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Why Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic made the switch to Pabau 2

Amish Patel is the owner, director, and lead clinician at Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic. He upgraded to Pabau 2 last year and, if you’re worried about switching, he can put your mind at ease!




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Key feature:

Pabau 2

The backstory

Amish has been a Pabau user for years and is always looking for new ways to enhance the efficiency of his business – and that’s why he jumped at the chance to switch to Pabau 2 last year when we first launched the system. He was one of the OGs!  

Why he upgraded to Pabau 2

The main reason Amish decided to switch ahead of the curve was the refreshed features and slick, modern appearance of Pabau 2.

Pabau 2 was this new and refreshed look. So I thought, This is great, let’s give it a go.

On top of that, Pabau 2’s roadmap introduced numerous new features, which Amish found could be really helpful for his business – such as selling packages online and being able to manage memberships within the system.

A huge part of Amish’s decision to switch was making sure that all the features he was using in Pabau 1 were going to be there in Pabau 2, alongside new features. Seeing the roadmap and all the features already there from day one ticked all the boxes and helped him make the decision and upgrade to Pabau 2.

The great thing was I had so much more to look forward to with the new features coming. Pabau’s roadmap showed numerous new features, which I thought could be really helpful for our business, such as packages and being able to manage memberships.

The switch to Pabau 2 was not only a great upgrade for Amish and Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic, but he also saw it as a great opportunity to help share his feedback on the new version of Pabau and help shape it to meet the needs of not just his business, but for aesthetic clinics across the country and even across the world.

How switching to Pabau 2 helps med spas and aesthetic clinics same time and work more efficiently

Easier-to-use system (less of a learning curve!)

New features that help you work faster and more efficiently

Renewed, fresh, and modern 21st century system

Seamless switch process and support from the Pabau team

The process

Naturally, the thought of switching over to a new system can be a little daunting. But what put Amish at ease was that the switch was within the same company and he had our customer care team to rely on. But in fact, he didn’t even need our help!

Actually, the switch was really easy. A lot of the way the systems work is exactly the same, but just in a more user-friendly manner. It was seamless and better than I could have expected.”

During the process, Pabau’s support team was there to help and guide Amish with whatever he and his team needed. He actually managed to do the entire switch by himself…

Their support team were there and offering support for whenever I needed, but actually I managed to do the whole thing myself without needing any help at all. 


“It literally a testament to how user-friendly Pabau 2 is.

Any doubts were quickly dispelled

Before switching, Amish had initial fears that the system was brand new and whether it was going to be as seamless as the first one. However any hesitations were quickly dispelled once he realized that the Pabau 2 not only met but exceeded his expectations.

He was also reassured by the Pabau support team being ready to resolve any potential issues quickly.

Knowing that if there were going to be any issues they were going to resolve it quite quickly or instantly, I was rest assured that it was going to be a great switch.

How different is Pabau 2 compared to Pabau 1?

One thing that Amish loves about Pabau 2 is the look and feel. It’s what you would expect from a 21st-century software solution – slick, easy to navigate, and with much less clicking around needed than in Pabau 1.

It’s got this brand new interface, which is a lot more refreshing, a lot more modern, a lot of what you expect from modern-day systems.

He can create forms in minutes

Beyond that, Pabau 2 simplifies some of the more complicated settings and functionalities from Pabau 1 and makes setting up things a lot simpler, quicker and easier. 

For example, now Amish can create treatment forms a lot more quickly and easily using new form builders with drag-and-drop boxes. What once took ages, now takes a matter of minutes. 

I remember it took me hours to work the system [in Pabau 1]. Whereas now when I moved across to Pabau 2, it only takes minutes. 

I’m not getting stressed about that I need to take out an hour of my time to do it. It’s all really nice, quick and easy.

Fewer clicks = more time

The biggest problem that Pabau 2 solves for Amish and his team is time-saving. The system has been updated and made more seamless, so everything takes fewer clicks.

Everything just takes that one less click, which saves time, saves energy, and it just makes things that whole lot easier and happier to do.

It’s a really, really great intuitive system to have in the clinic.

All within one system

Using Pabau 2 has also helped Amish do everything more efficiently, in the same system. He can do his day-to-day clinic tasks from start to finish, while also keeping things paperless so he doesn’t have to search through paper records all day long.

I can book a patient, treat the patient, keep clinical notes, review old clinical notes before the patient comes in, and then even take payment all within the room, all within one system, all in a seamless manner. So it is really time-saving and really efficient working.

Pabau 2 features that are making a difference

Among the many exciting features in Pabau 2, Amish highlights two features that are really standing out in his clinic’s work.

The new Pabau Pay card terminal helps Amish take payments easily and seamlessly in the clinic room. Meanwhile the membership feature (which will shortly be released to all Pabau customers) allows him to manage memberships for his clients. When clients make payments, they go straight to the client record and are updated on their profile. 

With Pabau 2, Amish can take payments and manage client memberships without having to use multiple systems.

Having Pabau 2 implemented into the clinic is certainly a relief. It just reduces a whole lot of stress in the clinic.

Switch and go

Having gone through the entire process of upgrading to Pabau 2, Amish suggests that that’s really nothing to consider or worry about. The process is straightforward and seamless. 

As a result, any practice’s day-to-day processes would feel exactly the same, they’ll be done in a much more efficient manner, paired with a renewed and refreshed appearance.

How it looks in Pabau 1

How it looks in Pabau 2

Key takeaways

Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic

Pabau 2 ticks all of the boxes

After switching to Pabau 2, Amish never looked back. Now he can focus on growing his business, which is his number one priority, in a smoother, more efficient, and modern manner.

Part of successful business growth is having great systems in place. Having Pabau takes care of the majority of the work Amish needs to do from a digital perspective.

“I would highly recommend switching to Pabau 2. It is really intuitive. It’s definitely much easier to use than Pabau 1 and it’s just a really nice system. 

“It does everything you need and it’s got so many great features coming out that I can’t wait for them to finish developing.”