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    8 best med spa software solutions to enhance client experience

    Medical professional in a white coat typing on a laptop

    Having med spa management software is like having multiple assistants on hand. Only, software is much cheaper than new hires and available 24/7. 

    It also automates a ton of manual tasks and frees you up from time-consuming processes such as collecting intake forms, manual invoicing, and scheduling – all of which can easily eat up your time and create more chaos than order.

    Equipping your business with the right software will be your bread and butter. You’ll gain more patient time, edge out competitors, and foster team and client satisfaction. 

    Don’t settle for something mediocre. We dissect the 8 best med spa and salon software below.  Read the good, the bad, and the absolutely essential.

    What to look for in med spa software

    The medi aesthetic industry is rising, with a predicted worth of 63.79 billion USD by 2032. It’s a growing market, so clinics need to step up, and stand out from the crowd.

    Creating a superb client experience is a great starting point, and med spa and salon software can help make your life easier. No more hectic calls, repetitive calendar entries, or missed appointments. You can save time whilst still engaging patients and scaling your revenue. 

    Here’s what to look for in med spa and salon software solutions.

    1. Appointment scheduling

    Having an integrated calendar system makes managing appointments a piece of cake. Schedule, update, and manage bookings directly from the calendar and easily see what your day looks like.

    Send automated appointment reminders, intake forms, precare and aftercare instructions, and more. Offer customizable appointment bookings to boost the patient journey, and fuel your revenue. 

    2. Online booking

    Enabling clients to easily book appointments online is vital for success. 59% of patients get frustrated with limited office hours and long wait booking times. With online bookings, however, patients can book anytime, anywhere, during and outside business hours. More booking control and flexibility means more patient satisfaction and value. 

    Automated online bookings help prevent missed appointments, confirmation delays, or miscommunication. A real-time view of available bookings also helps free up more time for new appointments.

    3. Payments system

    Allowing clients to pay quickly and easily is a must for any medical spa software. Make payments quick, easy, secure, and seamless with an integrated payment system. Various payment methods allow clients to pay as preferred — (pre-saved) credit card or cash, Klarna or Apple Pay, in person or online. 

    A user-friendly POS system reduces patient checkout time. It also gives third parties, like Management Service Organizations (MSOs), direct insights into billing data.

    Automated, customizable deposits are also essential. Set them for specific patients or services to reduce no-shows and secure revenue.

    4. Staff management

    A system that enables you to organize your team’s schedule is crucial. You can plan daily, weekly, and monthly staff rotas, while also adding in annual leave and training.
    Med spa and salon software should be flexible with staff permissions. Grant team access to their clients only, and even assign them to specific treatment rooms. 

    An integrated calendar offers clarity. Track employee performance and revenue, or instantly address organization issues, like overlaps. Real-time staff updates make for a well-coordinated team and efficient management.

    5. Reporting functionality

    Without a reporting tool, it’s impossible to know how your business is performing.
    A good reporting feature will enable medical spa operators to have a clear overview.

    Find out which services or clients make you the most revenue. Highlight daily and monthly accomplishments by running sales summaries and stock reports. Schedule or filter reports by number of visits, average or total revenue, or recall income. Leverage reports to drive decision-making. The math is all there — you just need to use it.

    6. Loyalty programs

    Creating a loyal client base is really important. One way to do that is through special loyalty programs such as discounts, offers, and birthday messages, where clients earn points for booking with you.

    Easily track patient visits and target your highest spenders and VIPs. Label them with digital tags and value them through personalized offers, rewards, and gift cards. You can also offer product or holiday discounts, or free patient consultations. Build a lasting relationship with clients and let their positive reviews do the talking.

    Benefits of a med spa software

    1. Automates patient scheduling

    • Say goodbye to manual tasks: Automate appointment scheduling, online bookings, and reminders. Free up staff time, and maximize patient time. 
    • Inventory management made easy: Track product usage and expiry dates to automatically minimize stockouts and overstocking.
    • Effortless billing and invoicing: Generate accurate invoices, process payments securely, and manage client balances efficiently.
    • Paperless paradise: Embrace digital records for client information, treatment plans, labs, and forms.

    2. Business growth and insights

    • Data-driven decisions: Generate reports on treatment trends and staff performance, for strategic planning.
    • Marketing muscle: In-built marketing features help launch targeted campaigns, attract new clients, and retain existing ones.
    • Future scalability: Adapt your software for growth. Easily handle multiple locations, staff members, and users.
    • Competitive edge: Streamline business operations, offer a superior client experience, and leverage data-driven insights.

    3. Compliance and security

    • HIPAA compliance: Secure patient information with built-in encryption and access controls.
    • Streamlined audits: Easily manage patient records for regulatory compliance checks.
    • Reduced risk of errors: Automate tasks and eliminate manual data entry, minimizing the risk of human error.

    The 8 best medical spa software available

    Choosing the best medical spa software can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the business, or unhappy with your current software.

    What are you after? Automated billing and patient reminders? E-signing and POS? Learn what your business needs — then choose one of the top eight software solutions that meet those needs the best.

    1. Pabau

    Pabau is an all-in-one clinic management software specifically designed for med spas and healthcare businesses. You can go fully paper-free with our medical software. Pre and aftercare instructions are seamlessly integrated into the booking process, triggered upon appointment confirmation. 

    Securely manage patient records, prescribe, track labs, allergies, and injection plotting — all from one system. Market your success effortlessly and track your success with detailed reporting and audits. Because it’s designed for med spas, it’s HIPAA-compliant and has key features that this client base will value.

    • Key features: Scheduling, online bookings, automated pre-care, aftercare and recalls, POS, digital client records, memberships, deposits, loyalty programs, etc.
    • Integrations: Stripe, Xero, Mailchimp, Zapier, Heathcode, etc. – see the full list.
    • Customer support: Live chat for onboarding and ongoing support.
    • Price: Monthly subscription. Request a demo to see pricing options.
    Meets the needs of medical spas. EMR, before-and-after photos, injection plotting, customizable forms, etc. There isn’t a free trial available. Clients can get more value if they’re supported through onboarding.
    All-in-one solution. Email and SMS communication, marketing, finances, etc. — do it all under one roof. As a premium product, it’s not the cheapest option. But it’s an all-in-one software, so you won’t need to budget for other software.
    Create an end-to-end patient journey. Create a secure and seamless patient journey, gather waivers, photos, medical questionnaires, and consent forms. You have to pay extra to send SMS reminders. Emails, however, are free.
    Time-saving automation. Automate pre-care and post-care emails. Instantly send email and SMS reminders after bookings.
    Go fully paperless. It’s not a paper-light experience like some other solutions.
    Monthly subscription service, rather than an annual contract. Cancel at any time.

    2. Phorest

    Phorest is an all-in-one solution for hair, beauty, or personal services businesses. Phorest supports you with seamless online salon booking, hassle-free reporting, and the industry’s most innovative marketing features, like an ad manager tool for easier social media ads management. They also integrate with ANS (aesthetic nurse software)  for easier documentation of treatments, consultations, forms, and photos.

    • Key features: Scheduling, online bookings, branded booking app, automated SMS and email, loyalty program, online store and gift vouchers, video consultations.   
    • Integrations: Quickbooks, Xero, Instagram, Facebook, and Vish
    • Customer support: Log a support ticket or contact your business advisor
    • Price: Annual or monthly subscription. Request a demo to see pricing options.
    It’s simple to use, with an attractive visual design ideal for salon teams! Great for hair salons but not med spas. The terminology and features are not the best fit for med spas.
    Strong salon scheduling calendar. There’s also a waitlist feature so businesses can fill cancelled appointments easily. Online booking fees. Every time a client books an appointment online, Phorest will retain a percentage of the costs.
    A fully branded app for easier salon management. Log in from any device. Missing medspa features like the ability to sell treatment packages online, streamlined lead capture forms, and a dedicated client portal.
    Online store feature for easy product and service selling. Lacking key integrations for med spas, like third-party insurance providers and pharmacy integrations.
    Costly ANS integration. Integrating ANS is not free — costs start from £20 + VAT per month for up to 150 clients.
    Related:  The benefits of going paperless: How Pabau can save your clinic time and space

    3. Zenoti 

    Zenoti is all-in-one cloud software for salons, spas, medspas, and fitness centers. They help elevate guest experiences, streamline operations across multiple locations, and drive greater customer loyalty and revenue.

    • Key features: Online booking and appointments, billing and payments, business intelligence, marketing, and mobile solutions.
    • Integrations: Shopify, Worldpay, Xero, Quickbooks, Zapier, etc.
    • Customer support: 24/7 support, via email, live chat, or phone.
    • Price: Request a demo to see pricing options.
    All-in-one solution. Do it all under one roof - from email communication and marketing to handling finances. A premium product at a higher cost. It's not the cheapest option available.
    Online booking feature. Clients can book anytime, anywhere via their app. Lots of clicks required. It can take multiple clicks to do something in Zenoti, bad for fast-paced clinics.
    Tools that boost revenue, like automated recommendations for upsells, and product add-ons.
    Strong customer support. 24/7 support via phone, with a response time of less than two minutes.

    4. Fresha

    Fresha is the only subscription-free appointment booking software for beauty and wellness. Everyone gets unlimited bookings, locations, team members, and notifications. Boost sales and attract new clients by accepting online bookings directly through Google search, Facebook, Instagram, or your website.

    • Key features: Appointment scheduling, payment processing, POS, marketing, product inventory, online store, reporting, and inventory management.
    • Integrations: Limited. No Xero, Square, MailChimp, or Zapier integrations.
    • Customer support: Submit a form for online support.
    • Price: Free, with optional paid features and additional fees
    No monthly fees. A good option for healthcare and wellness with a tight budget. Additional fees. A 20% fee is charged for new customers who book an appointment.
    It can take deposits. Protect your business against no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Built primarily for hair salons. Can’t include before-after photos, essential for med spas.
    Has a client app. Clients can research local businesses and book quickly. You can’t go fully paperless. They cannot meet the demand for documentation medical spas need.
    Has an online store feature. You can offer products online and boost sales. Limited integrations. Unsuitable if you want to continue using certain platforms.
    Weak reporting feature. They only have 33 predefined standards reports, and 6 premium reports at extra cost.

    5. Cliniko

    Cliniko is a complete practice management software specifically tailored for healthcare businesses. Manage schedules, treatment notes, invoices, payments, and more. Great for solo practitioners, large teams, physiotherapists, podiatrists, talk therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists, and also easy to use and secure. Cliniko mainly integrates with other apps to enable full patient journey management, which adds extra cost for healthcare businesses.

    • Key features: Booking and scheduling, health records, finance management, reporting and tracking, and business management tools like staff communication.
    • Integrations:, Healthshare, Medipass, etc. Xero, Apiant, Hubspot, Salesforce, MailChimp
    • Customer support: Live chat and email support
    • Price: Between £29 a month and £259 a month, based on the number of practitioners
    All-around practice management software. Many support features for healthcare — from online bookings to finances. Limited reporting feature. You can’t create custom reports, only basic ones.
    A streamlined user experience. Its intuitive design helps run your business smoothly. Chargeable SMS. SMS messages cost an additional 5p each. Emails are free.
    Cliniko is GDPR, HIPAA, and PIPEDA (Canada’s privacy requirements) compliant. No automatic reminders for clients who haven't visited in a while.
    Monthly subscription service, rather than an annual contract. You can cancel at any time. Poor data transfer from different software. Unable to directly import treatment notes, appointments, or invoices.
    Makes it easy to save patient data. Securely store letters, images, and files; add diagrams or charts to patient notes. Not fully all-in-one. For full patient journey tracking, Cliniko uses integrations, which equals extra cost for the same software.

    6. Treatwell

    Treatwell Pro is an all-in-one salon software system, built for hair and beauty salons. Manage appointments using the digital diary, handle business admin with slick reporting, and communicate with clients using automated marketing tools. Available on any device, with 24/7 bookings, Treatwell Pro can give you an intelligent cash register system and warehouse stock management for your salon.

    • Key features: Appointment management, treatment rooms management, online booking, reports and analytics, stock management, checkout system 
    • Integrations: Treatwell Connect, Salonized, UALA, Treatwell Pro
    • Customer support: Email, phone, or chat; 1-1 onboarding training included in their higher tiers.
    • Price: Starting price of £199 a year
    Makes online booking simple. Appointment booking via social media, website, and Google. A dedicated salon page is also available. Additional fees. A 35% commission is charged for new marketplace bookings. Plus, a 2% processing fee is charged for repeat or widget bookings when clients pre-pay online.
    Solid technical notes and client history feature. You can add color formulas and favorite products. Limited and non-customizable client forms. Consultation, pre-care, and post-care forms aren’t specified.
    Unlimited SMS and email appointment confirmations and reminders. Only an annual subscription is available. Plans start from £199 to £899 annually.
    Employee reporting functionality. See who on your team is selling the most products and services.

    7. AppointmentPlus (by DaySmart)

    AppointmentPlus is an online appointment scheduling software acquired by DaySmart — a company delivering cloud-based scheduling business management software for all business types, including healthcare.

    AppointmentPlus meets the scheduling needs of enterprises and small and mid-sized businesses, like gyms, barber shops, and spas. Automatically handle payments, online scheduling, staff calendar, marketing, and reports, on all devices.

    • Key features – Appointment scheduling, reporting, email/text reminders, social media, marketing, billing and invoicing.
    • Integrations – Birdeye, LeadsBridge, MailChimp iContact, Hatch, Google Calendar, Facebook
    • Customer support – phone support, ticketing system, free onboarding and consultation
    • Price – 5 plans starting from $49/month to $199/month, plus a customized plan 
    Robust online scheduling. Self-book and pay online securely. View appointment history, add notes, find open time slots, and create waiting lists. Higher pricing and no-refund policy. The basic plan offers limited scheduling functionalities, without staff filters. The no-refund policy is in place.
    Robust reporting. Track client metrics and analyze service/product trends. Organize data with customizable report templates. Complex calendar management. Adding patient notes is manual, without logs. Appointments can’t be moved in the calendar and must be recreated.
    Less no-shows, more engagement. Automated appointment notifications and reminders via email and text. Syncs with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, for reduced no-shows. Limited appointment management. You can’t send customized patient notifications.
    Multi-location and multi-staff support. Patients can view and book in multiple locations. You can reallocate resources in various locations. No loyalty program. Appointment scheduling is the main focus, loyalty programs are excluded.

    8. AestheticsPro

    AestheticsPro is cloud-based software designed for medical spas, laser hair removal centers, etc. Operate your medspa with seamless online scheduling and automated payment processing. Create e-prescriptions, sales, and marketing strategies faster. Manage reviews and boost loyalty from one secure software.

    • Key features – POS, e-prescriptions, online booking and client management, automated reporting, billing, and marketing. 
    • Integrations– Birdeye, EasyScripts
    • Customer support – Email, 24/7 ticketing system, and phone support
    • Price – plans start from $125/month to $245/month
    User-friendly. An easy setup and navigation. A simple e-record creator and hundreds of ready-made forms. Limited third-party integrations. Only integrates with two platforms. Adding patient records and gift cards is also an issue, if not already integrated.
    Solid Point of Sale system. A POS system, directly integrated into software for sending email invoices. Poor calendar functionality. The calendar layout is not user-friendly, missing visual separation of appointments.
    Budget-friendly. The entry-level plan includes everything the highest plan does, but it’s limited to two users. Poor patient information handling. Patient information doesn’t always transfer from intake forms to other forms. You need to retype patient information for prescriptions.
    Limited online patient portal. Patients cannot attach photos to the client area for a seamless treatment journey.

    Find out why Pabau is the leading software provider for med spas

    Automating your most demanding processes means never leaving your patients behind. And Pabau is here to make sure of that, offering an all-in-one software solution specifically tailored for managing your med spa and salon.

    Automated recalls and reminders, POS features, billing and invoicing, reporting and analytics, marketing, loyalty programs…our suite of features helps your medspa scale, perform better, and boost revenue and retention — under one roof.

    Let go of the processes you can’t control yourself — book a demo with Pabau to learn how we help your practice thrive!

    What you should do now

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