Announcing the new era of clinic management

Pabau 2

Out now!

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It's not an update.
It's a whole new product.

Pabau 2 is a fully rebuilt clinic management system, brought to you from the creators of Pabau Classic. We have rebuilt our award winning software from scratch, using a new modular design philosophy. This approach means that it is simpler to expand and improve upon the system’s capabilities over time.

Pabau 2 is out and better!
Request to be switched over today

If you’re an admin in your Pabau account, upgrading is simple. Just log in to your account and click the “Switch to Pabau 2” button to request the migration and experience the future of clinic management.

Meet our redesigned
clinic software.

The look and feel of Pabau 2 has been re-designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. It works incredibly well, and looks good too.

Modern User Interface for easier use

Significantly faster
loading speeds

Using the same technology that powers the likes of Facebook and Twitter, the ‘brains’ of Pabau 2 have been redesigned so that everything loads drastically faster.

(Play the video to see what we mean)

Video comparing the calendar load speed of Pabau 2 vs Pabau Classic

Efficient and Intuitive.

We know our customers are busier than ever. That’s why Pabau 2 is designed with efficiency in mind.

It’ll help you do everything you need to in fewer clicks than Pabau Classic, and with less moving between pages – saving you precious time.

In fact it’s so easy, that even new users will be able to quickly grasp how it works.

Simple but feature rich & customisable

The power of Pabau Classic is in its extensive capabilities. This is great for the advanced users, but also means there is a learning curve to fully understand its full potential.

Pabau 2 retains these same capabilities, but is presented in a much simpler format.

This mean that basic and new users won’t be overwhelmed with options, but advanced users can customise to their heart’s content.

Cross browser support for all devices

Pabau 2 has been built to work in the browser of all devices (ioS and Android), so you access and use the system from anywhere with an internet connection.

Reporting that's
easy and powerful.

To manage your business, first you have to understand it. Pabau 2’s reporting system has received a massive upgrade, so it’s easier than ever to get a clear picture of your clinic’s performance – and act on it.

30+ essential reports in a single click

We've put together all the essential reports a clinic needs to manage their day-to-day and make critical strategic decisions.

This means that out of the box, Pabau 2 provides you with the insights you need to run your business efficiently.

Limitless custom reporting for those who need it

For those looking for more than our standard reports, Pabau 2 has a powerful filtering system. This allows you to create a nearly limitless number of custom reports to view your data however you want.

In fact the new filter system is available outside of reports too - making navigating your business' data even easier.

Marketing features
for the modern age

To unleash the full power of a practice management system you need to put your database to work.

Pabau 2’s marketing features let you use your integrated data to create targeted campaigns that help your business grow, all from within one system.

Drag-and-drop email editor for gorgeous emails in minutes

Take the hassle out of good looking emails and ditch your 3rd-party email software. Pabau 2's editor lets you create the perfect email with no code required.

Easily target specific customers with your email and SMS campaigns

Want to send a custom offer to a specific set of customers? No problem.

Pabau 2's simple client list system means you can create list of customers that match your chosen criteria.

You spoke.

We listened.

Pabau Classic has been running for 9 years.

In that time we’ve received loads of feedback about how we can improve the system.

Creating Pabau 2 from scratch has allowed us to take this valuable information into account to build an even better product.

Pabau PLUS

Advanced features for advanced capabilities


An optional add-on

Within Pabau 2 we are developing many additional advanced features that extend the system beyond its base capabilities.

These advanced features will be available within an optional subscription upgrade, known as Pabau PLUS.

Learn more about all upcoming features using our product roadmap.

(To be kept up to date about all future features, join our product newsletter)


Pabau Marketing Plus suite

Supercharge your efforts with Pabau’s cutting-edge marketing automation to elevate outreach and attract new clients through targeted campaigns.


Take payments effortlessly with Pabau Pay terminals. Clients can pay their way—contactless or with a pin. Accept all major cards, enable easy tipping, and seamlessly integrate transactions with Pabau’s practice management software. Your financials, at a glance.

The Pabau Academy
We've created a completely free, on-demand instructional video series that guides users through the various features available within Pabau 2 and how they work.
Community-led development
Join our community forum to submit product suggestions. Vote for your favourite ideas from others to see them added to our development roadmap.
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It’s important to understand that as a new product, Pabau 2 will not behave the same way as Pabau Classic.

Pabau Classic customers need to be aware of the following essential information.

Pabau 2 is now in full release stage!

Every piece of software, including ours, goes through important testing steps called alpha and beta. We’re excited to say that Pabau 2 has successfully finished these stages. Now, over 500 clinics are already supercharging their business using Pabau 2.

Alpha release - closed

Alpha is closed testing, where the aim is to find and fix any bugs that internal development has missed.

Only a small number of clinics are invited to take part in the alpha testing. This phase of the release is now complete.

Beta release - closed

Beta takes place after a successful Alpha. The aim is to stress test the software by gradually scaling up the number of users.

Customers who joined our beta release have played a pivotal role in this journey. We’re proud to announce that we have successfully completed the beta phase, having smoothly onboarded over 500 clinics to Pabau 2.

Full release - November 2023

After a comprehensive and successful testing phase through our beta phase, we are now confident in the system’s robust performance and user-friendly features.

Pabau 2 is now available for all customers, ready to revolutionise clinic management with its advanced functionalities and seamless user experience.

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PRODUCT ROADMAP - Updated on July 2024

The section below details the key differences between Pabau Classic and Pabau 2 – including the expected time frame of development.

Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic upgraded to Pabau 2

An upgrade to a slick and modern system

Amish Patel from Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic upgraded to Pabau 2 last year and is delighted with the new system.

After upgrading to Pabau 2, Amish was amazed by the intuitive interface, enhanced by a refreshing look and feel, and the many new features.

The result was a more intuitive system that helps Amish finish more work in less time, stress-free and efficiently.

As he says himself, “I remember it took me hours to work the system in Pabau 1. Whereas now, when I moved across to Pabau 2, it only takes minutes.”

An intuitive system that saves time and takes fewer clicks

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- FAQ -

Pabau 2 is a project that our team has been working on for over 24 months.

Pabau 2 is not just an update. It’s an entire redesign, and represents a shift in technology and design methodology from our original product – Pabau Classic.

Put another way – don’t think of it as the difference between an iPhone 10 and iPhone 11. Instead, think of it like an entirely new phone entering the market.

The technological fundamentals of Pabau Classic were built with best practice from c. 9 years ago.

These fundamentals are nearly impossible to replace once built – a little like trying to change the foundations of a house after it’s built.

To continue delivering on our goal of offering the best software support to the Beauty and Healthcare industries, we have made a significant investment in new technological foundations.

This includes completely changing the look and feel of Pabau 2, that take into account modern user interface best practise.

To continue the analogy – this investment will allow us to build a bigger, better, and taller house, because the new foundations will support it.

We are unable to comment on the pricing of Pabau 2 at this time.

This is because the features that will be within our Pabau PLUS upgrade are still to be decided.

Rest assured that any pricing changes will be communicated to our customers well in advance.

Whilst we have developed a lot of the PLUS features, we are yet to announce what will be in each module.

Our initial goal would be to obtain feedback from the BETA testing in order to determine how the modules will be separated.

The best way to find out more information as a when it becomes available is to subscribe to our Pabau 2 product newsletter.

No – Pabau 2 uses the same database as Pabau Classic.

This means there is no possibility of data loss, because we are not changing anything to do with how or where the data is stored.

However, some features have either been completely re-written in Pabau 2, or are entirely new and do not exist in Pabau Classic.

The two most important to note will be:

  1. The permissions module
  2. Appointment notifications (such as reminders & confirmations)

It is also important to note that if you wish to re-word our standard templates, you should do so the moment you migrate.

Most features have been integrated into Pabau 2, with a few still in the final stages of completion. The product roadmap will indicate any pending features.

We encourage you to review this roadmap, along with any demos or marketing materials, to determine the optimal time for your switch to Pabau 2. Currently, we are inviting customers to request the transition, and in the upcoming months, Pabau 2 will be made available to all our clients.

We believe the enhanced usability and new features present a compelling case to move now, rather than waiting for future roadmap items (if they’re not critical for your clinic).

The ‘Mid’ and ‘Long’ feature development entirely depends on how the short-term product roadmap progresses.

It is therefore difficult to provide accurate timings, because in development things can take less or more time than planned.

All we can say for now is that we are confident that the short-term roadmap will be completed within the next 12 months.

The short answer is no.

With Pabau 2 now out of beta, we’ve begun a structured upgrade for select industry customers, moving towards a full migration plan for all.

The transition to Pabau 2 should be viewed as a definitive step forward – an upgrade to a superior system.

We have released the Pabau Academy – a series of on-demand instructional videos that guide users through how to use the system.

There is also the option of additional paid training (similar to the training received on Pabau Classic).

If you would like to arrange paid training for your clinic, please contact us through the live chat system.

We’re delighted to announce that as of November 2023, we’ve successfully completed the Beta phase of Pabau 2, which means we’ve rigorously tested the software with real-world users to ensure reliability and performance.

With this milestone, we’ve initiated the full migration plan, progressively transitioning all our customers to the enhanced Pabau 2 experience.

Switching to Pabau 2 involves moving to a refreshed and easy-to-navigate system. The system is exactly the same as Pabau 1, but with a more user-friendly and seamless interface that helps you get things done with fewer clicks and less time.

The switch is done in seven days. You’ll be fully supported by our customer care team during the entire process, ready to resolve any potential issues that may arise. Additionally, we’ve got support materials and resources that will help you familiarize yourself with the system. All in all, the whole process is quick, smooth and stress-free.

Read the complete guide to the Pabau 2 upgrade for more details.

There are over 1000 clients who are already successfully using Pabau 2. One example is Amish Patel, owner, director, and lead clinician at Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic, who switched to Pabau 2 last year.

He’s thrilled with the new system and all the ways it helped him work more efficiently. 

In his own words, “Having Pabau 2 implemented into the clinic is certainly a relief. It just reduces a whole lot of stress in the clinic.”

Read the whole case study about Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic’s upgrade to Pabau 2.

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