time from ordering stocks by adding your supplier profiles directly into the system.

Use Barcode Scanning

Identify items you are looking for by scanning barcodes, or print out labels with barcodes.

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