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Put your patients first and advance your practice with our all-in-one practice management software. Pabau provides easy patient management, scheduling, electronic health records, video education, and communication tools. Focus on what’s important: your patients’ health and recovery.

Key features for
physiotherapy practices

Paperless patient records

Say goodbye to paper records and transition to digital files for all vital patient information. Manage everything in one system, from intake forms to consent forms, treatment plans, and progress notes.

Online booking

Cut down on admin work and take bookings 24/7. Attract more patients and increase your revenue with our online booking system.

Pre-care and post-care

Maximize treatment outcomes by automating patient communications before and after treatments. Boost patient engagement and compliance with video educational content.

Physiotherapy practices use Pabau for:

Organizing patient records, treatment plans, and progress tracking

Automating tasks, reducing admin work, and scaling their business

Taking bookings 24/7 and attracting more patients and leads

Managing billing and invoicing securely and accurately

Creating and monitoring personalized treatment plans and exercises

Paperless patient records

Managing paper forms, converting documents to digital format, and worrying about losing important files can be a real pain. Our system makes it easy. You can relax knowing your patient data is safe and accessible from anywhere.

All the essential details about your patients are just a click away

At the click of a button, you can easily retrieve all relevant information from the client card, including personal details, photos, electronic health records, communication logs, financials, and much more.

Upgrade patient intake with automated forms

Make your admin tasks easier and save time by automatically sending intake and consent forms as soon as patients book appointments.

With all the details automatically saved in the client card, you won’t have to worry about scanning or typing in form data manually.

Select from industry-specific pre-built templates

We have hundreds of pre-built medical form templates for you to choose from, saving you the time it takes to create them from scratch.

If you already have your forms on another system, we’ll handle the import and integrate them into our platform.

Design your own forms

Using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can select from a variety of elements such as fields, text, and images to generate any necessary forms for your business.

Design custom treatment plan forms and progress assessment forms with body charts to pinpoint specific treatment areas.

Ensure accurate diagnosis records with code standardization

Pabau’s use of SNOMED and ICD codes makes the diagnostic process easier.

Whether you type in the diagnostic codes yourself or they’re pulled from medical forms, the patient’s diagnosis shows up in their profile. Plus, it gives you alerts when you’re writing letters or prescribing medication.

Online bookings

Forget about handling booking requests via emails and calls! With Pabau’s online booking feature, patients can book anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to back-and-forth communication and watch your appointment schedule fill up.

Effortless booking: anytime, anywhere

Your patients crave flexibility. Utilize our user-friendly and modern online booking portal integrated with your website or social media platforms. This allows your patients to schedule appointments with ease, anytime, day or night.

Personalize your booking portal to suit your needs

Our online booking portal offers extensive customization options. You have the freedom to select which services can be booked online, the level of staff information displayed, color schemes, service, category images, and much more.

Increase sales with online packages and gift vouchers

Providing your patients with the option to purchase packages and gift vouchers online, along with the ability to deposit funds to their accounts, is an excellent strategy for increasing revenue.

Additionally, selling packages during the booking process can boost patient spend – instead of booking one treatment, they can book a package of three!

Embedding a packages widget on your website provides an additional avenue for patients to explore and purchase packages.

Secure your schedule: deposit control with Pabau

Prevent inconvenient last-minute cancellations by requiring deposits at the time of booking.

Whether you prefer a 20% deposit for certain services or full payment for others, Pabau puts you in charge, ensuring flexibility and control over your appointment scheduling and revenue management.

Safeguard your revenue with custom cancellation policies

Pabau offers customizable cancellation and no-show policies designed to fit your business’s specific requirements.

These policies ensure that you’re compensated for missed appointments, providing a safeguard for your revenue stream in cases of no-shows or last-minute cancellations.

Pre-care and post-care

With Pabau, you can create custom pre-care and post-care instruction templates. These guides help patients get ready for their appointments and give clear instructions afterward, like what exercises to do. Making sure patients have all the info they need helps them feel more comfortable and improves their treatment results overall.

Customized pre-care instructions

Automate the delivery of pre-care instructions customized for each service you provide, so your patients can get ready for their physio appointments. These messages make sure they’re prepared and comfortable for their sessions, making their experience even better.

Show your instructions with a video

After guiding patients through a home exercise program, it’s crucial they know how to perform the exercises independently. 

Studies prove videos are way better than pictures at showing how exercises work. Pabau’s Education and Care Pathways tool makes it easy to send exercise videos to patients after their appointments.

This helps them get a better grip on their treatment and stick to the plan.

Choose from over 1,400 pre-recorded aftercare templates

Why spend hours recording videos yourself when you can access our comprehensive library of pre-recorded physical therapy aftercare templates?

With over 1,400 high-quality videos covering a wide range of physical therapy techniques, all available at no cost, you can save valuable time without compromising on quality.

Client portal

Give your patients their own special space online, so they can book appointments, check documents, and make purchases whenever they want. You get to decide what they can see and do with easy-to-adjust controls.

Make it easy for patients to manage bookings and payments

Improve your patients’ experience with our client portal. They can easily view and adjust their appointments online, and securely make payments whenever they need to. This setup boosts patient satisfaction and keeps them coming back to your practice.

Simplify the process for your patients to self-manage packages

Enable your patients to effortlessly purchase and manage treatment packages, driving revenue growth for your practice.

They can access all the details, like session counts and expiration dates, right through the client portal, making everything transparent and simple.

Manage invoices and insurance easily

Activate billing details to grant patients visibility into their invoices and current status. Patients can also settle unpaid invoices directly through the portal, ensuring efficient payment processing. They can also update their insurance info for smoother record-keeping.

Ensure easy access to your patients' documents and forms

Give your patients a user-friendly online space to view and organize their documents and photos securely.

They can also complete and sign medical forms digitally right in the client portal. And it also means you’re more efficient as there is less time needed for signing forms in person.

Billing and invoicing

Efficiently manage your billing and invoicing tasks with our comprehensive suite of financial tools. From processing payments to customizing price lists and simplifying payment remittance, we’ve got you covered.

Easily process payments and access invoices

Our built-in Point of Sale offers an easy way to handle payments and generate invoices. It seamlessly integrates with our Pabau Pay card terminal, making transactions even simpler.

From accepting full payments online to sending QR codes for patients to settle outstanding invoices, we make managing payments easy.

Associate patients with their insurers for streamlined payments

Set up profiles for the insurance companies you work with and connect them to patient records. This way, you can choose whether the patient or the insurer pays for an appointment, making your billing process flexible and accurate.

Customize price lists for accurate billing

Customize your pricing lists for different insurance providers, ensuring patients are billed accurately based on their insurance contracts. This saves staff time by eliminating the need to manually add prices for each client and appointment.

The result? Billing becomes more accurate and efficient, with clear pricing guidelines to follow.

Payment remittance to simplify your financial workflow

Make your payment remittance process easier by handling all outstanding invoices at once when insurance payments arrive.

This feature helps you maintain accurate records, manage various entities more effectively, ensure precise tax and compliance reporting, and effortlessly match invoices for smoother financial handling.

Automated communications and recalls

Boost your business efficiency and improve patient satisfaction with Pabau’s automated communication tools. These include SMS and email reminders to reduce no-shows, precare for each service, appointment recalls to boost re-bookings, and automatic pain assessment surveys for better patient care.

Reduce no-shows using automated SMS and email reminders

Keep your schedule on track and reduce missed appointments with our automatic SMS and email reminders.

By sending these reminders, you make sure your patients know when their appointments are, which helps them show up on time and reduces the number of missed appointments.

Create service-specific care pathways

Different types of appointments often require different ways of communicating before, during, and after the visit to make sure patients have the best experience possible and get the best results.

Pabau lets you create customized steps for each service’s care pathway, making your workflow smoother and giving each patient the personalized care they deserve.

Boost re-booking rates with targeted appointment recalls

Remind patients to schedule their next appointment based on their treatment needs and condition. Setting up these automated recalls boosts re-booking rates, keeping patients engaged and coming back for more.

Enhance patient care with automated pain assessment surveys

Your patients’ well-being matters most. With Pabau’s Automation feature, you can make their experience even better. You can send them quick surveys to check on their pain levels at important times during their recovery.

These surveys help you keep track of how they’re doing and show that you’re dedicated to their health and comfort.

Other features loved by
physiotherapy practices


Keep your calendar full and clients engaged with our powerful marketing toolkit, which includes email and text newsletters, custom feedback surveys, loyalty programs, and other helpful tools.

Payment processing

Our complete payment processing tools make managing payments easy. With the Pabau Pay card terminals, you can accept payments online and at your practice, making it simple to collect and manage payments.


Get a clear picture of your business performance with detailed reports. They give you the information you need to make smart decisions that help your business succeed and improve patient care.

I would highly recommend Pabau to other clinics because if you want an easy life, then this is the only patient management software to use.

Roxanne Merchant

Head of Operations, Juvea Medical

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