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Boost bookings at your travel vaccination clinic

Upgrade your travel clinic management with the all-in-one software from Pabau that delivers real-time appointment scheduling, reduces admin time, protects patient care and makes managing vaccine courses a whole lot simpler.

Protect your travel clinic from inefficient, ineffective manual admin

Whether you want to transform your pre-travel consultation process, enhance your same-day appointment tools or streamline online payments, Pabau’s travel clinic management software can help. It eliminates repetitive manual tasks to help you deliver an even better patient experience.

Ditch all those paper patient records

Automate vaccine course reminders and aftercare

Save hours of admin time every day

Simplify online bookings and payments

Improve client comms and patient journeys

Grow your travel clinic - effortlessly

Streamlined appointments, superior patient care. That’s what Pabau’s all-in-one travel clinic software delivers.

Speed and efficiency are essential when you’re managing a busy travel vaccination clinic… as long as you never sacrifice patient care. You need to find the balance between a streamlined booking, vaccination and follow-up process, effective client consultations and post-vaccine travel advice. You need to get your patients vaccinated quickly and minimise your admin load. 


You need Pabau.

Everything you need to Run, Market, Manage and Report on your travel clinic’s success

Getting walk-ins with no available appointments? Running low on vaccine stock and not reordering in time? Still dealing with paper medical questionnaires and manual booster reminders? Not anymore. Not with Pabau. 

It’s the only software you need to transform the way you manage your travel vaccination clinic, boost bookings, improve patient journeys and grow your business.

Run your clinic your way

Show real-time appointment availability, streamline same day bookings and give your patients the quick simple way to arrange their travel vaccinations instantly. Pabau lets you build patient journeys any way you want. 

Create your own digital medical history forms, add pre-travel consultations, configure bookings with vaccine details automatically and send relevant travel advisories without lifting a finger.

Market your travel clinic services to more patients

Got new vaccine stock in and same-day appointments available? Pabau helps you reach out to new and existing patients to promote your services with powerful, integrated marketing tools. 

Better still, it helps you automate recalls to make sure your patients complete their vaccine course and get boosters when needed. You can even use it to upsell relevant travel products and medical kits like mosquito nets and malaria tablets.

Manage your staff more effectively

With the majority of your patients looking for a fast turnaround before they travel, you need to stay on top of staff availability, schedules and consultation rooms to maximise bookings. 

Pabau helps you do just that. With simple, effective scheduling, calendar and staff rota tools, it’s super easy to manage all your doctors, nurses and pharmacists to keep your clinic operating at its full potential.

Report on exactly how your clinic is performing

When you want to recall patient records, review vaccines administered or compare the performance of multiple travel clinics in your network, you shouldn’t have to go digging. That information and insight should be at your fingertips. 

With Pabau’s smart reporting dashboard, you don’t even need to click. Key reports and insights are all automated, so you can see all the essential metrics like top countries visited, number of vaccines administered, total product sales and much, much more.

The busiest and most successful travel clinics use Pabau to cut costs, reduce admin and improve travel vaccination management

The essential vaccination management features every travel clinic needs

Instant online bookings

Give travellers the freedom to book appointments whenever they want. Define preferences for pre-travel consultations, request deposits automatically and eliminate no-shows.

Automated course scheduling

Create and manage the most complex travel immunisation schedules with easy-to-use, drag and drop tools. Then automate all your recalls and reminders to make sure no boosters are missed.

Vaccine batch management

Pre-loaded vaccine info from all leading manufacturers and integrated stock management helps you stay on top of open batches, low quantities and upcoming orders, so you always have the stock you need.

Seamless travel advice follow-ups

Don’t worry about manually sharing travel advice for specific countries or following up with patients after their vaccination course. Automate all post-vaccine emails and texts with a few simple clicks.

Personalised patient pathways

Streamline your entire pre-consultation, vaccination and follow-up processes with easy-to-build personalised journeys based on destination, required vaccines or any other custom filter.

Integrated travel services

Take control of all your travel services with integrated lab tests, stock management and payment processing - all linked to patient records - so you can offer everything your clients need with minimal effort.

Try out all of Pabau’s features - designed for travel clinics just like yours

Why choose Pabau?

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CRM software built specifically for clinics

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Easy to switch from any other provider

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Get started in minutes with a super-simple set up

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Simple, intuitive interface for crystal clear oversight

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Perfectly scalable for small clinics and large chains

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The smarter way to manage all your admin