Client Management

Tailor an unforgettable client experience with all the right tools to exceed your clients expectations and delight them every step of the way.

Build Client Cards

Capturing client information is an important part of your business. Pabau’s all in one customer profile will store all information such as client details, treatment notes, payments, communication history, packages and everything else.

Take before and after pictures with our app to demonstrate the effectiveness of procedures, and to grab the attention of both clients and potential clients.

Capture your client’s data with beautiful customizable forms. Clients can fill forms online prior to their appointment or upon their arrival from tablet. Details are instantly synced to the client’s record in Pabau.

Need to take a look at full client activity at a glance? Pabau’s timeline feature will give you a simplified insight of the client’s history, securely stored in their profile.

Client Alerts

Pabau ensures you will never miss an important alert, so you can respond to the situation before it impacts your business.
Particularly useful to mark any critical conditions or allergies, know your VIP clients, their relatives, or other important information to allow you create a personal experience.

Packages & Courses

Offer your clients the ability to prepay these services. Pabau will help you track courses with ease. Clients can view how many sessions they have left online, and are alerted when there packages are running low or due to expire.

More tools for an extraordinary client experience

Our easy client management tools improve workflow, increase efficiency, and let you deliver a personalized client experience.

Documents & uploads

Keep patient records, images, letters, laboratory results and other documents all in one place. Just upload them to their corresponding patient file card and it's done in an instant. No messy paper folders and envelopes!

Video Conferencing

Improving patient access to care couldn’t be easier. Connect with your patients through a secure video consultation platform built to enjoy a seamless consultation. The portal includes all patient history details, so everything is within your reach.

Voice notes

No time to write notes? Then record a voice note! It will automatically be uploaded and saved as a part of a patient’s record.


Accurately convert speech into text with Pabau’s easy-to-use dictation manager; perfect for dictating emails, letters and other forms of communication to be saved as written text.

Treatment notes

Create treatment notes directly into patient’s records from your mobile app or desktop. You can finish treatment notes even when you shift from one device to another.

Configurable templates

Pabau has tons of interactive medical templates which you can use and customise for your business needs.

Body charts

An excellent tool to visualize and highlight a treatment area where you can draw and write notes. The body chart is saved directly into the patient's records.

Lab Requests

With Pabau, you can create a lab request for any clinical laboratory that uses third party lab systems. You can also receive results in an instant from the laboratory to your Pabau account.

Client privacy

Maintain patient's confidentiality with the privacy feature; you can hide patient data from other staff members who have never interacted with the patient.

Auto save & Draft notes

Pabau will automatically save your note content as you're working, allowing you to recover data if you haven't saved the note yourself. You can come back to your draft treatment notes anytime using any of your devices.

Filter & Search notes

Pabau’s smart filter enables you to sort and filter through your notes by author, date, diagnosis code, or service for quick access to preferred data.

Copy previous notes

You can easily copy the last patient note into your new blank template and just edit it to save you time typing repetitive notes.

Medical Alerts

Create an alert for important notes about your patient’s health to quickly respond to critical situations, thus ensuring you would not have to miss any important information.

Package Management

Easily sell packages and view how many sessions of a package a client has left. Automatically notify clients when they are reaching their final session.

Share treatment note

You can securely share treatment notes or documents with your patients through the Pabau Connect portal. Clients can login anytime and easily access their documents.

Account balance

See how much clients owe, or how much they’re in credit. Pabau enables you to quickly see whether a patient has an outstanding balance or whether clients have paid their invoices.

Communication record

Each patient profile comes with a handy communication record that will track all calls, SMS messages, emails or letter communications between your business and your patient

Client GDPR

Pabau highly values patient privacy rules by allowing you and your clients to adjust GDPR settings directly through their patient card or online.


Having writer’s block? Write seamless letters to other practitioners directly from the patient card with our intelligent letter builder.


Pabau makes prescription writing a snap! Create your own drugs or use our list of several thousand certified drugs. You can even e-mail the prescription directly to your preferred pharmacy!

BNF Drug Lookup

With Pabau’s drug database, you can automatically look up and select drugs at the point of prescription, and check for details such as allergies and cross-sensitivity, side effects, cautions and more.


Diagnostic coding allows you to efficiently group patient notes by codes. With our inbuilt diagnostics for treatment notes, writing a diagnosis has never been easier.


If there is a specific situation in which a drug, procedure, or surgery should not be used because it may be harmful to the person, Pabau will automatically link any drugs or services to a medical condition related to the patient.

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