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    How to rank your aesthetic clinic on Google – your SEO template

    When someone is searching for a medi-aesthetic treatment that you offer in your area, you want your clinic to be the first thing they see.

    That means getting your website to rank on Google (and other search engines).

    But search engine optimisation (SEO) is no easy task. There are no quick wins or easy ‘hacks’ that’ll help you jump straight to the top of Google.

    It takes patience. Focus. And an understanding of how search engines work.

    Or you could just use our SEO template.

    Creating the perfect treatment page

    We’ve taken every key area you need to focus on when you’re building new pages and created a cheat sheet for you.

    A template to follow that helps you get all the information on your page that Google – and your prospective clients – are looking for.

    It helps you identify where you need to put your keywords – primarily the treatment type and your location – and where you might like to add variations on those keywords.

    You’ll want to have a few instances of exact-match key phrases (word for word what you think most prospective clients will search for – e.g. Dermal Fillers in Bristol) and some partial match key phrases (e.g. The best clinic in Bristol for Dermal Fillers).

    Use this template as a starting point for each of your treatment pages, and you’ll soon see your clinic climbing the search results.

    For this template, we’ve imagined a new clinic in Bristol is promoting dermal fillers.

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