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Patient Portal Software for Clinics and Medical Spas

First impressions are everything. Your online booking platform is the face of your business, so like the rest of your clinic, it needs to look good. Pabau’s Patient Portal doesn’t just look great, it works great – simple and effective.

Client Area

Allow your clients to view and handle all their appointments, payments and information entirely online. With Pabau’s Connect Portal, you will build client relationships that last a lifetime!

Clients can manage all aspects of their account with you such as payments, appointments, documents and much more from an easy-to-use and stylish portal! Giving your clinic more time to focus on other things that truly matter.


Obtaining consent from patients has never been this easy! You can manage consent, maintain GDPR compliance and do marketing communications without pen and paper!

Connect can make your patients opt-in or out of marketing communications and select which channels they would like to be contacted on. They also have the ability to update their latest address information, ensuring you can always get in contact via the appropriate channels.

Self Service

It’s not only you who is in control, but also your clients. Your clients now have the options to track their previous visits, view invoices and get their expense statements at their homes, without even going through your reception staff.

Without the burden of admin work, you and your staff will save time and energy so that you can focus more on good customer service and business goals.

Everything you need in one software

Bring new clients to your wellness studio by listing your business in the
Mindbody app and get a platform to highlight your promotions and wellness programs.

Manage Packages

With Pabau, your patients have the options to browse through your offered packages online.

View Secure Documents

Pabau highly values data privacy by flagging sensitive photos on patient records with its advanced image detection function. You and your patients are assured that these raw photos will not be visible to any other user when he or she opens the patient record/ client card.

View Treatment Plans

With Pabau, your patients have their treatment options right at their fingertips. You can show them your treatment plans that are easily crafted and illustrated using Pabau’s templates.

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