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Expand your clinic, without expanding your admin

Don’t let managing staff get in the way of your clinic’s growth. If you want to hire more team members without adding to your workload, Pabau’s got you covered. Whether you need to plan daily rotas, manage holidays and sick leave, encourage staff engagement or monitor performance, Pabau does it all.

Staff Profiles

Permissions & Groups

KPI Tracking and Performance Reviews

Schedules & Rota Management

Holiday & Leave Management

Targets & Commissions

Contract & Document Storage

Staff Profiles

Create as many unique staff profiles as you like with Pabau, to keep all your essential team information all in one place. Securely share functionality with them so they can manage clients and take care of their own admin.


Personalise staff profiles with few simple clicks

Give your team full control of their own profiles to maximise their engagement with clients. Add profile photos and attach custom signatures to help encourage more client bookings.

Store essential details in one place

Pabau provides a single, secure location to store all your staff’s personal information, so you’ll always have the key info to hand whenever you need. All completely paperless.

Easily set and control access

Use effective pin code access to secure how your team log into their unique profiles, and set permissions for what they can and can’t do in your system.

Track individual staff actions with activity logs

Get a quick, simple chronological overview of each staff member’s activity with one simple click to see which clients they’re currently working with.

The simple way to help your staff manage their clients

Permissions & Groups

When you’re hiring new staff, the last thing you need to worry about is what they can and can’t access. Pabau eliminates those concerns by giving you full control over what every member of your team can see and do in your clinic’s account.

Control access any way you like

With multiple permissions settings, it’s quick and simple to manage exactly who has access to what in Pabau. Get as detailed as you want with what your staff can see, use and edit.

Automate group permissions and key events

Pre-set permissions with unique templates to save time when onboarding new staff, and automate booking alerts to notify specific team members, leaving you to focus on the bigger picture.

Streamline staff management with flexible access and permissions

KPI Tracking and Performance Reviews

No-one likes a micro-manager, but you’ve got a clinic to run and a team to manage. You need to check in on their performance and help them hit their goals, without interfering with day-to-day tasks. Pabau delivers that hands-off KPI tracking and performance reviews in a simple, effective way.

Effortlessly monitor individual staff performance

Dive into every staff profile with a few simple clicks and get a clear understanding of how they’re performing. Quickly identify areas for improvement and target your staff training more effectively.

Quickly compare and report on essential KPIs

Pabau’s team overview boards give you a quick, easy way to compare staff results and identify your top performers. If you want to dig into more detail, a wide range of performance metrics and reports are just a click away.

Score and evaluate staff on your own criteria

You decide exactly which skills to evaluate and which data you want to track to help you review your employees strengths and weaknesses.

Schedule performance reviews to support your team

Add regular employee reviews to everyone’s calendar at the click of button so you never forget to give constructive feedback to help your team improve.

Track and improve your staff’s performance to grow your clinic

Schedules & Rotas

The more staff you hire, the easier it is for schedules to get complicated and rotas to get confusing. Not with Pabau. Pabau keeps track of your schedule and shift changes – in real time – so you always have a clear insight into who’s in and who’s off.


Manage shifts more efficiently and reduce admin time

Create and publish shifts in seconds with Pabau’s easy-to-use platform. Repeat regular shifts so you don’t need to create new ones every week, and quickly edit times, add notes, and select tags whenever and wherever you need to.

Set up rota templates to speed up weekly schedule planning

Got a regular schedule for all your employees? Pabau’s rota templates mean you can quickly and easily set your typical shift pattern and apply to any given week. Create multiple templates if you have a range of common shifts or variable working patterns.

Quickly organise your day (and your employees)

Pabau’s clear, visual layout of daily schedules helps both you and your team see exactly what you have booked in at a quick glance, in real time. Customise and edit any way you like, and block out individual schedules on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Plan your team’s holidays more effectively

Don’t let time off become a logistical nightmare. Pabau streamlines holiday bookings and makes sure it’s quick and simple to rearrange schedules and rotas. It helps you block out calendars and reassign availability, so even you can enjoy your time off with total peace of mind.

Streamline and organise your whole team’s schedule with a few simple clicks

Holiday and leave management

When you and your staff want that much deserved time off, it should be quick and simple to organise. No complicated forms, no paperwork, no hassle. Just Pabau. The easy way to track all holidays and paid time off.

Manage all holiday admin in one place

Set holiday allowances, black-out days and maximum time off per year, per employee, approve holiday requests and adjust schedules all directly with Pabau’s clinic management software.

Check who’s in and who’s off with one click

Switch to holiday view for a quick simple overview of all your employees’ scheduled holidays without opening multiple tabs, or quickly generate reports to show all booked time off in a set period.


Give your holiday management efforts a permanent holiday

Targets & Commissions

Keeping your staff motivated, engaged and working to the best of their abilities is no easy task. Unless you have Pabau. It helps you boost employee efforts, set targets and reward achievements with any type of commission you like.

Customise staff targets and team goals

You decide the goals and targets you want to set for your team as a whole, or for individual staff members. Track performance with daily reports and see who’s performing well and who needs some extra encouragement.

Create commission tiers and manage payments

Reward your employees when they hit their sales goals – for both products and services – with a customised commission structure. Set percentages, tiers and preferred payment terms anyway you want, and keep track of all earned commissions with simple reports.


Maximise your employee engagement, minimise your effort

Contract & Document Storage

Eliminate every piece of paperwork and go fully digital by managing all your contracts and staff documents directly with Pabau. You’ll find everything you need, whenever you need it, straight in their staff profile. Simple. Convenient. Effective.


Upload unlimited documents in every format

Add documents, photos, PDFs and more – with no storage limit – to keep all your essential staff records all in one place. Assign key documents to individual staff members to keep track of all files.

Organise and categorise quickly and effectively

Label and categorise all your uploaded documents any way you want, so you can keep your files organised in the way that suits you.

Goodbye time-consuming paperwork. Hello hassle-free document management.