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Case Studies

Take a look how clinics like yours use Pabau to save time, improve patient experience, and secure more clients.

Secret Enhancements case study with Pabau

Secret Enhancements

Secret Enhancements have transformed their online booking process. Owner Camille can now spend more time doing what she loves - treating patients.

Bank MediSpa

Bank MediSpa switched to digital client records so that they can securely access the information they need anytime, anywhere.

Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic case study with Pabau

Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic

The owner of Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic in Kent is using Pabau to win back half an hour each day - meaning that he can leave on time.

Juvea Medical

Juvea Medical used Pabau to transform their clinic's operations so they have much clearer visibility over their business.

Allo Aesthetics

Investing in Pabau early on in his aesthetics career helped this former NHS doctor create a seamless patient experience at his clinic.

Ageless Enhancements case study with Pabau

Ageless Enhancements

Ageless Enhancements med spa use Pabau to save 10 minutes per patient and operate seamlessly over two locations.

Dr. Leah Cosmetic Clinics

Dr Leah uses Pabau's Online Booking system to ensure her time-short, corporate professional clients can book easily and quickly.

ESHO The Clinic

ESHO uses Pabau to securely store their patient database, and allow easy access for their staff across multiple clinic sites.

London Face and Skin Clinic

See how Pabau helped London Face and Skin Clinic streamline their end-to-end patient management from the booking all the way to payments.

River Aesthetics

River Aesthetics uses Pabau's lead management system to stay on top of booking inquiries and ensure a great experience for new clients.

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