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Smooth your business operations, with a laser focus on your clients

Streamline bookings, take online payments and automate treatment recalls and reminders with the all-in-one laser hair removal clinic software from Pabau. It reduces admin, increases revenue and gives you more time to spend with your clients.

Key Features for
Laser Clinics

Online bookings

Put our booking widget on your website to allow visitors to book a service with you immediately without the time consuming back and forth.

Precare & aftercare

Automate communication to the client before and after treatments to optimise treatment outcomes and provide 5-star service.

Client portal

Provide your clients with login details to see everything related to their bookings, including intake forms, invoices, packages, and more.

Laser Clinics use
Pabau to:

Effortlessly store and manage
client records

Provide excellent communication
to clients

Easily promote, sell and manage treatment packages

Treat more people in less time without compromising quality

Online Booking

Spend more time focused on managing your clinic while your clients can easily book appointments at any time, at their own convenience.

Get more clients when they're ready to book

Place our online booking widget on your website or social media and allow your clients to book appointments 24/7.

This takes just a single piece of code and is easy even for those who aren’t tech minded. Worst case – our support team will do it for you.

Manage your schedule by room or equipment

Organize your calendar by machines or treatment rooms and prevent double bookings that could harm your profits and your reputation.

Craft a seamless online booking experience

Our easy-to-use online booking widget gives you complete control. Through a simple step-by-step process, you can fully customize its appearance and behaviour to meet the unique needs of your laser clinic.

Online deposit options

Protect your income from no-shows by requiring a deposit for online bookings. You can set the amount of deposit required for each service, or even a higher deposit from new clients or those with a higher risk of not showing up.

Securely hold card details in case of a no-show

Switch on non-show protection and securely hold card details for online bookings. If a client doesn’t turn up, you can charge them a cancellation fee in line with your policies.

Precare and Aftercare

Keep your client informed at every stage of their journey while ensuring your practice is always compliant. You can choose from hundreds of prebuilt industry-specific templates or easily craft your own. And for that extra touch of engagement, impress your client with a personalized video aftercare.

Allow your patient to prepare for their laser treatment with automated precare

Pabau recognizes the appointment type and sends the pre-care information related to the treatment. It’s peace of mind for you!

You can also link medical and consent forms for your clients to complete from the comfort of their homes.

Send aftercare videos for a more engaging experience

Unlike any other software, Pabau allows you to send aftercare videos to your clients. Create a pre-recorded gallery, use one of our ready-made templates or go the extra mile and record a personalized one.

Sharing is super easy: Pabau will automatically attach a link to your communication, and – voilà!

Create clear and engaging instructions for your laser treaments with advanced styling options

By using different heading levels, font styles, images, and merge tags, you can offer personalized and easy-to-follow aftercare instructions to your clients.

Choose from over 100 pre-recorded aftercare templates

Our content team has created a comprehensive video gallery of aftercare instructions for a wide range of popular aesthetic treatments, including hair removal laser treatments. Simply select the videos you want, link them to the services and Pabau will automatically send them at the time you choose.

Client Portal

Improve your clients’ experience and give them more control with a Client Portal. You can customize what they see and do, including managing appointments, viewing documents, and making purchases.