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Treat more clients, without increasing compliance pressure

Take the pressure off compliance procedures, with Pabau’s all-in-one practice management system. Our fully integrated software will take care of the entire client journey, so you can focus on providing the best service possible and make sure they become a regular client.

Medi-aesthetic clinics use Pabau to:

Effortlessly manage complicated patient records from anywhere in a safe and secure manner.

Deliver flawless service in less time to increase revenue without increasing admin.

Deliver flawless service in less time to increase revenue without increasing admin.

Turn new clients into repeat clients with effective marketing outreach and nurturing.

Paperless Client Records

Say goodbye to the hassle of sifting through paper forms, digitizing documents, and
worrying about misplaced files. With our simple, powerful and flexible system, all your
client data is safely stored in a secure location, easily accessible from any device.

All your patient information, effortlessly secure in one place

The client card serves as a comprehensive record of all interactions your clinic has had with each client.

At the click of a button, you can easily retrieve all relevant information, including personal details, photos, EMR, communication logs, financials and much more.

Automate your intake forms

Save time and shorten procedure times by linking your forms to services. This will automatically send the form to the client for completion prior to their appointment.

Better still – completed details are automatically stored in the client record so you can wave goodbye to scanning or manually entering form details.

Choose from industry-specific prebuilt templates

Building all the forms you need can be time consuming.

That’s why we have hundreds of pre-built form templates for you to choose from.

Already got your forms on another system? We’ll bulk import them for you.

Easily create forms that suit your practice

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can choose from various elements like fields, text and images and create whatever forms you need for your business.

Develop care pathways for different treatment settings

Patients with varying skin types may need different equipment settings for their treatments.

Pabau allows you to create customized care pathway steps that revolve around treatment settings, saving you time and enabling individualized care.

Online Bookings

Offer your medi-aesthetic clients a top-notch online booking experience right where they are. Eliminate the hassle of time-consuming back-and-forth communication and watch your calendar fill.

Get more clients when they're ready to book

Busy clients demand flexibility. Connect our online booking widget to your website or social media and allow your clients to book appointments 24/7.

Save the hassle of endless back-and-forth communication while your clients make bookings quickly and easily.

Save time and prevent no-shows with automatic SMS and email reminders

Send automatic SMS and email reminders to guarantee your clients never miss their appointments, leading to a significant reduction in no-show rates.

Customize and create a fully on-brand experience

With just a few clicks, you can customize our user-friendly booking widget to meet your individual requirements.

Add your branding, select the services you want your clients to be able to book online and pick the information you want to collect.

Secure your appointments with deposits

Avoid those frustrating last-minute cancellations that disrupt your schedule and revenue. 

Want to take a 10% deposit on some services and full payment on others? With Pabau, you’re always in control.

Take bookings with confidence

Create your cancellation policies and add no-show protection to your bookings. This way, you’ll always be paid even if your client doesn’t show up.


With Pabau’s advanced photography features, you can effortlessly take unlimited high-quality photos and quickly produce stunning before-and-after images.

Create a compelling before-and-after image at the click of a button

Easily produce polished before-and-after images or document your treatments with multiple side-by-side images by simply dragging and dropping.

Pabau’s user-friendly interface provides various comparison options to capture or present your treatments effectively.

Curate a visual timeline of your client's progress

Highlight transformations over time, from the first visit to the last, by simply dragging and dropping to create a sleek and compelling progress gallery.

Reveal results with an engaging comparison slider

Aesthetic clients love a grand reveal! With Pabau’s comparison slider, you can display changes smoothly transitioning between images before and after, and let the visuals showcase your expertise.

See every detail with powerful zooming

Say goodbye to low-quality images that can’t capture the intricate details of your aesthetic treatments. Pabau allows you to take high-resolution photos that can be zoomed in and out, providing exceptional clarity.

Easily display and share your images

Easily share high-resolution photos with your clients and let them celebrate their results. At the click of a button, you can also showcase your expertise by effortlessly sharing before-and-after images on social media.

Face Plot & Diagrams

Inject precision into your treatment records with Pabau’s advanced face plotting feature. Map the injection points and amounts directly on a face image and watch Pabau automatically create an accurate medical summary.

Easily plot the injection points with product amounts

Easily create precise treatment records by marking injection points directly on a photo of your patient’s face or a face diagram. This allows for clear visual records of treatment history, eliminating the need for lengthy written notes.

Pick the product and the quantities, and watch Pabau generate a detailed medical summary

Select the product you’re using, the units you’re administering and which area of the face you’re treating. Pabau will automatically create a medical summary with a breakdown of the units you used.

Gain complete control over your injectables' stock levels with precise accuracy

With Pabau, tracking the vials you use is a breeze. By connecting the face plotting feature to your injectables stock, you will always know when to place an order next.

Precare & Aftercare

Stay compliant and effortlessly keep your clients informed at every step of the journey. Take it up a notch by wowing your clients with engaging video aftercare.

Allow your patient to prepare for their appointment with automated precare

Pabau recognizes the appointment type and sends the pre-care information related to the treatment. It’s peace of mind for you!

You can also link medical and consent forms for your clients to complete from the comfort of their homes.

Impress your clients with eye-catching aftercare videos

Unlike any other software, Pabau allows you to send aftercare videos to your clients. Create a pre-recorded gallery, use one of our ready-made templates or go the extra mile and record a personalized one.

Sharing is super easy: Pabau will automatically attach a link to your communication, and – voilà!

Create clear and engaging instructions with rich text

With rich text capabilities, you can utilize various heading levels, font styles, images, and merge tags to create personalized aftercare instructions that are engaging and easy-to-follow. 

Choose from over 100 pre-recorded aftercare templates

Our team of content creators has put together a comprehensive video gallery containing aftercare instructions for a wide range of popular aesthetic treatments. All you have to do is select the ones that you want, link to your services and be prepared to amaze!

Client portal

Empower your clients by providing them with their own portal where they can manage appointments, view documents, and make purchases. You have complete control over what they can access and see.

Allow your clients to easily manage their bookings and make payments

Pabau’s BNF drug database integration provides you with concise, accurate, and up-to-date medicine information so you can prescribe confidently.

Boost your revenue by allowing your clients to purchase packages online

Allow your clients to conveniently purchase packages and treatment courses within their portal and watch your revenue grow.

Allow clients to book redeem sessions with no calls or emails required

Reduce admin and time-consuming communication by allowing your clients to check how many sessions they have left in their packages and easily schedule their next visit at their convenience.

Make your clients' documents conveniently accessible

Provide a safe and convenient space for your clients to access documents, invoices, and forms, as well as to complete and sign them.

Other features loved by
Medi-aesthetic users


Connect with both new and existing clients and keep your calendar full with our suite of powerful marketing tools


Gain an in-depth understanding of your practice with powerful reports that enable data-backed decisions


Streamline your processes and eliminate repetitive tasks with the power of automation and watch your productivity soar

I would highly recommend Pabau to other clinics because if you want an easy life, then this is the only patient management software to use.

Roxanne Merchant

Head of Operations, Juvea Medical

Trusted by 2500+ practices across the world

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