Multiple marketing options in one simple platform

Fed up of paying for lots of marketing software, and struggling to get them all working together?

With Pabau, you have all the core capabilities you need to deploy key marketing strategies for a local practice, or even a multi-location franchise.

All this within one system, that has every bit of your data instantly accessible and working together seamlessly.

Marketers use Pabau everyday to:

Personalisation, without personal oversight

Making sure every practice sends out effective marketing that’s personalised to local audiences – without needing to check every single email – is almost impossible. Enter Pabau, with its pre-set, customisable templates and automatic personalisation specific to each practice database.

Regular, front of mind newsletters

Don’t put up with the hassle of third party software, imported, inaccurate audience lists and complicated designs when you can build stunning newsletters in minutes and send them in seconds, all directly in Pabau.

Effortless email campaigns

Forget about generic mass emails and one-size-fits-all marketing that gets mediocre results. Let every practice, target key audience segments with precise, localised messaging.

Fully customised onboarding journeys

When you offer a range of  treatments, you need a range of onboarding emails and sequences that persuade prospects to book. Pabau has hundreds of customisable templates for every use case, to build as many tailored journeys as you want.

Key features for marketers

Lead management pipeline

Attract and engage prospects across multiple practice locations with a single, simple, all in one platform.

Newsletter management

Share news, promotions, practice updates and more straight to your audience directly from Pabau.

Smart surveys and reviews

Find out exactly what your clients think to improve services, and automatically request that valuable social proof.

Automatic client recalls

Increase your client lifetime value with automatic recalls and reminders to encourage additional bookings.

Gift vouchers and Loyalty points

Reward your best customers with a loyalty points scheme and allow your client base to purchase gift vouchers for their friends.

Referral scheme system

Turn 1 customer into more by leveraging your existing customer base and incentivizing word-of-mouth referrals.

Lead management that needs little management effort

Attracting new leads in a competitive market is tough enough. Keeping track of how they’re interacting with your marketing, monitoring conversions and following up is even tougher, especially if you have to use multiple tools and systems. With Pabau, all your leads – and everything you’ll need to convert them – is all in one place.

Capture leads straight from your website

Every marketing strategy should make it as quick and simple as possible for leads to enter the funnel and book a treatment. With Pabus, straight from your website at the touch of a single button, it couldn’t be easier.

Never lose a lead along the way

When you’ve captured a lead, the last thing you want to do is waste it. Pabau tracks every lead through every step of the funnel, so you’ll always know its status.

Identity best performing campaigns and channels

Stop wasting your efforts on marketing that doesn’t work. Focus your activity on the campaigns and channels that perform best in each location, tracking and reporting on every part of your strategy.

"I would highly recommend Pabau to other clinic’s because if you want an easy life, then this is the only client management software to use."
Roxanne Merchant, Head of Clinic Operations
Juvea Medical

Revenue boosting strategies that don’t waste marketing efforts

If you’ve done all the hard work, and put all the time and effort into attracting and converting leads, you don’t want to leave money on the table. Make sure you keep those clients for as long as possible, building loyalty and increasing their lifetime value. With Pabau, all the tools you need are at your fingertips.

Rewarding clients and delivering added value

Clients that feel unvalued are likely to turn to your competitors. But with an easy to customise, easy to manage loyalty program integrated and included as standard, Pabau helps you reward them and keep them coming back.

Automated recalls and re-bookings

Don’t let your clients slip away. Make sure your practice stays front of mind at all times, with automated emails and texts that encourage regular bookings, follow-ups and additional treatments.

Incentives that drive sales

When you win a client you’re close to winning their  friends and family too. So reward client referrals with yet another simple to use tool in the Pabau platform that will quickly become a seamless extension to your marketing.

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