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Camille from Secret Enhancements has more time to spend on what she loves, thanks to Pabau

Camille Armstrong is the owner of Secret Enhancements, an aesthetic clinic in Milton Keynes. Secret Enhancements offers a range of skin treatments, dermal fillers, and anti-wrinkle injections.




United Kingdom

Key features:

Online bookings and deposits

The problem

Bookings were taking too much time

One of the main challenges that Camille had was with deposits. 

She didn’t have an easy way to take deposits for appointments. That meant she was constantly having to chase people and check her banking app to make sure that clients who were supposed to pay had actually paid. This had a knock-on effect and meant that Camille wasn’t able to spend as much time growing her business as she would have liked.

Taking deposits irons out who’s serious about an appointment and who isn’t. I was spending so much time chasing people for deposits and having to check my bank all the time.

She was losing bookings

Not having an online booking system was also causing Camille to lose bookings. 

When she first started her business she was still working in the hospital part-time before she went full-time in aesthetics. That meant she wasn’t able to answer messages every day. And by the time she did get back to them, it was often too late. 

I was losing bookings. By the time I managed to get back to people’s messages with my availability and the dates and times that were available, they’d booked somewhere else or they weren’t interested anymore.

The breaking point

The breaking point for Camille came when back-and-forth interactions with customers about pre-payments started to take up too much of her time, causing her frustration.

She was having clients change or cancel appointments and was then having to deal with all the admin it necessitated. It got to a point where she recognized that something needed to change – because managing all the bookings herself was simply too much hassle.

It was becoming quite frustrating and time-consuming – taking deposits and then having people want them back because they didn’t want to come anymore.

I wasn’t spending time on the right things. I needed more time to run my business, not be chasing people for deposits and making sure that people were booking in.

How Pabau helps small to medium aesthetic clinics

Enables clients to book appointments 24/7

Take deposits to reduce last minute cancellations and no-shows

Set clear cancellation policies at the time of booking

Create flexible appointment for each staff member

Why she chose Pabau

Camille initially found Pabau through a friend who was using it. She had a look at the system and immediately knew it was something that would really help her business. 

Not only does Pabau help manage and facilitate bookings, but it also helps business owners build a better understanding of their business through in-depth reporting features. Plus, onboarding was simple. 

There are so many features packed into Pabau that I haven’t yet found on another system.

The team at Pabau uploaded all of my consent forms and medical forms, and made the whole process easy for me to transition from using paper forms to their online system.

The results

10x easier to book an appointment

Camille got her personalized booking link and could start sending it out to clients straight away. Everything was instantly so much easier.

Camille also set up the online booking form on the Secret Enhancements website so that clients can log in 24/7 and book an appointment at any time of day, rather than being limited to office hours. 

Whether it’s 11 o’clock at night or whether it’s one o’clock in the morning, anyone can make an appointment with me anytime now that I have the online booking feature.

It totally transformed my life and my business immediately because I was far less stressed. The online booking system has made it 10 times easier for anyone to book with me.

More time, less no-shows

Since using Pabau, Camille has reduced the number no-shows while also saving time. Prior to Pabau, she would spend around 90 minutes every night booking people in. Now, it’s a much less manual experience where patients can book appointments independently.

It used to take me over an hour every single evening to get my patients booked in and take deposits. Now it takes no time at all because I literally just send my personalized link so that patients can book in from the comfort of their own home.


Using a system that enables her to set deposits for each booking has made the whole booking process a lot more straightforward. Additionally, it also means that the process of sending out forms is automated rather than something Camille has to do manually every. single. time.

Pabau also enabled me to display my terms and conditions and booking policy in the booking form. Patients have to read it and accept the terms before making a booking.

Didn’t have to take on new staff

At the time that Camille took on Pabau, she thought she needed to hire an assistant to help manage her bookings. However, Pabau meant that she didn’t have to do that. She could lean on Pabau instead!

It also meant that all the correct forms were filled out prior to the appointment – and afterwards. Consent forms, medical questionnaires, and pre-care and aftercare instructions were all sent out – all fully automated by Pabau. 

This also meant that she could be completely paper-free. 

I used to have piles and piles of forms at the end of the day. Using Pabau means no more paperwork flying around left, right, and centre.

Helps her clinic run more efficiently

A Botox treatment may take Camille less time than one of her staff members. In Pabau, a service can be customized for each practitioner.

This helps her staff members gain confidence because they don’t have to work to a timeframe set by Camille. They can set a longer timeframe and she can set a shorter timeframe, rather than locking everyone into a set time.

Plus, often the forms have already been filled out before a client arrives so they spend less time in the clinic and boosts efficiency even further.

My appointments are shorter because the forms have already been filled out before the patient arrives.

A system that grows with you

When Camille first started using Pabau she wasn’t using all the features. But as her business has grown, she’s now able to unlock even more value.

She needs to be able to take bookings that involve booking rooms and resources, such as the Hydrafacial machine. Camille had previously used another booking system and ended up with lots of double bookings because she couldn’t allocate it to one room. In Pabau, it all works seamlessly. 

You can set up rooms on Pabau, and allocate machinery to each room and staff members to each room, so there’s no confusion when booking. 

As my business has grown, I’ve been able to use Pabau to its maximum.

More time to spend on what she loves

Now that she has Pabau up and running in her business, Camille feels a lot less stressed. She doesn’t have to spend her time on all of the admin tasks that were taking up so much of her time before. It’s given her the time back to actually run and manage her business.

Now, I don’t have to spend time doing the jobs that I don’t want to do. I can spend more time treating my patients, which is what I love doing – rather than trying to book people in, sending out forms, and doing all the filing.

It’s given me more time and more freedom.

Key takeaway

Run your business to its full potential, with Pabau

Camille has already recommended Pabau to many friends and, according to her, they absolutely love it as well.

“If you’re looking for a system that will help you run your business to its full potential, Pabau is for you.”

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