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Grow your business,
shrink your stress-levels

Pabau helps practice owners like you spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about it.

It’s the practice management software you need to make sure you’re moving forwards instead of chasing your tail.

Practice owners use Pabau everyday to:

Be overjoyed with clients, not overwhelmed with admin

Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks, mind-numbing processes and plain old boring admin. Pabau streamlines it all to give you more time to spend with more clients. More time doing what you love, more time growing your practice.

Scheduling made super simple

Banish those manual appointment diaries, lost details, double booked mistakes and the endless back and forth of scheduling with the clearest, easiest appointment system.

Automated reminders and recalls

Get back all the time you spend making sure appointments aren’t forgotten and follow-ups aren’t missed. With automated, in-built email and SMS reminders, you’ll never need to chase a client again.

Easy to personalise client journeys

Changing workflows for different treatments? Adding in client details to multiple forms? Wasting your time over and over? Not with Pabau, which does it all for you. Say hello to powerful, personal… and profitable client experiences.

Key features for Practice owners

Online bookings

Add Pabau’s widget to your website, and when your clients are ready to book, let them secure an appointment without you lifting a finger

No-show protection

Don’t put your livelihood at risk, use Pabau’s automated deposit collection to cover the costs of any missed appointments and no-shows.

Customisable reporting

Capture all the key data and insights for every part of your practice, however big or small, so you always know exactly how you’re doing.

Multiple integrations

Pabau is the all-in-one practice management software that integrates with all the apps you’re already using to run your clinic.

Manage your staff instead of your spreadsheets

As your practice grows, so does your team. Eliminate all the challenges of managing a workforce with the software that takes care of your staff admin so you can focus on supporting your people.

Clear, uncomplicated rotas

Add to your payroll without adding to your workload. Easily keep track of all shifts, sick leave and holidays with clear, simple overviews.

Tools for your team to thrive

Finding and retaining staff gets a whole lot easier when you can empower teams with tools that simplify client management and reduce extra admin.

Track targets and customise goals

Keep your team engaged and motivated with personalised KPIs, shared team targets and goals for your whole practice to reach together.

"You can be slaving away trying to do everything, when actually all you need is a simple solution. A booking system called Pabau. It just eliminates stress."

Camile Armstrong, Owner/Practitioner

Secret Enhancements

Total confidence and compliance, zero worries

Running your own practice doesn’t have to mean sleepless nights. Stay legally compliant and be absolutely confident that your finances are in great shape with Pabau.

Instant insights, complete oversight

With data seamlessly gathered and instantly available, get real-time insights into every single part of your practice – from stock control to average daily sales.

Visual reporting, clear understanding

Mind boggled by numbers? Don’t worry, Pabau’s powerful dashboard gives you an easy-to-understand visual view of all your key metrics and trends.

Customised consent forms, never missed

Make sure all those important documents and forms are always completed and always signed, with in-built reminders and automated prompts.

Extensive marketing success without extensive marketing knowledge

Your biggest role as a practice owner is to keep clients coming into your practice. It’s often your biggest worry, especially if marketing is not your strong suit. But with Pabau, it doesn’t need to be.

Stay front of mind and drive enquiries

Keep all your marketing and all your audience lists in one place, with a platform that builds and sends all your newsletters, emails and SMS campaigns in a few simple clicks.

Repeat bookings, repeat sales

You’ve worked hard to attract your clients, Pabau works hard to keep them. With automated recalls and customisable offers, it helps you get repeat business again and again.

Boost business with smart incentives

Pabau keeps your clients loyal and encourages them to spread the good word, with pre-built loyalty and referral programs you can adapt anyway you like.

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Over 20,000 practice owners use Pabau to help run and grow their business