How to increase client spend in your aesthetics clinic with packages and bundles

    packages and bundles

    Every client who walks through your clinic’s doors is more than just an appointment; they are an opportunity to supercharge your revenue. 

    One statistically proven way to expand your income is by offering service packages.

    And here’s the deal: saving money creates happiness. 

    Research has shown that when clients enjoy unexpected savings, it’s like a happiness injection. Their oxytocin levels rise, and they end up connecting these positive emotions with your business. 

    So, when clients book services they adore, they tend to gravitate towards service packages that offer added benefits, rather than constantly booking individual sessions. 

    This isn’t just great for them; it’s also more profitable for your business. By investing in future services through packages, they become more committed, securing their place as loyal, returning clients.

    So don’t wait any longer; it’s time to start offering packages in your clinic. And the good thing is, we have the perfect recipe for doing it in a way that will boost client spending.

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    How do packages work in Pabau?

    packages in Pabau

    First up, what exactly do we mean by packages in Pabau? 

    Packages in Pabau enable you to bundle multiple sessions of a specific service together, offering flexibility and value to your clients. For instance, you can create a lip filler package comprising of three sessions of lip fillers. 

    What’s more, Pabau allows you to customize the price, duration, and number of sessions in the package, giving you control over how long clients can make use of the services within the package, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your business model and scheduling.

    Selling packages: the benefits

    From a client’s perspective, packages enable them to get more bang for their buck — they get a service they know they love, at a discounted rate.

    For your business, beyond the obvious boost in revenue, packages serve as a fantastic platform to shine a spotlight on new or lesser-known services.

    And packages don’t just pad your pockets; they also elevate the overall client experience and nurture customer loyalty.

    Packages have the power to: 

    • Turn one-time clients into returning ones 
    • Give you dependable income you can count on 
    • Provide flexible payment options — clients can pay with packages when booking online
    • Improve your cash flow — When someone books a package you receive the payment for the whole package, which is great for keeping money flowing into your business.
    • Shift the focus from cost to value — When you break down service costs individually, clients often fixate on the price. With service packages offering, on the other hand, clients shift their focus to the overall value, as you offer a single, comprehensive price. 

    Why packages are a power play for your business?

    Packages help to create added value.  

    And clients who prioritize value are often willing to pay significantly more for your services because they pay for the long-term outcome, and not just the service itself. 

    They only care for what they’ll get in the end when they use the entire package. 

    Think of it like purchasing a plane ticket — you don’t concern yourself with the amount of fuel it will consume, but rather, you focus on the destination the plane will take you.

    Your clients share the same perspective. 

    Their primary interest lies in achieving the desired transformation, not the specific treatments or products used. And with packages, you sell them the assurance that they will have a significant improvement when they gaze in the mirror.

    How to maximize package sales?

    Many clients, especially newcomers, may not be aware that your clinic offers enticing package deals. That’s where your proactive role comes into play. 

    It’s not just about showing them the packages; it’s about making them aware of the numerous benefits if they purchase a package instead of booking a single service.

    1. Showcase the cost savings to your clients

    Clients love a deal, and that’s where the concept of “consumer surplus” comes into play. 

    This is when the overall cost of a service is reduced when you buy more, which increases the sense of value.  For instance, consider a customer budgeting $50 for facial but coming across an offer like “purchase a package of four for $175.” The represents significant savings compared to buying it separately, because the cost of one facial is less. 

    Service packaging is designed to tap into this consumer surplus. When clients save money through packages, they feel like they’re getting a good deal.

    The key to success? Make these cost-saving benefits crystal clear to your buyers, whether it’s through “Buy 2, Get 1 Free,” “Get 30% Off,” or “Save $100.” When implemented effectively, this strategy is virtually guaranteed to boost client spending in your clinic.

    🔍 According to research, 66% of people say that they like “Buy One, Get One” the most out of all discount promotions. The report also showed that 93% have taken advantage of BOGOF promotions at least once. 🔍

    In Pabau, you can showcase the discount or the savings to clients by including it in the name of the package or you can display it on the package image. 

    And, when the clients purchase the package you can add the discount at checkout.

    2. Create urgency

    Informing clients that your package is a one-time offer or available in limited quantities, like seasonal packages, significantly influences their decision-making process. 

    People often feel disappointed when they miss out on buying something at a lower price. And instead of considering the potential savings from NOT buying, they tend to focus on the missed opportunity to make a purchase at a discounted rate.

    3. Show packages alongside individual services

    Strategically placing service packages alongside individual services can effectively emphasize the value of the packages and boost the average client spend. 

    You can position the service packages right next to their corresponding single services on your online booking portal. This approach provides buyers with the necessary context for easy comparison and decision-making. 

    4. Market your packages

    Make sure your clients are aware of your packages through targeted marketing campaigns. Showcasing your packages and their value on social media will encourage your clients to return to your clinic and seize the package deals before they expire.

    Incorporating targeted email campaigns into your marketing arsenal is equally effective — even more so. Craft personalized emails that present clients with packages featuring treatments they’ve previously enjoyed, incentivising them to make a purchase.

    And you can even tell your clients that there’s a spot-on package deal that they will enjoy. 

    3 package ideas to increase revenue and client satisfaction

    🎁 Add a complimentary treatment or product

    Clients absolutely adore receiving a little something extra with their purchase. It’s like a heartfelt token of appreciation for choosing your services. 

    So, if someone wants to purchase a package with four sessions of facial treatment, you could consider giving them the fifth session for free. 

    Or, if giving a treatment session for free it’s too costly for your clinic, you can just give them a complimentary serum or cream that can help with aftercare at checkout.

    💌 Offering a free gift voucher for other services

    Instead of offering a free treatment identical to the one they purchased a package for, consider gifting them a voucher redeemable for a different service of their choice. 

    This strategic approach can not only enhance your revenue but also encourage clients to explore other services. And if they have a positive experience, it may lead to more future treatments and increased loyalty.

    🖍️ Create personalized packages

    To unlock the full potential of packages, customization is key. You have the creative freedom to design them to your heart’s content. Whether it’s offering two, three or even 10 treatments, or adjusting the expiration date to align with your service offerings.

    Here’s a pro tip: Engage with your loyal clients and ask them about their preferences. Tailor your packages to perfectly match their needs. They’ll appreciate the personal touch, creating a win-win scenario for everyone!

    You could even consider offering personalized packages where you meet for a consultation and then curate a personalized package for that specific client.

    Offering Bundles is also a great way to increase client spend

    How do Bundles work in Pabau?

    ✨ Benefits of bundles

    Bundles in Pabau offer you the flexibility to combine multiple packages featuring different services, allowing you to provide your clients with a comprehensive treatment experience tailored to their specific needs. 

    For instance, you can create a bundle that includes three sessions of laser hair removal for legs, three sessions for arms, and three sessions for the face. Alternatively, you could create a ‘glow up’ package that includes a facial, anti-wrinkle treatment, and a brow or lash treatment. 

    And if you sweeten the deal with a discount, it’s sure to leave them absolutely delighted.

    With Bundles, both you and your clients can benefit in numerous ways:

    • You have the flexibility to customize bundles based on your clinic’s offerings and your clients’ preferences and needs. By bundling services clients usually purchase together, you can boost your revenue while enhancing their satisfaction.
    • Clients pre-purchase all the services in the bundle, ensuring you receive dependable income. In return, your clients receive the added value of bundled services. 
    • Bundles ease the decision-making process for clients, particularly newcomers who might struggle to choose complementary services. With bundles, clients can trust that these combinations are thoughtfully curated for seamless effectiveness.
    • Knowing they’ve made the right purchase increases clients’ confidence. Selling the outcome rather than the service itself boosts this confidence and it can foster better client loyalty and result in more returning clients.

    3 ideas on how to create bundles that drive revenue

    👩‍⚕️Pair two complementary service packages

    Combine two service packages that clients usually book together. Whether you offer an extra perk or a discounted price, these added incentives make clients more likely to choose the bundle over booking the services separately.

    💉Introduce new services with bundle deals

    One effective approach is to pair the new service with a service that your clients already love. This can be a powerful way to promote and boost interest in the new offerings.

    🎟️Crafting membership-like bundles

    For many clients, securing a membership simplifies the process compared to paying for services individually each time they go for a treatment.

    You can customize these bundles to match their monthly treatment needs, ensuring they’re all set for the month ahead.

    Other ideas to increase average client spend

    1. Upselling

    Upselling is encouraging customers to consider upgraded or higher-end versions of the service they’re interested in. This approach works wonders when you gently nudge or recommend clients to opt for service packages and bundles instead of single bookings. 

    2. Cross-selling

    Cross-selling is a classic strategy that you may recognize from the famous “Would you like fries with that?” It involves introducing clients to services and products that are related to their current purchases.

    3. Boost revenue with gift card

    Some major retailers have discovered that they can enhance client spending by providing $5 to $10 gift cards when clients meet a specific spending threshold or purchase particular products. 

    This not only encourages initial purchases to secure the gift card but also often results in clients spending more than the value of the card itself.

    4. Recall reminders

    Sending your clients timely reminders through email and SMS not only ensures they return to your clinic but also contributes to increasing your revenue.

    Packages and bundles are powerful tools for your aesthetics clinic

    Effectively marketing them, emphasizing cost savings, and creating a sense of urgency can sway clients towards choosing these options over single services, leading to increased spending and returning customers.

    Personalized packages and bundles further enhance their appeal by offering a comprehensive treatment experience, simplifying client decisions, and establishing a dependable income stream.

    To drive revenue even higher, consider creative package and bundle ideas, such as pairing complementary services or providing free vouchers. 

    Additionally, upselling and cross-selling can elevate spending by showcasing premium offerings and related services, while recall reminders can boost revenue and strengthen client loyalty. 

    By implementing these strategies, your clinic can not only increase profits but also forge lasting client relationships, ensuring a thriving and prosperous future for your clinic.

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