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More time on treatments,
less time on paperwork

Hours and hours spent filling in forms, sending emails and completing paperwork is rarely beneficial to client care.

So stop wasting all those hours on repetitive admin. Start spending more time with your clients, and increase your capacity to take on more. All you need is Pabau.

Treatment providers staff use Pabau everyday to:

A clear plan for the day, without a day spent planning

Different treatments, different locations? Your days are busy enough already, without having to spend hours planning out where you need to be or what you need to organise. You want a crystal clear understanding of the week ahead, with one simple click… which is exactly what Pabau does.

Customised colour-coordinated calendars

Looking for a super visual, super effective way to see what you’re doing and where? Customise your diary any way you like for an instant understanding of your schedule in one quick glance.

New bookings without a finger lifted

Stop wasting time figuring out when and where you can fit in new clients… let Pabau’s streamlined appointment management system take care of it all – with clients booking directly online within the parameters you set.

Clients automatically nudged and reminded

Make sure your day actually goes as you expected, with no delays and no missed appointments. Pabau automatically emails and texts all your clients with appointment reminders, instructions and directions.

Key features for Treatment providers

Digital Client Records

Instantly access all details and activities of each clients in a few clicks on any device - from anywhere in the world.

Before & after images

Capture every stunning client transformation, with before & after imaging built into the client journey.

Customizable medical forms

Minimise that pre-appointment time with consent forms and questionnaires sent to clients ahead of each treatment.

Quick and easy treatment reports

Get instant insight into your most popular and most profitable treatments, along with key performance reports.

Create the perfect client journey, without a trip to IT school

Every treatment provider does things differently, and you’ll want to set up a client journey that works with your existing workflows. But you don’t want to be battling software, learning code or dealing with complex processes. You just want a quick, simple and highly effective way to build the perfect patient experience… with minimal admin.

Client records that take care of themselves

Ditch the manual paperwork and embrace digital client records that practically update themselves, with forms pre-populated, emails automatically personalised and repetitive admin eliminated.

Consent forms and questionnaires automatically chased

Incomplete medical history questionnaires and consent forms are a barrier to treatment. Let Pabau make sure every important document is complete ahead of every appointment.

Client progress images never missed

When you’re in the middle of a treatment, it’s easy to forget about those before and after images that are essential to show client progress and support your marketing. Good job Pabau prompts you to capture them at every opportunity.

"Patients don’t need to go to multiple places when booking, and neither do I when managing appointments or marketing to them. It’s all in one place, I can be lazy, which is great."

Dr. Richard Etok
Cosmetic Doctor

Money in the bank, time on your side

Helping clients is what you do best. Building a personal relationship is key. So when it comes to asking for payments, chasing invoices or encouraging re-bookings, things can get a little awkward. Unless of course you have Pabau, which can take care of all that for you, increasing your profits AND reducing your admin. Win win.

Automate deposits and invoices

Minimise new client no-shows by asking for deposits up front, and send automated invoices immediately after every appointment. Or use Pabau’s POS system to take payments in person without a single piece of paperwork.

Promote supporting products and treatments

Happy clients will always want additional treatments or products. Avoid the hard sell and use Pabau to send automated emails based on treatment profiles to promote specific products and services.

Schedule follow-ups, recalls and regular bookings

Don’t leave money on the table when your clients finish a treatment. Encourage them to return for check-ups or additional services. And if their treatment is a regular one, give them the option of block booking now to secure their future custom!

Keep your bookings high, and your worries low

If you’re an independent treatment provider, you’ll always be worried about finding new clients, booking in appointments and keeping the cash flow flowing. Except with Pabau’s integrated marketing tools, you don’t need to worry.

Showcase your treatments from one platform

Beautifully simple marketing tools help you instantly create beautiful newsletters and promotional emails, all integrated within your practice management software so you never need to leave the platform.

Encourage reviews to promote your services

Social proof is one of the most powerful tools in marketing, but getting it can often be time-consuming. Pabau automates review requests based on completed appointments (and chases them up), to get you feedback from clients that your prospects will love.

Retain more clients, with less effort

Want to encourage your existing clients to both stay with you and tell all their friends and family about your treatments? Pabau includes loyalty and referral programs as standard, and they’re super simple to customise however you’d like.

Explore more ways to use Pabau

Over 32,000 treatment providers use Pabau to deliver better client care