Injection plotting for Clinics

Injection plotting

Easily document injection points with our robust face mapping tool.


Record where, what, and when you injected a client with our powerful injection plotting tool.

Use Pabau’s face mapping feature to help you:

Capture all the key details you need, such as the type of injectable, the units, and the area it was used

Do everything from one secure system. No more copy and pasting from other programs or tools.

Work on the go. Retrieve patient diagrams quickly and easily from wherever you are

Project your patients and your business with date stamping and batch number storage

Save time, boost revenue, and have more time to focus on clients

Create detailed injection plotting diagrams

Record where you injected the client, what you injected them with, and add the batch the number, and the date. Plus, the resolution of images is retained so that you can track subtle changes as well as big ones.

Makes repeat treatments simple

Helps you store everything in one place for easy retrieval, whenever you need it. Need a visual prompt of where you injected a client at their last appointment? Treating a client who saw a different practitioner last time? 

With this tool, you can bring up accurate records in seconds.

No more scanning and uploading

Forget scanning in paper notes or having to upload digital files into your client records. You can do everything you need to all in one place, without having to use your phone or other separate tools or tech. 

It’s streamlined and simple.

Safeguard clients, and your business

Protect your business against insurance claims and compliance risks. Store batch numbers and expiration dates, so if a client experiences an unexpected side effect or defective batches need to be recalled, you have all the information safely documented.

Privacy settings in place

Of course, you don’t want just anyone to have access to injection plotting records. With Pabau, your injection plotting photos are securely stored on the client card. With restricted access controls in place, you can ensure that only accredited staff get access.

No free-typing needed

Less free typing = fewer errors. All the tools you need for face mapping are fully built into the system. Select the product, the treatment, the area you’ve injected, and choose the units. Not only is it quicker to do in between appointments, there’s also less risk of mistakes.

See the injection plotting tool feature in action

How it works

How you’d set up and us the injection plotting tool in Pabau…

1. Add your stock

Add your injectables products to your stock management feature in Pabau.

2. Create your form

Create a template form for the service, ensuring injection plotting is toggled on.

3. Open the client record

Select the template form in the client record feature.

4. Plot your injections

Mark up the diagram with the information you need, then save.

More features

Deposits and no-show

Customizable consent

Automated pre-care
and aftercare emails


More features

Deposits and no-show

Automated pre-care
and aftercare emails

Customisable consent


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Pabau provides a comprehensive platform that allows practitioners to digitally plan and mark injection points, streamlining the process and improving efficiency. It streamlines and enhances your processes in a number of ways:

1) It automatically updates your stock

Connect it to your inventory and automatically deduct what you use for simple inventory management. If you add 0.7 units, this will come off your stock levels.

2) It retains resolution

Crystal clear resolution is essential for med spas for tracking subtle changes. Unlike other softwares, our tool doesn’t reduce the quality of your images. 

3) It streamlines the process

You don’t have to use a separate tool or integration or transfer images from one place to another. With Pabau, everything is created in one secure location.

Yes, Pabau’s cloud-based system allows injecting plotting data to be synced across various devices. This means that data is more easily retrievable than if you were using pen and paper or spreadsheets. In other words, you can access your diagrams wherever you’re working that day – whether that’s another practice, on the go, or from home.

Yes. Pabau provides training resources and customer support to help practitioners effectively utilize the injecting plotting feature and maximize its benefits. Your first port of call should be the Pabau Academy and our detailed knowledgebase, which are both packed with helpful resources and how-to guides.

Pabau follows strict security protocols to safeguard patient information, ensuring that injecting plotting data is kept confidential and complies with relevant privacy regulations. Injection plotting diagrams are created and stored on the client record, and you can use role-based permissions tools to decide who has access.

Pabau is a practice management software designed for GPs and MDs, medi aesthetic and med spa practitioners, and other healthcare professionals. Our software is built to handle the end-to-end patient journey, with online booking, forms, EMR, reporting, and more.

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