How and why you should use the Pabau client portal for online bookings at your clinic

    For practices, spas, hair salons, and clinics, online bookings are the new norm. 

    However, in the highly competitive medi-aesthetics industry, not putting your client portal for online bookings to good use can hinder your overall efficiency. 

    Consider this: when your patients don’t use your client portal for online bookings effectively or at all, it takes away from their online experience. They may not know that they can track their progress, reach out, or manage their health journey start-to-finish. 

    Patients are all about accessibility and simplicity these days. Meaning, any functionality gaps in your online bookings can disrupt their satisfaction and drive them to seek better options. 

    Ready to turn the tides in your favor and take your patients along for the ride? 

    Pabau’s client portal for online bookings is a game-changer—

        ➡️ Reduce bottlenecks for your team

        ➡️ Create a more seamless booking experience 

        ➡️ Enable clients to self-manage the booking process

        ➡️ Send forms ahead of the appointment time

        ➡️ Boost overall efficiency and patient engagement 

        ➡️ Share notes, photos, and treatment plans

    Pabau 2 gets your patients out of the dark — we help our clinics make the most of their online bookings and maximize the Connect patient portal without sacrificing time, money, patients, or appointment slots. 

    From accessing test results and treatments, to sharing and customizing them— discover what a client portal does, how it works, and why your practice needs it!

    Ready to streamline your clinic’s online booking process and enhance client convenience? Book a free demo and discover how revolutionize your clinic’s scheduling and boost client satisfaction

    But first… what is a client portal?

    A client portal is an online digital platform for easier management of a patient’s booked appointments, treatments, bills, notes, and overall health journeys.

    It’s basically the place where your patients will be directed next, once their online booking has been confirmed. 

    Patients who book online can self-navigate through their client portal and—

    🏆 Book, reschedule, and cancel their appointments themselves via the clients portal – without having to rely on your reception team

    🏆 Complete consent and medical questionnaire forms ahead of their appointment, meaning less time is required in-clinic on the day

    🏆 Book and pay for appointments online, track their progress, send lab results, and stay in touch with providers— all from the same place.

    A client portal automatically stores any personalized patient notes, invoices, and treatment plans, which helps increase patient engagement and satisfaction. It is also an efficient tool for practices that need automatic management of patient forms, lab results, treatments, photos, and personal notes. 

    Online bookings + client portal — what they bring to the table 

    1400+ Pabau clinics have made their move on online bookings, so let’s start there. 

    Online bookings do A LOT for overall efficiency. You can easily manage appointments online, send reminders and confirmations, smoothen scheduling and billing, etc. 

    But using a client portal for online bookings is where you can leverage accessibility and flexibility the most.

    Why you need an online booking system — 

    🚀 40% of patients booked appointments after business hours

    🚀 67% of patients prefer online booking

    🚀 Online booking systems can boost revenue by 27%

    Why you need a client portal for online bookings —

    💡 58% of practitioners already connect with their patients via mobile patient portals

    💡 Client portals can elevate the client experience and boost revenue up to 10%15%.

    💡 92% of US patients opt for easy medical record access when choosing a provider

    A client portal for online bookings gives patients a direct insight into previous and upcoming appointments, treatment plans, and relevant journey details. They can see allergy records and lab results, compare photos, receive alerts, and read notes you share with them.

    And you can do the same. Set up permissions to decide what patients will see during their online booking and inside their client area.

    This helps customize the experience for each patient, saves you hours on calling via phone and delegating staffers. It also gives you the freedom to focus on providing excellent care instead.

    How the Pabau Connect Client Portal benefits your practice

    Gone are the days when patients opted for phone call bookings and in-clinic monitoring. These days, a staggering 84% of them prefer using an online booking client portal for these tasks — exactly what Pabau Connect equips you with.

    Using Pabau’s client portal increases your online booking efficiency, helps organize your team, simplifies patient communication, and broadens your online reach. 

    The most common reasons why patients rely on client portals for online bookings are:

    ⚡️ Getting fast lab results 

    ⚡️ Refilling a prescription 

    ⚡️ Making an appointment 

    ⚡️ Cancelling/rescheduling appointments 

    ⚡️ Messaging practitioners instantly


    Here’s how your business can do more with the Pabau Connect client portal.

    Enhance the patient experience

    Similar to your online bookings page, your client portal should also represent your practice in the best light. With Pabau’s client portal for online bookings, practices can design a branded portal that matches their identity and boosts instant recognition. 

    At the same time, tailoring the details that will be displayed for your patients will ensure relevance and personalization. 

    Your patients can choose what social media platforms they want to be contacted on. Meeting them halfway by reaching out via their desired channels will further elevate their experience.

    Pabau makes sure that your patients never miss an alert by enabling automated responses. Reminders and alerts, as well as in-system tagging, can help create a more personalized experience for patients, and boost their involvement in their journey.

    Simpler to rebook 

    For your existing patients, a client portal offers direct insight into their bookings and treatment details. They can also rebook, cancel and reschedule if needed, and can access their full patient portfolio whenever. 

    Pabau’s client portal safely stores patient details from previous and upcoming appointments along with their invoices, photos, treatment plans, and notes. Patients can also log into the client portal to update their information, track payments, see vouchers, packages, and more. 

    For new patients, however, the client portal will only be visible only after they book a consultation. Once that initial step is completed, they will gain immediate access to their client portal, and manage all their details.

    Alerts 🛎️

    Pabau will automatically let your patients know if a form is missing, or needs to be completed. For example, if you require a consent form and a patch test, Pabau will consequently display the forms for the patient, until completion. Alerts can also apply to educational courses and packages your patients have booked. 

    Reminders 🔔

    Automatic reminders allow patients to be more in tune with their next appointment. Patients might forget an appointment, but automated reminders keep them aware of upcoming bookings, which reduces no-shows. Aftercare reminders are also handy when you want to ensure your patients are taking all necessary steps before and after a treatment.

    Tags 🔖

    Tagging certain patients helps you tailor their experience and engage them faster. For example, you can add allergy tags for patients who need a customized treatment or products. Or, add VIP tags for returning patients, groups, or families who might benefit from loyalty points, discounts, or promotions. 

    Patients will be automatically alerted of these benefits and can find and manage them directly in their client area.

    What Pabau Connect users have to say— Our case studies 

    Many Pabau clinics are already using smart alerts for patients who book online.

    The Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic, for example, has been using both tags and alerts to track upcoming patient birthdays, using Pabau’s automated vouchers as a reward, which patients could easily find and use directly from their client portal. This both helped optimize the experience for patients and kept the clinic’s client portal viable and active.

    client portal for online bookings

    Better scheduling, payment, and billing

    A client portal makes it easier for your practice to navigate a work schedule, payments, and invoices. Unlike other CRMs, Pabau allows your patients to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments as needed, without any extra administrative work on your end. 

    They can also view, pay, and track paid and outstanding balances, and any insurance claims. In case an appointment is canceled or rescheduled, practices will be immediately notified by Pabau’s system.

    The appointment changes will also be reflected in your booking calendar, so you can take immediate action to fill in the gaps.

    Easier communication and sharing 

    Patients prefer using client portals, and simplified communication is a key reason why. 

    Rather than calling, 57% of customers prefer to reach out digitally, via email or social media. To meet you halfway, Pabau simplified how you interact and share information with patients online.

    Through the client area, your patients can effortlessly connect with you and receive quality advice and guidance. Whether it’s for scheduled telehealth sessions, emergency patients, or aftercare guidance, our client portal will ensure you a prompt back-and-forth with patients.

    Share vital information with them — labs, before-and-after images, personalized treatment plans, consent forms, it’s all at their fingertips. 

    You can store all information in the patient’s online client area, and track it easily via their patient client card.

    And here’s the magic touch 🪄— patients can download photos and documents you share with them, eSign them, and have them on hand, even when they’re offline. Convenience, right when it’s needed most.

    Improved access to patient records

    Client cards give patients easy access to their medical history, prescriptions, and bookings, which enhances the reliability and convenience of your online bookings. 

    You can tinker with the different Pabau 2 permissions to choose what patients will and won’t see on their client card. Patients can track their previous and upcoming visits from the portal’s client card.

    They can manage invoices and pay them online, without having to visit your clinic or call. 

    Last but not least, patients can also update their personal details directly in their client card, so you’ll know exactly how to reach them.

    Allowing patients online access to their client details unburdens your practice from a significant workload. 

    You can manage and track prescriptions faster, or create and share personalized treatment plans with patients using Pabau’s simple templates. 

    Client area and timeline

    Pabau’s timeline feature gives you a comprehensive view of a client’s history and activity. It simplifies the process of securely storing the client’s medical history data within their profile. This makes it easier for patients to keep track of their details. 

    By setting patient-specific deposits, for example, you can filter common no-shows and take action to reduce them. You can even filter patients by, say, product allergies. This way, you can provide more tailored and personalized care onward. 

    Pabau’s client area also features upcoming bookings, shows you any trends you should keep up with, e.g. ‘Send aftercare’, and offers handy tips, like ‘Enable service reviews.

    To further optimize your booking process, you can also track recent client activity, see patient registrations by month, and customize the layout to match your brand. 

    How to navigate the Pabau Connect Patient Portal— 

    Using the Pabau Connect client portal is super easy for practice managers, admins, team members, and patients.

    In Pabau 2, click Setup ➡️ Client Portal to access the client area. Here, you can see the monthly patient engagement, their recent activity and bookings, as well as use Pabau’s handy tips and trends.

    client portal

    By clicking Customize on the lower right, you can further optimize the client portal. Pabau gives you several fields to manage when deciding what your patients will see.   

    1. Customize— choose colors and design your background, header, and footer to represent your brand better. Add or remove registration fields for patients, like their name, mobile number, gender, and city, or include/exclude your practitioners’ names. 

    You can see the changes you made on the right, directly as you edit, which makes for a better dashboard customization.

    client portal 2

    2. Features— select what your logged-in patients can access. For example, you can give patients access to their prescriptions and medications but disable their access to your GP details.

    3. Promote— Pabau created several promotional button options you can add to your website as a way to boost online booking engagement and responsiveness. Here, you’ll also find the booking portal section, from where you can send patients secure links to your online bookings page via email, social media, or blogs.

    All changes in the client portal will be automatically saved in the patient’s client cards.  Manage no-shows, payments, consent forms, and patient history from one place, without worrying about missing key information, or creating bottlenecks.

    What patients can see in the client portal

    Granting patients access to a client portal is key for satisfaction and convenience. At the same time, you can create a more personal online experience for them.  

    Let’s backtrack and explain what your patients can see— from the moment they click the online booking link you sent until they start using the Pabau Connect client portal.

    When patients first access your online booking page, they get to book their services and see the total cost, with the option to add more.

    Patients can also choose the location that is nearest to them and even select the provider they want to book with, or book a particular room, if available.

    Patients will then head to your booking calendar and reserve an available slot which will be reflected in your Pabau Calendar.

    Before completing the booking, Pabau 2 will let your patients check all their appointment details, choose to add a note, and pay on arrival or following the booking.

    Once the booking is confirmed, a pop-up window will ask patients if they want to manage their booking online via Pabau Connect.

    Clicking ‘Manage Appointments’ will bring patients to their designated client account, where they can see past and upcoming appointment details, and reschedule or cancel.

    Patients can click on the different options, like payments, and see their billing history and insurance details. Additionally, they can update their medical history and personal details, see their packages, prescriptions, and test results, and share files and photos.

    Tailoring permissions in the right way gives each patient flexibility and promptness. Meanwhile, your practice is relieved from online booking overlaps, long calls with uninformed patients, and poor communication.

    Speaking of, under ‘Communications,’ patients can find any messages or notes you shared with them or vice versa, and complete all needed forms for their appointment.

    If you want, you can also set certain forms, e.g. consent forms, as obligatory to fill out before booking an appointment, which will then warrant a timelier response from patients.

    📈 Go bigger with Pabau Connect and put your Patient Portal in full motion

    Ready to say goodbye to booking hassles and hello to seamless patient care? 

    Pabau 2 helps clinics, salons, and med spas to fully set up their online bookings platform. Enjoy all-around treatment journey management, instant client portal access, reduced no-shows, and lasting patient relationships — reach out to Pabau 2 today!

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