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A complete guide to your Pabau 2 upgrade

Please read this whole page carefully. It explains key tasks you must complete to have a successful switch, plus details on… 

Important: you cannot stay on Pabau 1 as we are discontinuing the system. It’s therefore essential that you are prepared for your scheduled switch.

Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic

Amish Patel

“When Pabau 2 was first announced, I was so excited for the upgrade, and so took the plunge at the first opportunity. What an upgrade it is. 

“Whilst some final developments continue to take place, I was able to seamlessly make the switch with any pending developments going unnoticed. Pabau 2 is so much more user friendly, from set-up to the new features, I signed up a second business of mine. I highly recommend the switch to all users.”

What to expect from your switch

Let’s cover the step-by-step journey of switching to Pabau 2. 

There are four main steps involved, which we outline below. However, the main thing that we want to highlight is that the switch requires your cooperation and participation. We need you to complete the required steps as quickly as you can so that we can make sure that the experience is as smooth as seamless as possible. 

Typically, we aim to get clients up and running with Pabau 2 in seven days. 

Our team will prepare
your account

When your switch is scheduled, our team will start to get your account ready behind the scenes.

essential tasks

We’ll send you a series of emails with information and must-do tasks. Please check your emails!

Book a call with our customer care team

We want to ensure a smooth transition, and this is what our expert team can help with!

We’ll upgrade
you to Pabau 2

Our team will press the button and transition your account to Pabau 2.

5 essential tasks for all switchers

There are five key steps you must complete before your switch. We can’t stress enough how crucial these tasks are to switching successfully.

1. Learn how Pabau 2 is different to Pabau 1

The first thing to note is that Pabau 2 behaves very differently from Pabau 1.

Some features have new names and some may have disappeared entirely! We’ve put together a detailed guide which walks you through the main differences. Also, check out the roadmap so you can see what features are currently ready to be used and which ones are in development.

Please note, there is no Advanced Marketing feature in Pabau 2. Your Advanced Marketing subscription will be cancelled. If you still want an upgraded marketing features, sign up for Marketing Plus.

Estimated time required: 15 minutes 

2. Watch the Get Started course on the Pabau 2 Academy

The Pabau Academy is crucial for understanding how Pabau 2 looks and feels.

Our academy is packed with helpful video tutorials that introduce the core features and walk you through how you can get started. We highly recommend that you complete two modules on the Get Started course (Initial Set-up and Additional Set-up) to give you a basic understanding of the system.

Estimated time required: Two hours

3. Book a one-to-one call with Customer Care team

This one hour set-up call is where our customer care team will review your set-up and make sure your account is configured correctly. We also make suggestions on how to make improvements, such as removing iframes, checking your settings, and lots more.

Please note, your main Pabau point of contact/the person who triggered the switch should book this call. Please check with your team first.

Estimated time required: One hour

4. Make sure your team is informed about the switch

Everyone who uses Pabau in your team needs to know that you’re going to be switching to Pabau 2. We strongly encourage that your whole team reviews the training resources and complete the Get Started course on the Pabau Academy, so that they know what to expect from the switch.

Your team will receive emails directing them to the resources. 

Estimated time required: 15 minutes 

5. Block out time in your diary for reviewing the training materials

We’ve highlighted several resources and materials for you to read or watch to assist with your switch. The best way to approach the upgrade is the same way you would any other learning or development endeavour, by blocking out your calendar and allocating a dedicated amount of time to it. 

Total estimated time required: 3 hours 30 minutes 

How to have a successful switch

As we’ve explained, switching software can feel daunting. 

If you’ve used the current system for a long time, jumping into a new one is going to feel very unfamiliar. We want to help you hit the ground running, but it’s a real team effort…

You’ll have a successful switch if…

You spend time going through the resources

It’s important to know what to expect from the system. That means reviewing our roadmap and guide explaining the differences between the systems, so it isn’t a surprise when you find a Pabau 1 feature looks different in Pabau 2.

You can dedicate time to training

We’ve put together a lot of helpful resources, including the Pabau 2 Academy, so that you can familiarize yourself with the system before you go switch.

You let us help you

We have an experienced team who can help to smooth out the process and resolve any issues. Make sure you lean on us to steer you through it!

Your switch may be less successful if…

You don’t know what to expect

The last thing you want is to log into Pabau 2 for the first time and be surprised. Learning how Pabau 2 behaves differently to Pabau 1 is crucial.

You don't make time for it

If your schedule won’t allow you any time to fit in the training or to review the resources, it will mean that the transition to the system is more challenging.

You don’t book a set-up call

We can’t stress enough how important this call is! We’ll help you configure your account and pull through your settings from Pabau 1 into Pabau 2.

The support we provide

We have a 24-strong team of Customer Care representatives ready to help. You can also reach out to us and request a video call at any time. Head to our Support page for the details.

Weekday support

Support team via live chat and video calls
Monday-Friday, 8am-4am (GMT)

Weekend support

Support team via live chat
Saturday and Sunday, 9am-1pm (GMT)

Weekday support

Support team via live chat and video calls
Monday-Friday, 3am-11pm (EST)

Weekend support

Support team via live chat
Saturday and Sunday, 4am-8am (EST)


Schedule a meeting with our team

Try our account management service

Account management is an optional add-on that you can choose to add to your subscription. If you want a more personalized experience during your switch, you may prefer to upgrade.