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We got your Pabau 2 upgrade request, just one last thing we need from you...

Our team has received your request to switch to Pabau 2 🎉   

We’re now busy behind the scenes getting everything ready for your account. Here’s what will happen now…

Please enter your email here to confirm the request and read this whole webpage carefully.

What happens next?

Over the next couple of days, our team will start to get everything ready for you account ahead of the switch. This includes creating templates, checking your online bookings settings, and reviewing your deposit settings. 

Now, we need you to do two things, which are both required steps. Please watch the first two courses on the Pabau Academy (Getting Started and The Essentials) and book your set up meeting with our Customer Success team. There are more details on these – along with booking links – below.

1. We'll prepare your account behind the scenes

2. You watch the Pabau 2 Academy and book a set up meeting

3. We'll switch your account over to Pabau 2

Book a meeting with our team

As with the move to the new version of online bookings, we cannot stress enough the importance of getting support from us with the set up. You must book a meeting with our Customer Success team to help you configure your account correctly. They’ll help you set everything up correctly, organize your system, and make everything look good.

Watch the Pabau Academy course

The quickest way to get familiar with Pabau 2 is to watch the Pabau 2 Academy. We’ve created over 40 video lessons that will guide you through the system, help you learn about the new features, and show you how to set up and customize Pabau 2 for your business.

We ask that you watch two Pabau 2 Academy courses (Getting Started and The Essentials) before your set up meeting. Please note, you have to sign up for the academy – your Pabau login details won’t work. 

How we’ll support you 🤝

As we said at the top, we want you to have the support you need through the switch to Pabau 2. Here are some of the things we have in place to support you through the upgrade…

1. One-to-one meetings

You can request a one-to-one video meeting at any time

2. Customer support

We have a team of 20 support agents ready to help you via live chat

3. Around the clock coverage

Our support team is available 8am-10pm (GMT) and 4am-6pm (EDT)

4. Weekend support

We have extended our support hours over Saturday and Sunday