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How River Aesthetics used Pabau to manage their leads and capitalise on new bookings

The Client: River Aesthetics

Moving from paper notes and files to the online software provided by Pabau has made The River Aesthetic’s workflow, administration and note taking work seem so much easier and more practical than before.

 River Aesthetics is internationally renowned and individually focused clinic, known for their incredible skills in achieving exquisite, natural results for patients. Dr Victoria Manning & Dr Charlotte Woodward are Advanced Aesthetic Doctors, global trainers, international speakers and former General Practitioners specializing in Non-Surgical Rejuvenation and wellness


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Dr Charlotte Woodward & Dr Victoria Manning
Owners / Practitioners, River Aesthetics

When did you open River Aesthetics clinic? What is the story behind it?

“We opened the clinic in November 2012. Victoria and I were both GP’s and aesthetic doctors looking to open our own clinic. We chatted and decided to join forces and set up a clinic together. We expanded and opened our London clinic 2 years later, then a year later opened our flagship clinic in Dorset.

We now have a team of 3 aestheticians, 3 receptionists, and an operations manager, and hope to expand further later this year. We also launched River Aesthetics Academy to train collagen-stimulating treatments and are now industry leaders in threads.”

Dr Charlotte Woodward

What values do you believe in?

“We lead our company by holding to our core values: Excellence; Commitment; Integrity; Passion and Human.

This is a promise that we give to our clients – that we will treat them with the utmost respect and they will receive the best quality in the market. Integrity is everything and this is why we are completely transparent in everything we do. This is the main reason for our leadership position in cosmetic medicine and aesthetic clinics with multiple locations. “

What made you look for a software solution?

When we first started out, there were not many options for software in the marketplace. We were doing a lot of work manually, and this process took a lot of time and energy.

We were aware that we can use that amount of time to provide the best care to our customers, so we started to search for a sustainable system that will meet our needs. It is safe to say that Pabau has exceeded those expectations.

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Why did you choose Pabau as the software to operate your business?

Our first contact with Pabau was in the year 2014. They were the pioneers in the branch of clinic software and we decided to try them out. We started by using the automation that Pabau offered at that time. This feature did wonders for us.

As the years went by, Pabau invested a lot of time and energy in developing the software and upgrading it to the point that it is today. Witnessing Pabau’s progress over the years has made us realize that this software is the best solution for us and it serves our team perfectly.

How has Pabau benefited your business?

Every company’s growth is connected with the software that they are using. If you choose the right software that makes everything automated for you, you will have some spare time to focus on building the company and its growth. That is what Pabau did for us.

Ever since we implemented the lead integration, all of our leads are going into the software and they have a meeting created there automatically. This feature makes Pabau really pragmatic in comparison to other software solutions. We are also using many other innovative features like SMS campaigns, email campaigns, loyalty, and so on, which always keep us steps ahead from our competitors.

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