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    6 Social Media marketing tips to use in your clinic

    It can be both challenging and rewarding to harness power of the social media, particularly if one does not have previous experience and enough time. The users of social media are increasing day by day and about half of online users of world use Facebook. This means that the business-to-consumers marketers are able to promote the offerings to global audience.
    After looking at these glowing statistics, it is now time to convert they hype into profits by using following 7 insights in order to shape the clinic or campaign.

    #1 - Plan around the key e-commerce events and dates

    The professionals who are in beauty & aesthetics business are familiar with surge of pre-December rush, Valentine’s Day and beach season spending’s every year, along with costs to set up event. You should treat the important dates of business calendar in a similar manner as personal ones. You can do this by planning for future to remain ahead of competition and to market the business early. Differentiating the business from competition, knowing which products you should promote using experience form previous years, and knowing how you should write up unique pieces of content which you might promote on social media, all this can take time.

    #2 - Promote the praise from customers

    One of the most advantageous and cost-effective pieces of content for the business are testimonials. The users of social media now a days have a lot of choice at the fingertips and in such competitive environment, it can be difficult to develop trust. Reviews and testimonials are a great way of showing your great customer service quickly. They also show the ability of forming business relationships. Pabau social survey will sync reviews to your Facebook page after every appointment!

    #3 - Take a visual approach

    Colorful and attractive visual campaigns can be created by the beauty industry for promotion of treatments, products and results of high quality. The importance of online use of imagery is epitomized by the recent stats of 2015. According to stats an average Tweet has an increase of 18% clicks, 89% favorites and 150% retweets when it is paired with some good visual aid.

    #4 - Focus on action

    It is important to tell the users of social media to take action. The posts which use direct phrases or words like “Share”, “Re-Tweet”, “Tell us” and “Download” can increase the clicks by 13%. So you should try to take approach which is more direct, when you next time promote.

    #5 - Replies raise retention

    Studies show that replying to the complaints of customers, their queries or praise online is a very good thing.

    Despite that, the same studies also showed that the majority of customers are not receiving any replies at all. Managing your social media in a better way will free up time to allow you to respond in timely manner.

    #6 Streamline your social media management with tools

    On the surface, social media marketing might seem to be a simple and easy task; however, the demanding channels of marketing have contributed towards understaffing the issues for businesses.

    In case you decide taking the efforts in-house, different tools for social media management such as Hootsuite can give you the freedom to schedule posts from a streamlined dashboard in advance. You will also have analytics and reports to measure performance.

    Whether you have an established clinic or salon and are looking to optimize the profits and time, or just starting out your business, your requirement can be met in a perfect manner with minimum fuss by Pabau. You will have access to the latest tools of marketing including email marketing, automated texts, feedback surveys, likes and reviews, to drive the business to next level.

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