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Infuse your clinic with efficiency and boost your client base

Navigate compliance with ease and elevate client journeys with Pabau’s all-in-one system. Whether you’re in the clinic or on the go, Pabau streamlines every step, enabling you to focus on exceptional service and foster lasting client relationships.

IV Drip Clinics use
Pabau for:

Manage client data
on-the-go or in-clinic

Simplify bookings and
reduce no-shows

Oversee stock and
consumables efficiently

Ensure compliance
and top-notch care

Paperless client records

Embrace digital efficiency in record-keeping for your IV clinic.

Have instant access to your clients’ details, anywhere, anytime

Pabau centralises your clients’ data within a secure digital client card. Swiftly access comprehensive profiles, including personal details, medical history, previous treatments, communication logs, and financial records.

Enhance efficiency with digital intake forms

Streamline the client onboarding process and assess treatment suitability pre-appointment. Our system links services to their corresponding intake forms, allowing clients to complete them at their convenience. All information is seamlessly synced to their personal profiles.

Secure and efficient prescription management

Manage and issue IV therapy prescriptions swiftly and securely within Pabau’s system, ensuring you provide the best care with accuracy and efficiency.

Save time with our pre-built form templates

Save time with our extensive library of pre-built templates designed for various treatments. Import your existing forms or choose from our collection, all tailored to meet your clinical and admin needs.

Create treatment journeys that work for your clinic

Design care pathways unique to your IV treatments with Pabau. Automate treatment plans and follow-up tasks, ensuring a smooth and professional client experience without the manual hassle.

Online Booking

Whether you’re managing a clinic or providing mobile services at events or client locations, ensure your IV drip sessions are just a click away. Say goodbye to the back-and-forth and hello to a smoothly running schedule.

Simplify booking for in-clinic and mobile IV drip treatments

Integrate our online booking widget onto your website or social platforms, allowing clients to secure their IV therapy sessions 24/7, eliminating the need for constant phone calls and emails.

Reduce no-shows with automated reminders

SMS and email notifications ensure clients keep their appointments, significantly diminishing the likelihood of no-shows and the need for last-minute rescheduling.

Tailor the booking experience to fit your clinic's brand

Tailoring our booking widget is as easy as a few clicks. Display the treatments available for booking and choose the details you wish to collect for a completely frictionless experience.

Secure bookings with flexible deposit options

Safeguard your schedule and revenue against unexpected cancellations. Pabau gives you the flexibility to request a deposit amount that suits the nature of your services—be it a booking fee or full prepayment.

Protect your income against damaging no-shows

Mitigate the impact of no-shows with Pabau’s cancellation protection. Define your policies and securely capture card details, enabling you to charge a no-show fee and protect your clinic’s revenue effectively.

Stock Management

With Pabau, you can track every aspect of your stock from a single, streamlined interface. From creating product listings to handling orders with suppliers and managing purchase orders, our system simplifies the entire process.

Maintain ideal stock levels with smart alerts

Keep your inventory optimal with Pabau’s smart stock control. Set minimum and maximum thresholds for your products and receive alerts when stock levels are low, ensuring you never run out of essential IV supplies.

Link services and stock for seamless inventory management

Pabau allows you to directly link your IV infusions and consumables to specific services offered. This integration ensures that stock levels are automatically adjusted as services are rendered, providing real-time inventory updates and seamless stock control.

Accurate and efficient stocktaking

Pabau’s intuitive platform supports your stocktake process, ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory records, minimising discrepancies, and enabling more precise ordering.

Streamlined ordering direct to suppliers

Email suppliers directly with purchase orders right from the platform. Build orders from scratch or utilise suggested order quantities based on historical consumption; Pabau makes it straightforward to manage your stock levels efficiently.


Leverage the benefits of having all your data under one roof with Pabau’s comprehensive marketing suite. Engage with leads, promote your newest IV therapies, connect with existing clients, and ensure your IV drip clinic remains their first choice – all with unparalleled ease.

Keep your IV clients engaged with targeted communication

Launch impactful email and SMS campaigns tailored to your IV clinic clientele with Pabau Broadcast. Utilise our easy editing tools to customise your message, target your audience, schedule your outreach, and track your success seamlessly.

Boost sales and client retention with gift vouchers

Design and offer bespoke gift vouchers to increase client retention and draw in new clients. Perfect for any IV therapy session, vouchers make wellness an inviting and shareable experience!

Harness client feedback to elevate your clinic's reputation

Build feedback surveys with ease and automate review requests to bolster your online presence. Gather all client testimonials, showcase them on your website, or sync with Google reviews to stand out in the marketplace.

Master your IV clinic's online reviews

Manage and respond to client reviews with Pabau’s centralised dashboard. Our platform enables you to monitor feedback across different channels, helping you maintain a sterling reputation and trust with prospective clients.

Effortless follow-up for repeat IV treatments

Keep your clients coming back with Pabau’s recall. Set up automated reminders for follow-up IV treatments, ensuring your clients maintain their health regimes and your clinic maximises its booking potential.

Precare & Aftercare

Enhance client confidence with tailored IV care instructions.

Simplify precare with customisable instructions for IV drips

Deliver tailored pre-care advice to your clients, ensuring they’re fully prepared for their IV therapy. Pabau makes medical forms and instructions readily accessible, simplifying pre-treatment protocols for both clients and your team.

Elevate aftercare with bespoke video guidance

Stand out with bespoke aftercare videos, creating content that offers clear, visual guidance for optimal post-treatment care.

Ensure clarity with engaging aftercare instructions

Utilise rich text features to make your aftercare advice as engaging and clear as possible. Emphasise key points and steps to foster correct aftercare adherence, enhancing client outcomes.

Choose from over 100 pre-recorded aftercare templates

Simply select the videos you want, link them to the services and Pabau will automatically send them at the time you choose.

Client Portal

Personalise your patients’ experience with a dedicated Client Portal.

Empower clients with self-service appointment tools

Enable clients to manage their IV appointments with ease via the Client Portal. With customisable settings, control the extent of autonomy you offer, ensuring a balance between client convenience and clinic oversight.

Simplify package sales for enhanced client loyalty

Use the Client Portal to sell treatment packages, encouraging repeat visits and increased revenue. Simplify the repurchase process for your clients, fostering loyalty and consistent care.

Streamline session management for clients

Let your clients independently track and book their remaining IV sessions, minimising admin tasks and empowering them to manage their journey directly.

Securely exchange important documentation

Provide a single, secure location for clients to access forms, documents, and invoices. With Pabau, you control what information is shared, ensuring confidentiality and client satisfaction.

Other features loved by
IV Drip Clinic users

Insights & Analytics

Delve deep into your clinic’s metrics with insightful reports that empower informed decisions.

Lab Integration

Streamline diagnostic workflows with Pabau's seamless lab integration, providing instant test outcomes and insights.

Pabau AI

Leverage Pabau's pioneering AI, designed to minimise patient risk and simplify the daily tasks of healthcare professionals.

I would highly recommend Pabau to other clinic’s because if you want an easy life, then this is the only patient management software to use.

Roxanne Merchant

Head of Operations, Juvea Medical

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