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Create custom quotes for high-value treatments in your cosmetic practice


Simplify the process of sending personalized pricing to clients.

Use Pabau’s quotes feature to:

Build custom quotes for current and future clients, with all the information they need to make a decision

Provide a complete pricing breakdown for transparency, trust and regulatory purposes

Send quotes to clients safely and securely via email or custom URL

Clients can sign, print or even pay for their service directly from the quote

Save time, boost revenue, and have more time to focus on clients

Simplify the whole process of sending quotes

Help clients make well-informed decisions about your services. 

Include all the vital details about a treatment such as the total cost, terms and conditions, expiration date of the quote, and any personal notes so that clients have all the information they need at their fingertips.

See the full price breakdown, at a glance

Transparency is key to building trust. Each quote includes a complete breakdown of the pricing, in addition to the total amount. Clients can easily see how much is going to clinic fees, products, equipment, and staff costs. The result? No more confusion or ambiguity.

Clients can sign, print, or pay - in seconds

It’s simple for clients to sign on the dotted line and progress to the next stage. They can add their signature, print or download the quote, or even pay for the treatment there and then, all in one place. No more faffing with different tools or systems.

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Create custom quotes for both leads and clients

Quotes can be created for both prospective clients and current clients. Follow up after consultations with new clients and for personalized treatment plans for your regular clientele. 

In other words, use them to nurture your pipeline and enhance client retention, and stay ahead of the competition.

Share quotes with clients safely and securely

Make it easy for your clients to view their quotes directly from the system. Send it to them via email or share a custom URL with them – this URL is encrypted so that you can share it safely and securely. All shared quotes will be stored in the client card.

Avoid undercharging

If you don’t map out all your overheads for a cosmetic treatment ahead of time there’s a risk that you end up undercharging. Using a quotes template within the system can ensure you avoid overlooking any potential costs and eating into your profit margin.

Use customization options to reflect your brand

Create a professional and polished first impression using Pabau’s simple customization options. Add your logo and brand colours to our built-in template to create beautifully branded quotes that seamlessly align with the aesthetic of your other client communications.

See the quotes feature in action

How it works

Create custom quotes, your way

Create a professional and polished first impression using Pabau’s simple customization options. Add your logo and brand colours to our built-in template to create beautifully branded quotes that seamlessly align with the aesthetic of your other client communications.

You have a consultation with a client regarding a high-value treatment.

Create a custom quote for them with a complete price breakdown and send it to them.

The client reviews and signs the quote from the system. If you wish, they can also pay there and then.

An appointment is generated in the system!

More features

Deposits and no-show

Customizable consent

Automated pre-care
and aftercare emails


More features

Deposits and no-show

Automated pre-care
and aftercare emails

Customisable consent


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Offering quotes is crucial for transparency and establishing trust with clients. It outlines the anticipated costs of procedures, helping clients make informed decisions. Transparent quoting also sets realistic expectations and reduces misunderstandings about pricing.

Accuracy is paramount. Regularly review and update your pricing structures, taking into account any changes in overhead costs or industry standards. Utilizing a standardized quoting system and cross-checking with colleagues can help maintain accuracy.

This is entirely up to you. In Pabau, quotes are set to a three-month time limit by default, but you can tailor this in the system to suit your specific business needs.

No. This is required in some regions due to regulations – France for example – but it’s not something you have to do elsewhere if it’s not right for your business.

You can view quotes directly from the client card.

Yes, there are various software tools designed specifically for clinics that can streamline the quoting process. In fact, you’re looking right at one – Pabau! Pabau is an all-in-one practice management software that is designed for beauty and healthcare businesses.

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