Complete control.
Completely stress-free.

As the first face your clients see when they walk in the door, you want to look cool, calm and collected.

But don’t just look it. Be it. Be in control. Be organised. Be on top of every little admin task with Pabau.

Front of house staff use Pabau everyday to:

Spend time on the practice, not on the phone

Scheduling appointments for new and existing clients shouldn’t take up half your day.

You should be able to quickly view staff schedules and room availability, suggest a time slot and confirm everything.

No clashes, no confusion. No back and forth.

Clear visual scheduling

Get a crystal clear overview of your entire practice at the touch of a button to see rotas, annual leave and current bookings – all colour coordinated the way you want – so you can instantly assess staff availability.

Online bookings

Free up that booking admin time altogether with an online system that lets your clients book whenever they want, in or out of hours. No more late nights taking calls, no more going through voicemails in the morning.

Easy to manage appointments

Cancellations and reschedules are always going to happen, but they should never be a hassle for you or your clients. Pabau’s intuitive appointment system makes amendments simple… and can even automatically notify you and your clients of changes.

Key features for Front of house staff

Hassle-free online booking

Add Pabau’s simple widget to your website, or just send a link directly to clients for them to book online

Automated information requests

Make sure all your clients have filled in any vital personal details or consent forms with automatic prompts

Deposit and Cancellation policies

Set service-specific policies to ensure only qualified leads book appointments, and that booking slots are not unreasonably wasted.

Integrated stock management

Track all your inventory levels, order details and product deliveries all in one place, with the smart way to stay on top of stock

Automated reminders and recalls

Stop manually chasing clients to follow up or book another appointment with automated emails tailored to treatments

Clutter-free desk, clutter-free check in

Stacks of consent forms, medical histories and client questionnaires sat on a desk don’t make for a welcoming environment.

Neither do long queues at reception as clients wait for front of house staff to find their details and dig out the relevant forms to complete.

That’s why Pabau banishes all paperwork.

Pre-filled forms and questionnaires

Don’t waste time at reception with clients filling in forms, double checking details and potentially missing information they’ve left at home. Just use Pabau to make sure all essential forms are completed ahead of every appointment.

Instant (and even self) check-in

With forms all pre-filled, your clients enjoy a quick, wait-free appointment check-in, with Pabau seamlessly integrated into iPads and tablets for a one-click registration to notify treatment providers.

Reminders and instructions already sent

There’s no place for confused clients or missed appointments at a busy practice. Instead of manually contacting every client to make sure they’re aware of their upcoming appointment, use Pabau to automatically send reminders – complete with arrival instructions.

"Patients don’t need to go to multiple places when booking, and neither do I when managing appointments or marketing to them. It’s all in one place, I can be lazy, which is great."

Dr. Richard Etok
Cosmetic Doctor

Payments without the paperwork

Matching treatments to costs, creating invoices with correct client details, managing purchase orders and sales receipts….

All time consuming admin that takes you away from your front desk and generates a tonne of paperwork.

Unless you have Pabau, which ditches all the paperwork and connects everything in one simple system.

Raise invoices directly from bookings

Instead of trying to pull up client details, cross-check treatments and calculate total costs, just use Pabau to automatically create and send an invoice when appointments are completed.

Take card payments before or after treatments

With an easy to use POS system that integrates directly with Stripe (or other third parties) you can take card payments in seconds – on the day or after clients have left – speeding up check out time and sending receipts to clients automatically.

Streamline retail sales from your front desk

If you’re responsible for managing stock and selling complementary products, Pabau can save time there too, with stock levels automatically linked to purchase orders and promotional details assigned to client treatments.

More time helping clients, less time on admin

The more paperwork and admin you have, the less time you can spend delivering a 5-star customer service.

Any time saved on repetitive tasks can be better used greeting clients, organising your practice and creating an exceptional client experience.

Minimise time spent booking appointments

Stop playing phone tag with clients. Stop spending hours going back and forth on rescheduled and cancelled appointments. Let clients take control of their own booking, and change times and dates whenever they want.

Eradicate time spent chasing forms

Don’t waste time checking that forms have been completed and chasing clients who are missing essential information. Let Pabau handle all that automatically, so you can prioritise an exceptional welcome for every client.

Ditch time wasted on repetitive tasks

Tired of copying and pasting names, numbers and addresses into multiple forms and databases? Pabau syncs all data seamlessly and populates form fields from client contact cards… so you don’t need to lift a finger.

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