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How the London Face and Skin Clinic streamlined patient management

The Client: Dr Richard Etok

Well established, well respected, and now passing on his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of medi-aesthetic students, Dr. Richard Etok is no stranger to the industry.

He’s been practising aesthetic medicine since 2003, when he made the decision to branch out from his private dentistry work.

Owner of The London Face and Skin Clinic, Richard also works two days a week at Beyond Medispa and runs a training academy to teach students how to become medi-aesthetic practitioners.

The Client: Dr Richard Etok

Dr Richard Etok
Owner / Practitioner, The London Face and Skin Clinic

Pabau features used

Online Booking

No-Show Protection

Fully Paperless

Not stranger to booking systems, yet they all lacked something

Coming from a background in dentistry, Richard was no stranger to online booking systems. He’d seen dentistry going digital, and he knew there was a better, easier method to manage bookings and eliminate all that mounting paperwork.

But the software he was using just wasn’t cutting it. It was good, but it still required physical consent forms, filed correctly so they didn’t go missing. That meant more paperwork and admin. It lacked the ability to go truly digital.

Other software options had good booking functionality, but lacked the ability to take payments, or integrate marketing. They were all just a little bit too basic for Richard – and harder to use in the process.

The dental practice management systems he’d used previously? They were all extortionately expensive, lacking the cost effectiveness for single practitioners or small clinics.

I’ve been using booking software for over a decade, since the concept was quite new, but all the software I’d tried was always lacking something. I wanted something which had everything in one.

All the other systems I used, they were good, but they just didn’t quite hit the spot. I almost felt I was handicapped with them.

Finding the industry's best kept secret

When Richard first tried Pabau, he recognised its simple, effective efficiency right from the get go. Attractively designed, easy to access, and a straightforward set-up.

Everything he needed, everything to hand.

And it was easy to use by his whole team.

Most importantly, everything he needed was all right there. Consent forms. Medical history. Patient photos. Finance. All right there.

I did some research, found sites ranking software, and identified Pabau as that all-in-one software, a company used by lots of industry bigwigs. It’s one of the industry’s best kept secrets.

We can use Pabau as a practice, or just use it individually - it’s flexible between the two, which is really useful.

I can charge patients, take the payment, and boom, it goes straight in. Everything is in one place, which is beautiful, that’s what I like.

Streamlining and simplifying patient sign up

No hard work, no friction. That’s another key benefit Richard identified right away with Pabau.

He can manage the entire booking process from the software, and all he needs to do is send patients a direct link, with a strong call-to-action. He even adds the booking link to his Linktree.

That self-service is especially important, given the booking data that Richard has collected. The majority of patients book at night, when the clinic is closed. If he was relying on a booking process that saw prospective patients contacting the clinic, he’d be losing out.

Instead, the streamlined automatic process makes booking much simpler for everyone involved.

No need to lose patience. No need to lose patients.

Now when patients get in touch with me, I can just send them a WhatsApp with a link to how to register via Pabau, with five simple instructions, and they can all get set up right away.

Patients don’t need to go to multiple places when booking, and neither do I when managing appointments or marketing to them. It’s all in one place, I can be lazy, which is great.

Extra features and extra support? All included.

A streamlined booking service was just scratching the surface with Pabau.

Richard quickly found several more features and tools he now can’t live without.

Like the integrated newsletter functionality, which meant he could get rid of Mailchimp, the additional software he was using.

Like the automated text messages that remind patients of their treatment the day before, to minimise missed appointments.

Like the automated birthday cards that add an extra level of customer service.

And the reward system that automatically calculates how much of a reward each patient/each treatment should get, with patients deciding if they want to redeem or accumulate them.

All features which lead Richard to claim he’s “landed on his feet with Pabau.”

And all features which make Pabau irresistible for Richard to recommend to his students.

And then there’s the support that Richard’s received, from all the set-up tutorials to the one-to-one help and advice.

When he needs extra help, he just hits the chat button. He gets dedicated support within 24 hours, often pointing him in a direction he hadn’t thought of that’s even more beneficial for his requirements.

I really, really like the extra features included with Pabau, like the finance functionality, the marketing tools and the reward system.

We tell all our training delegates that there are other software systems out there, out of fairness, but we show them that we use Pabau ourselves, and strongly recommend they try it out.

That one to one service was really important, I felt really valued.

“One of the best things ever”

Richard is referring to Pabau’s easy accessibility and integration there.

Everything is synchronised and to hand – on his phone, his iPad, his other iPad, whenever he logs into his computer.

It’s exactly what he needs to manage his clinic, and his day, in the most effective, most efficient way.

High praise from a discerning software user and prominent industry figure. 

Overall, Pabau can cater to everything. I’ve not had any complaints at all, I’ve been super happy. The only downside is it doesnt do the treatment for me!

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