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How Dr. Leah uses Pabau's paperless system to improve patient satisfaction

The Client: Dr Leah Cosmetic Clinics

Founded and co-owned by The Apprentice winner Dr Leah Totton and Lord Alan Sugar, Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinics strive to be the UK’s most innovative and trusted cosmetic clinics.

With many locations across the country, cutting edge technology, and an army of dedicated staff, Dr Leah has firmly cemented herself as the industry’s leading expert in the beauty industry.

The Client:

Dr Leah Cosmetic Clinics

Dr Leah Totton
Founder / Co-Owner, Dr. Leah
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What are the foundations and beliefs that you lead by?

At Dr Leah aesthetics we believe in innovation, we believe in leading the aesthetics sector and in order to do that we utilize technology to its maximum to facilitate a slick patient journey and enhance interaction with our client database.

Our mission is to set the gold standard in the non-surgical sector by providing the very best treatment results. We only work alongside premium brands to provide an outstanding client experience.

What trends in your industry drove the need to use Pabau?

For our clinic it was fundamental to find a software that facilitates online bookings. My clients typically are corporate professionals who are time short and utilize a smartphone as part of their everyday life.

For us, being able to offer bookings at your fingertips was absolutely key and Pabau enables us to do that perfectly.

What made you decide Pabau is the right fit for your business?

I chose Pabau because I appreciate the importance of Customer Relationship Management in the 21st century. I believe it is fundamental that me and my staff are able to interact with our clients with innovative tools and Pabau offered me a platform which made that possible with it’s fantastic CRM capabilities.

How has our solution helped since implementation?

Pabau paperless journey has benefited us in many different ways: First of all it brings us in touch with the modern technologies. Using the iPad is a great way to interact with the client but also ensure that the data is stored safely.

We can easily access the patient database as well, which is important as with the expansion of our businesses clients may decide to go to various different locations and not always visit the same one, and to make that easily accessible for clients it is a huge benefit for us.

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