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    Should you offer refreshments to your spa customers?

    As a spa owner or manager, you strive to provide your clients with a memorable experience. 

    Did you know that something as simple as serving refreshments can significantly improve their overall satisfaction? It’s an emerging trend in the spa industry, and for good reason. 

    Offering drinks and snacks can elevate your customers’ satisfaction. This blog will explore how this small tweak to your spa services can positively impact your clients’ happiness.

    How does offering refreshments help?

    Offering refreshments in your spa facilities serves multiple beneficial purposes, enhancing both the client’s experience and the spa’s reputation

    Below are some of the key ways in which providing refreshments can be advantageous:

    Hydration & comfort

    Happy clients are comfortable clients. Clients are going to a spa to relax and unwind. Offering a selection of drinks can help make clients feel more at home and relaxed. 

    Of course, staying hydrated is highly important for treatments such as saunas, steam rooms, or any therapy where you’re likely to sweat. Providing water or herbal teas can assist clients in maintaining their hydration levels, which can lead to better outcomes from their wellness treatments.

    Interestingly, a lot of spa treatments are designed with detoxification in mind. Hydration plays a key role in this process, helping to flush out toxins from the body efficiently. So, having your clients sip on detox teas or simply water play into the ethos of your brand.

    Creating a welcoming atmosphere

    Spas are all about engaging the senses, and taste is very much a part of that. 

    Offering a drink upon arrival immediately creates a welcoming and hospitable environment. It sets a tone for the client’s visit and helps them relax and feel comfortable – exactly what they should be feeling when they walk through the door of your spa.

    Enhancing client experience & satisfaction

    Offering refreshments adds luxury and sophistication to the spa experience. 

    It aligns with the spa’s brand as a place of high-quality service and care, where the client experience comes first. It also demonstrates a holistic approach to wellness – relaxation isn’t just about the treatments on offer but the whole experience.

    Additionally, it provides a casual opportunity for staff to engage with clients, find out more about them, and personalize their service further. This, in turn, can help spas improve their overall service quality and strengthen their relationships with clients.

    Top refreshments to offer

    When it comes to offering refreshments, it’s essential to select options that cater to various preferences and health considerations. Here are some top choices that are not only refreshing but also bring their unique benefits to the table:

    Lemon water

    Lemon water is a popular and versatile drink that many people love for its detoxifying benefits. 

    The simplicity of lemon water is what makes it universally appealing. It gently boosts the body’s natural detoxification process, making it an excellent drink to serve in a spa. 

    By simply adding a few slices of lemon to your clients’ water, you can transform an otherwise boring drink into a spa-worthy refreshment. Plus, lemon water is an excellent source of vitamin C, which can help boost the immune system and keep clients feeling their best.

    Fresh fruits

    Offering fresh fruits as a refreshment option is an excellent choice. Choosing seasonal fruits can maximize the taste and nutritional value of the refreshments you offer. 

    Seasonal fruits are usually at their peak in flavor and freshness, making them a healthy and refreshing choice. From juicy blueberries in the summer to crisp apples in the fall, fresh fruits provide a colorful and healthy option suitable for all ages.

    Herbal teas

    For those looking for a warm, comforting option, a selection of herbal teas can be a fantastic addition. Herbal teas are known for their calming and therapeutic properties, making them a perfect choice for relaxation and wellness-focused gatherings. 

    Offering a variety of teas, such as chamomile for relaxation, peppermint for digestive health, and hibiscus for its high antioxidants, ensures that there’s a tea for every preference.

    Coconut water

    In recent years, coconut water has surged in popularity, especially within wellness circles, for its hydrating benefits. 

    Packed with electrolytes and low in calories, coconut water is an excellent refreshment choice for those looking to hydrate in a healthy and natural way. Its mild, nutty flavor makes it a refreshing alternative to sugary drinks, and its health benefits, including supporting heart health and reducing blood pressure, make it a top choice for health-conscious guests.

    What should you avoid?


    Everyone loves coffee, but is it the best option for your spa? Probably not. 

    Caffeine is a stimulant that is known to affect the central nervous system by enhancing brain activity. It’s widely used by many people to perk them up and get them ready for the day ahead. 

    However, it can cause restlessness and anxiety, which counteracts what you’re trying to achieve in your spa. Offering caffeine-packed refreshments is therefore probably not the right fit. 

    Caffeine is worth including in your treatments, however. It can improve microcirculation, which is especially helpful in body treatments focused on reducing cellulite and promoting healthier skin, such as scrubs, creams, or detox treatments.


    High-sugar options, such as sodas and some juices, can have a negative impact on wellness. Consuming sugar can lead to a quick spike in energy, followed by a sudden crash, which can leave individuals tired and lethargic. 

    This rollercoaster of energy levels is contrary to the steady state of calm and rejuvenation that spas strive to offer. Additionally, sugary drinks can contribute to dehydration, working against the hydrating efforts often promoted through spa treatments and water consumption.

    Meat products

    Meat products are generally not considered ideal for guests visiting spas for various reasons. The high protein content in meat products can make them heavy and difficult to digest, which may lead to discomfort during the spa session. 

    To promote holistic wellness, your spa should offer vegetarian or vegan options that are cleaner and more aligned with a detoxifying spa experience. By serving lighter, plant-based refreshments, spas can enhance the sense of well-being and complement the overall spa atmosphere.


    Alcohol is often avoided in spa settings for both regulatory and wellness reasons. 

    From a regulatory standpoint , serving alcohol requires proper licensing and adherence to local laws, which can be a complex process for many spas. 

    From a wellness perspective, alcohol can dehydrate the body and may impair the benefits of spa treatments. It can also counteract the relaxation and mental clarity that many spa-goers seek, potentially leading to a less satisfying spa experience. 

    Furthermore, mixing alcohol with the warm environments often found in spas, such as saunas and hot tubs, can pose health risks, making it a less favorable option for refreshments.

    Things to keep in mind

    Presentation matters

    It’s really important to think about how refreshments are presented to make the spa experience even better. The way things look, the quality of the water bottles, tableware, and where they’re put all make a big difference to your spa’s perceived value. 

    It’s the little things that count, like sprucing up water with garnishes such as ice and cucumber, adding fresh flowers to your reception area, and aligning with the spa’s aesthetic.

    Optimal temperature

    It’s super important to serve drinks at the right temperature for the best client experience. Cold drinks should be chilled, so they’re refreshing but not too cold, and hot drinks should be warm enough to soothe without risking any burns. 

    It’s all about showing that you care about your clients’ comfort and making sure they can enjoy their drinks to the fullest!

    Maintaining hygiene

    Hygiene practices are essential when serving food and beverages in a spa setting. This includes regular hand washing by staff, using gloves when appropriate, and ensuring all serve ware and utensils are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

    The area where refreshments are prepared and served should be kept meticulously clean and free from contaminants to ensure client safety and health.

    Checking products expiry

    The importance of regular checks on product freshness and expiry dates cannot be neglected. Serving expired or near-expiry products not only compromises taste and quality but also poses health risks to clients. 

    Regular inventory checks should be implemented to remove outdated items and ensure that all refreshments served are fresh and of the highest quality.

    Adhering to food compliance

    Understanding and complying with local food safety regulations is necessary to operate responsibly and legally. This includes obtaining the necessary permits, following guidelines for food storage and temperature control, and ensuring all staff are trained in food safety practices. 

    Compliance not only protects the spa and its clients but also builds trust and credibility with the clientele, ensuring they feel safe and cared for during their visit.

    How can using spa software like Pabau help?

    The refreshments you offer at your spa all help to create a relaxed and client-focused experience. This attention to detail can differentiate your spa from competitors and encourage repeat business.

    But if you really want to boost customer satisfaction, you shouldn’t stop there. Practice management software helps to set a positive vibe for your spa, even before your clients come in.

    It can create a simple and convenient booking experience, without having to call, sit on hold, or message back and forth.

    It can free up your team’s time so they can be more present for clients, and help you add a personal touch to every interaction.

    It makes it easier to focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional service and care to your clients.

    To revolutionize how you manage your spa and elevate the client experience with personalized refreshment offerings, consider integrating Pabau into your operational toolkit. Discover how Pabau can transform your business by booking a demo today!

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