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Attract and retain more clients, for less effort.

Stop worrying about where to find new clients, how to secure repeat business or when to find time to market your clinic. Let Pabau pick up the slack, automating your marketing to keep your calendar full of bookings (instead of admin).

Automatic Client Recalls

Email & SMS Campaigns

Loyalty Program

Gift Vouchers

Referral Program

Smart Surveys & Reviews

Lead Management System

Newsletter Manager

Automatic Client Recalls

If your clients will benefit from regular treatments, they (and you) will benefit from regular reminders. Automated reminders that improve your rebooking rate without a second thought.


Customise all your treatment recalls

You choose which individual treatments, treatment categories or anything in between to set up with automatic recalls. Pick as many as you’d like, for as often as you like.

Set and forget with automated reminders

Set your treatment recall frequency… and then you’re done. When a client’s appointment is marked as complete, they’ll be automatically reminded when to book for another visit.

Nudge your clients to buy again

Pabau even lets you link recalls to product purchases, so you can make sure your clients never run out of their favourite serums.

Improve your revenue and retention

With just a few simple clicks, Pabau helps you automatically drive repeat bookings and repeat sales, so you can focus on the treatments your clients keep coming back for.

Keep your clients engaged and eager to book

Email & SMS Campaigns

Why bother with different marketing tools, when one piece of software does it all? Use Pabau to reach your customers across multiple channels with pre-built or custom-made campaigns – whichever you prefer.


Easily target your messages and promotions

Get specific with your marketing and target different groups of clients based on enquiries, bookings, consultations or repeat business. Tailor campaigns and promotions to client preferences or market your entire list.

Personalise texts and emails to every client

Choose from pre-made templates with a variety of merge tag options and customise texts and emails to match your clinic’s tone of voice and personal style. It’s super easy to personalise messages to your clients, adding relevant information and promotions.

Encourage more bookings and track your success

Add a call to action button to every text and email, encouraging your clients to book their next treatment. Then use Pabau’s smart reporting to track your success… and improve your marketing again and again.

Stay front of mind with your customers

Whether you want to send regular newsletters or one-off campaigns, use Pabau to streamline your marketing, save admin time, connect with more prospects and build a loyal following with your customer base.

The simpler, smarter way to market you clinic

Loyalty Program

Building loyalty with your clients shouldn’t be difficult. It shouldn’t be complicated. With Pabau, it isn’t. It’s quick, simple and highly effective to encourage repeat bookings and reward your clients.

Boost your sales with a simple set up

Pabau’s integrated loyalty program is super simple to set up and manage. You choose what incentives to give your clients, and they automatically earn points every time they book a treatment. The more they book, the more they earn!

Give your clients extra value

When your clients have earned enough points, Pabau’s automatically converts them into money off or full payment for a range of treatments, so your clients can instantly take advantage of your loyalty program.

Automatically build loyalty and keep your clients coming back

Gift Vouchers

If your clients want to gift your services and market your clinic for you, you’ll want to make it as quick and simple as possible. Or you’ll just want to get Pabau, which automatically creates digital gift vouchers any way you want.

Create and customise gift voucher templates

Quick and simple gift voucher set up means you can customise designs and templates and give your clients the flexibility to choose individual treatments or set amounts to share with friends and family.

Increase client referrals and boost your income

The easier it is for your clients to share your services, the more you’ll boost your income. Give your clients the perfect gift options and they won’t just promote your clinic for you, they’ll stick with you.

Don’t send your clients elsewhere for presents

Referral Program

There’s no better way to guarantee benefits for both your clients AND your clinic. Pabau’s simple-to-set-up referral program gives you a quick and easy way to reward your clients for recommending you… making them a seamless extension of your marketing.


Incentivise current clients and attract new ones

Encourage your existing clients to spread the good word about your clinic, reward their recommendations and engage potential new clients with exciting offers. It’s all seamlessly automated with Pabau.

Customise and control all rewards

Pabau’s simple setup gives you full, separate control over both referrer and referee rewards. Customise templates, set conditions and include a “book now” button so it’s quick and easy to exchange rewards for treatments.

Reward your clients for marketing your clinic

Smart Surveys & Reviews

Want to know what your clients think about your clinic? Want to discover what treatments and services they’d like you to offer? Want to use their feedback and reviews to market your clinic? It’s all quick and simple with Pabau.


Build and edit feedback surveys any way you want

Pabau’s feedback request and client survey forms are limitless. Edit existing templates or create your own with as many, or a few, questions as you’d like, so you can find out exactly what you want.

Automate feedback requests based on your schedule

You decide when you want Pabau to send out your feedback surveys to clients. You might want to know about a consultation process, get immediate treatment feedback or delay feedback requests until results are clear.

Request reviews automatically after every treatment

When treatment plans are complete, Pabau automatically requests a review from your clients so you never need to remember. It reminds clients who’ve not completed a review after a set time too.

Publish your great reviews online

Great reviews are a great way to market your clinic. Pabau’s advanced marketing features mean you can publish your best reviews on your website – and to Google My Business – to showcase your social proof online.

Automate review requests and supercharge your clinic’s marketing

Lead Management

Attract, manage, nurture and convert all your clinic’s current and potential clients, all in one place, with Pabau’s simple, intuitive lead management tools. They take care of your marketing while you take care of treatments.


Capture more leads with less effort

Integrate Pabau’s lead form directly into your website and automatically add leads directly into your client management records. Or add a lead manually with just two clicks to set prospective clients on the path to booking.

Streamline the time to convert your leads to clients

Guide your leads through every stage of their journey to secure a booking, building a relationship via automated emails sent every time their status is changed. When they’re ready to book, create an appointment straight from their profile.

Monitor your lead’s progress through every step

Quick and simple filters give you instant views of exactly where your leads are in the sales process. Find a specific lead, update a status or use lead groups to automatically assign leads to specific owners.

Identify where your best leads come from

Pabau tracks and reports on exactly where each of your leads come from, so you can see which parts of your marketing are working and which aren’t. Double your efforts where they’ll be most rewarded and watch your bookings soar.

Ready to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors?

Newsletter Manager

The key to any successful marketing strategy is to stay front of mind. Do that by sending regular, engaging newsletters straight from your clinic management software. Sharing clinic news, updating clients and promoting special offers is effortless with Pabau.

Create beautiful newsletters in minutes

With Pabau’s intuitive interface, designing your newsletters is simple. Just drag and drop to customise your emails anyway you’d like, adding your own unique content and personalising to your clinic’s brand.

Set your recipient list in seconds

Because Pabau’s marketing and newsletter functionality is integrated directly into your clinic management software, creating custom up-to-date lists of client email addresses is super simple. Just click and send.

Reach, engage and convert more clients

Everything you need to build powerful relationships with your clients (and prospects) is included with Pabau’s newsletter functionality. Share helpful information, personalise subject lines and add call-to-action buttons to encourage more bookings.

Track the success of every newsletter

Pabau even provides full analytics and insights for every newsletter sent so you can check its performance. Monitor open and click-through rates, see which emails bounced, and make any changes you like to drive even better results.

Market your clinic your way