8 creative filler promotion ideas

    Dermal fillers are one of the most popular aesthetic treatments around.

    One thing that will never die in the beauty industry is people’s desire for a fresh, youthful look, and one way to achieve that is with dermal fillers. And with increased affordability compared to previous years, that’s set to grow.

    The market for dermal fillers was $5 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach around $15 billion by 2032, so there’s a huge amount of opportunity.

    However, with the competition heating up, med spas need to get creative with their marketing. They need to actively seek effective promotional strategies to attract new clients interested in filler treatments… which is why we’re here.

    Here are 8 creative filler promotion ideas for your practice!

    Understanding your target market for filler services

    Knowing your target market for filler services is crucial so you can market them effectively. So who is the key demographic for filler services?

    Well, there’s a growing trend in the popularity of fillers across a wide age range, from late 20s to late 50s. People use fillers to combat signs of aging, accentuate their natural features, and achieve a more youthful appearance. 

    However, the demand for fillers is also growing among younger demographics as a result of the impact of celebrities and social media influencers.

    With that said, the current trend has shifted towards more natural-looking fillers. Molly Mae from Love Island in the UK went viral a few years ago due to her ‘over-filled’ look and has now had all of her fillers dissolved. That’s paved the way for a preference toward more subtle enhancements. 

    Letting prospective clients know they can get fillers but still look natural is key.

    1. Host filler parties and events

    Botox and filler parties are becoming increasingly popular. 

    Having someone visit your house to administer Botox or fillers while hanging out with your friends is a pretty wild concept.

    However, rather than doing a home visit, we’d always, always recommend hosting the party in a controlled environment (as in, your practice) and under the supervision of a medical director. Safety comes first, always.

    With that said, hosting filler parties at your clinic is an excellent strategy for creating a fun and engaging experience for your clients. These gatherings are often invite-only and limited in numbers, and so create a sense of exclusivity.

    At a filler party, attendees can expect a casual yet professional setting. You can put on some refreshments, demo other treatments, and even provide some entertainment to make the experience enjoyable, and less formal.

    Aside from the social and fun aspects, these parties offer a key benefit: the treatments are often discounted, making them financially attractive. You can also offer goodie bags with some goodies and a discount on future treatments. 

    How do you market a filler party?

    1. Leverage social media platforms

    Use Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other social media platforms to promote the event. Share engaging videos and customer testimonials to showcase the event’s atmosphere and encourage future first-time clients to be a part of it. 

    You should also use relevant hashtags and location tags to ensure that beauty enthusiasts in your local area are aware of the party.

    2. Email marketing campaigns

    Email exclusive invites to your existing clients via email. Highlight some key points about why a client might like to attend, such as special discounts, demos, if you’re offering a glass of fizz afterwards, and an overview of what to expect. 

    Don’t forget to better personalize the emails so it feels like a personal invite.

    3. Offer an attractive referral program

    Encourage your clients to bring a friend by implementing a referral program that rewards both the referrer and the referred. This could be discount vouchers for future treatments, a special goodie bag, or other incentives. 

    Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool and personal recommendations often lead to new clients.

    2. Implement VIP membership programs

    When a business in the beauty and wellness industry offers a membership program with special benefits, it becomes more appealing to customers. 

    Exclusive advantages such as discounted filler treatments, priority booking, access to special events (such as the filler parties we mentioned), and other perks and discounts will ensure your clients feel special. It’s a little bit of VIP treatment.

    A membership program, where clients pay a set amount of money for each month, is a great way to enhance client loyalty. This could include discounts, early access to products or events, and loyalty rewards. You can even create different pricing tiers so there’s a membership tier to suit every client and budget.

    Plus, the upcoming membership feature in Pabau will make it easier to offer and manage exclusive benefits. This anticipated addition will improve the efficiency and attractiveness of creating a membership program for the business and its clients.

    You’ll be delighted to know that Pabau’s membership feature will be released later this year. You can find more information on our roadmap.

    💡Did you know?

    Pabau also makes it easy to manage VIP clients by labeling specific clients as ‘VIPs.’ The labels feature helps you categorize and oversee loyal customers.

    3. Create video content on social media

    Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have changed how we engage with social media. The rise of short-form video content has been meteoric. 

    And as anyone who has gone down a dark hole on TikTok will know, its key selling point is its ability to grab your attention quickly and effectively.

    That’s probably why it’s the most popular type of content for helping you build your brand, with 75% of consumers preferring short-form videos (three minutes or shorter) over other types of content.

    You can use Instagram reels and stories as well as TikTok to create and share short videos easily, leading to a boost in online presence, engagement, and followers. 

    The importance of video content on these platforms lies in its power to deliver messages more dynamically than text or images alone. You can showcase more of your personality in a video. People buy from people – so don’t be shy!  

    Here are some ideas: 

    • Posting short clips that offer insights into the treatment process with a reassuring narrative can be impactful
    • Maybe you could show some before and after clips (with permission). Or, sharing client testimonials is a great way to build trust
    • Additionally, hosting Q&A sessions can help address common concerns and showcase your expertise as a practitioner.

    This approach can educate potential patients about what the process involves and even help to challenge any misconceptions that a potential client may have. 

    4. Collaborate with influencers

    Partnering with aesthetic influencers can significantly increase the reach and credibility of your filler services, with 69% of consumers who said they rely on influencers’ recommendations when it comes to making a purchase.

    Influencers have dedicated followers who trust their opinions and recommendations, making them powerful allies in marketing your services. 

    Remember, the key to a successful partnership is choosing influencers whose audience aligns with your target demographic and who share genuine experiences with their followers. Some key benefits of these collabs include:

    1. Targeted audience: Beauty influencers have followers who may be interested in aesthetic treatments, products, and services. By promoting your filler services on their platforms, you can tap into that audience.
    2. Authenticity: When influencers share their genuine experiences with your services through sponsored post or reviews, it’s a personal testimonial. This authenticity can be more effective than traditional advertising.
    3. Increased reach: Influencers often have large followings across different social media platforms. Partnering with them can significantly increase your service’s visibility beyond your current audience.
    4. Trust and credibility: Since followers trust the influencers they subscribe to, your services gain credibility when endorsed by them.

    5. Provide referral rewards

    Offering incentives to current clients for referring friends, such as discounts or free treatments for each successful referral, leverages the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing, one of the most credible forms of advertising. 

    This strategy fosters a reliable bond between the service provider and clients. It minimizes marketing costs typically incurred in reaching potential clients through conventional means.

    Rewards for referrals show appreciation for loyal clients, making them feel valued. 

    It turns your clients into brand ambassadors motivated to share their positive experiences, enhancing the business’s reputation through personal testimonials.

    6. Create seasonal promotions

    Creating special promotions for weddings, the holiday season, and summer vacations can significantly boost your sales and market visibility. 

    These targeted promotions can attract customers seeking to enhance their appearance for specific events. For example, discounts during the wedding season can appeal to brides and wedding attendees who want to look their best for the big day. You may even get some grooms interested in ‘tweakments’. 

    Similarly, holiday and summer vacation-themed promotions can attract customers looking to freshen up their appearance so they look and feel their best when they step off the plane – or for all those social gatherings with families and friends. 

    Tailoring promotions to specific seasons or events will help med spas stand out from the fierce competition and entice your clients to rebook

    These promotions also encourage repeat business and introduce customers to additional services that they may not have booked before. 

    7. Host educational workshops and live demos

    Hosting educational workshops or live demos about your filler treatments helps you bridge the gap between potential clients and your cosmetic business. 

    Running live demos at events or even online is a good opportunity to showcase your expertise, build trust, and demonstrate your unique selling point (USP).

    Maybe you care about delivering natural, subtle results? Or perhaps you have many years of experience in dermal filler treatments, and that’s your USP.

    Workshops, webinars and live demos offer direct communication with interested individuals, allowing for real-time interaction, Q&A sessions, and personalized advice, making the experience more memorable and effective for your clients.

    By investing in potential clients’ education, you can cultivate a well-informed client base that feels confident and secure in their decision to pursue filler treatments.

    8. Offer bundle packages

    Another creative filler idea is packages and bundles.

    Instead of just selling individual treatments, you can encourage your clients to buy a package of three, for example. As a business, you get a client who has spent more than they originally planned, while feeling like they got a bargain.

    By offering bundled services, your clients can save money. For example, they could get a reduced price when they combine fillers with other services like facials or laser treatments. These packages make the services more valuable for clients and take a more holitistic approach to beauty and wellness.

    Using practice management software, like the package feature in Pabau, makes it easy to offer and manage these deals. Clients can easily pick a package that meets their needs, improving their satisfaction and experience with your services.

    Discover how Pabau helps in promoting filler services

    Pabau is an invaluable asset for med spas aiming to promote their filler services more effectively. It can also help you run and scale the rest of your business, too.  

    As robust practice management software, it streamlines day-to-day operations and takes the heavy lifting out of managing your clinic’s marketing and promotion strategies. Here’s a quick taster of what you’ll get:  

    • Built-in marketing tools such as email campaigns
    • Built-in features such as packages and gift vouchers 
    • Advanced reporting features for monitoring individual service performance
    • Recall automation to encourage clients to return for top-up treatments
    • Automated pre-care and post-care communications
    • Automated feedback forms and review requests post-filler appointment for insights into client journey (and a steady stream of reviews!)

    By integrating Pabau into their operations, med spas can expect a notable boost in efficiency, client satisfaction, and profitability, relaxed in-clinic atmosphere and better service quality.

    Explore how Pabau can transform your clinic today by visiting our marketing features page or booking a demo right now!

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