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Managing a Clinic

Less time on admin. More time for clients

Tired of being overwhelmed with admin? Running your clinic effectively shouldn’t mean running all over the place. Pabau streamlines and automates every part of your clinic management, so you can do more of what you love: treating clients.

Appointment Scheduling

Online Booking

Digital Client Records

Customisable Consent Forms

Automated Pre/Aftercare Emails

Appointment Reminders

Point of Sale System

Deposits & No-show protection

Before & After Images

Patient Portal

Multiple Integrations

Video Conferencing

Complete Stock Management

Appointment Scheduling

Run your clinic your way with an appointment system that looks after itself. Schedule, change, and automate bookings, all customised to your treatments, your rooms and your availability.


Book new appointments in seconds

New or existing client? It doesn’t matter. Just select the time and treatment to book their appointment. Quick, simple, effective.

Change and cancel without any hassle

Need to postpone? Just click and change. No more complicated rebooking processes. Pabau even keeps a track of all your cancellations and the reason for them.

Get a crystal clear view of your day

Want to see what you’ve got booked today? Pabau’s highly visual appointment calendar tells you everything you need to know at a glance.

Automate confirmations and requests

Appointment booked? Pabau takes care of the rest, automatically emailing and texting a confirmation to your client. It even prompts them for required details or medical info.

Banish all that unnecessary admin and run your clinic your way

Online Booking

Stop taking time out of your day – or your night – to book appointments, when your clients can do it themselves. They get to choose their preferred date and time and you get to focus on your treatments (or your social life).

Get more clients when they’re ready to book

Don’t leave your prospective clients waiting around for a response when they’re ready to book. With the majority of enquiries made outside of traditional hours, Pabau makes sure you never miss out.

Add instant online bookings to your website

Pabau’s simple online booking widget integrates seamlessly into your website. Add it in minutes and watch your bookings soar without you lifting a finger. You can even take deposits – or full payments – automatically.

Customise your own booking preferences and requirements

Want to make sure all new clients book a consultation first? Want to let existing clients book repeat treatments? Want the freedom and flexibility to set your own treatment times and slots? Pabau does it all.

Give your clients control of their own appointments

Why field client phone calls and chase up missing medical info when Pabau can do that for you? With our clinic management software, your clients can amend their own bookings and complete mandatory medical forms before their appointment.

Don’t miss out on any more bookings

Digital Client Records

Stay in control and on top of your clients’ essential medical information with Pabau’s built in Electronic Medical Record. It’s the quick and simple way to securely store all their health details, photos, consent forms and lab results.


Banish all those physical consent forms

Ditch the paperwork, the filing cabinets and the “where on earth is that form I need?” for a digital record system that securely stores all your client consent forms in one simple place. Just search and view whenever you need them.

Add treatment notes, photos and documents in seconds

Create specific treatments notes for every client visit and upload documents and treatment photos directly to your clients’ individual records. Add as many as you like and share with your clients via email at the click of a button.

Access important health information with one click

Need to see that medical history questionnaire? Want to check your client’s vaccine history? Want to review requested lab tests? It’s all at your fingertips, all linked to your client, with Pabau’s EMR.

Create, save and send prescriptions

You can even use Pabau to create and share prescriptions via email with your clients… or you send them straight to their designated pharmacy. And if your clients want access to their treatment notes, it’s quick and simple to share them.

It’s the simple, secure way to store your client’s essential information