How Pabau helped the owner of Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic win back 30 minutes each day

Amish Patel is the owner, founder and director of Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic based in Kent. The clinic specialises in injectables – specifically Botox, derma, fillers and skincare treatments. 




United Kingdom

Key feature:

Going paper-free

The problem

Paper client records didn't work

Amish set up his clinic back in 2016 and he found using paper for his client records to be really disjointed. Capturing before and after photos of patients is crucial for aesthetics businesses but, without a proper system in place, Amish had to create his own process.  

He needed to connect his paper patient records to digital before and after photos on his computer. This meant copying and pasting photos into a PDF file and then creating a whole new PDF record every time he saw the patient.

This resulted in a number of challenges, particularly in tracking patient appointment history and making sure the correct information was stored for compliance purposes. 

When I was seeing repeat patients, I was having to go back and find those paper records and link it to a record on the computer where I had the before and after images.

I’m quite into tech and I like everything to flow nicely with each other. I hate the thought of having paper. I wanted everything to be paperless.

Ineffective booking system

That was only half of the process as well. There was also the booking side of things. Amish was particularly keen to have a smooth booking process because that’s what clients know and expect. They expect to receive an email confirmation and an SMS reminder and so on. 


However, Amish was managing different businesses at the same and using different booking systems for different companies. He refined it as much as he could, but something had to give.

It was all a bit disjointed and not as organised as I’d like it to be. It was wasting a lot of time and efficiency and at the end of each day I’d have to ask myself, did I do this? Did I do that?

The breaking point

The crunch came when Amish wanted to scale the business but felt like he couldn’t.

The inefficient processes he was just about managing were holding him back from taking his business to the next level. That’s when he knew something had to change. 


I was trying to scale the business and I was feeling really limited in what I could do. That’s when I started looking for more specific software that could help me. Within the first year, I found Pabau.

How Pabau helps small to medium aesthetic clinics

Ditch the pen and paper and switch to digital patient records

Automate admin tasks to save time and boost efficiency

Track patient records and patient history at a glance

Use smart marketing tools to build a loyal client base

Why he chose Pabau

Before finding Pabau, Amish trialled a few different software. They ranged from booking-only software to clinic software that didn’t do bookings but let you record treatment notes. At the time, there were only a handful that fit the criteria – they combined patient bookings and medical treatment record notes on one platform. 

And then I found Pabau, which did it all. It’s got everything that you need from diary management. On top of that, it’s got what I was looking for – making all my treatment records paperless.

It’s allowed me to create detailed treatment notes and capture patient consent forms in a paperless way. Now, I can go into a patient record and see all these documents in a timeline.

Getting set up quickly

However, asking how long it takes to implement new software is often the same as asking how long is a piece of string. It can be time-consuming and stressful.

But Amish found Pabau’s implementation process to be simple. He was able to get started within days – thanks to Pabau’s pre-built forms and templates.

I was still running a very busy clinic, but I was able to implement it within a few days of signing up.

The great thing Pabau is they have so many existing forms and templates that anyone can use. You can get running on the very first day without any time wasted at all.

The results

Amish now leaves on time

The biggest problem Pabau solves is helping Amish manage his time, better.

Everything is organised, in one place, and automated into one seamless workflow. Amish isn’t having to create files in one system, manage his calendar in another system and access his patient records in another system. 

Now, instead of having to block off 30 minutes at the end of the day to complete admin tasks, Amish can leave on time – giving him a much better work-life balance.

Instead of going home late and not getting home to my wife and kids, I’ve saved that time.

I can either see an extra patient or I can leave on time and get home to spend time with my family.

He knows everything is taken care of

Using Pabau has helped Amish win back 30 minutes each day.

But that’s not all. Using a practice management software has also helped him switch off at the end of the day. He no longer has to run through a mental checklist at 6pm each night because he’s confident it’s all taken care of. He just knows that everything is ticking over, all thanks to Pabau. 

It’s that extra half an hour at the end of the day that I get back. I don’t have that stress of, ‘Did I complete every little thing that I needed to complete? It’s those little things that you can’t really put a price on. 

Simple, easy marketing tools

Amish uses the marketing tools in Pabau to give patients loyalty points and for sending birthday vouchers. In Pabau, the whole process is automated.

Previously, Amish would have to go into his client database and take note of when every single client’s birthday was in an Excel spreadsheet. He’d then have to remember to send out an email with a voucher at the right time.

With Pabau, it’s a much simpler process.

I send vouchers two weeks before a patient’s birthday. They’ll get an email to say, your birthday’s coming up. Here’s a £50 voucher. The thing I love is everything’s so automated. 

Creating a monthly payment scheme

More recently, Amish has implemented membership packages where clients can pay on a monthly basis to build up credit on their accounts.

A payment is taken every month and is automatically added to the client’s treatment card. When the client next comes in Amish can see that they’ve already made payments and it’s sitting as credit on their account.

Previously, Amish was having to check everything manually.

Before, I was spending around an hour each month just double-checking everything.

Offering monthly payment for patients to build up credit on their account has driven my business further forward.

Key takeaway

Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic

Pabau ticks all of the boxes

For Amish, nothing else has come close to Pabau – and that’s why it continues to tick all the boxes for him. 

“I’m always getting emails and going to conferences and exhibitions and seeing new software. But to date, nothing has come close to Pabau and the functions it offers me.”

“It has everything everything else has, plus more.”