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    How to convert more clients in your medi aesthetic business: Your 8-step onboarding plan

    How to convert more clients in your aesthetics clinic

    Your clients are the lifeblood of your clinic.

    They’re why you do what you do, and they’re integral to the success of your business. 

    The more prospects you can turn into patients, the more your aesthetic business can grow. 

    But how do you convert more clients in your aesthetic clinic? 

    How do you make sure that every enquiry is dealt with efficiently and effectively, so they want to book with you? How do you set your prospects on the perfect patient pathway that sees them returning again and again for treatments? 

    You make your marketing as efficient and effective as possible. 

    You build a streamlined patient journey with the help of clinic management software

    You follow our 8-step onboarding plan. 

    But before you can start prospects on their onboarding journey, you need to attract and capture those promising leads for your clinic. 

    Pre-onboarding stage: transform your marketing to attract and capture more leads

    If you want to convert more prospects into clients at your aesthetic clinic, you first need to attract more leads. The more enquiries you have, the more opportunities you have to convert them into paying clients. 

    Pabau’s aesthetic marketing hub offers lots of advice and insight into how you can improve your clinic’s marketing and attract more prospects. It’s packed with articles, guides and ebooks that show you exactly what to do, and is the ideal place to start. 

    It includes advice on how you can capture more leads, by: 

    Developing a strong online presence

    Your website and social media pages are often the first place that potential clients will interact with your business and your brand. Make sure that your online presence is professional, up-to-date, and as enticing as possible. That means including detailed information about your services, before-and-after photos, customer testimonials and clear, concise messaging that grabs your prospects’ attention.

    Using SEO and PPC techniques more effectively 

    Search engine optimisation – and local search marketing – is a great way to improve your search engine rankings and make it easier for prospects to find your clinic online. There are several different strategies you can follow, though bear in mind each takes time and effort. Paid search – or PPC – strategies can often be more effective in the short term, but they will take up a bigger chunk of your marketing budget. 

    Creating more engaging marketing 

    With so much competition in the aesthetics industry, you’ll want your clinic to stand out. Create visually appealing and informative marketing materials that educate potential prospects about your services and the benefits, the transformations, they offer.

    Try a variety of different marketing channels like brochures, flyers, videos and social media ads to reach potential clients in different ways.

    Once you’ve attracted the interest of your target audience, you’ll want to capture their details. 

    You’ll want to make sure it’s as quick and easy as possible for them to get in touch with your clinic and enter your lead-conversion process – your ideal prospect-to-patient journey. 

    Your 8-step onboarding plan to get more aesthetic clients

    • Make their initial contact as easy as possible 
    • Help your prospects help themselves
    • Automate confirmations and reminders 
    • Share customised medical forms and health questionnaires 
    • Create personalised experiences and treatment plans
    • Build a relationship with consultation follow-ups
    • Streamline appointment bookings 
    • Chase up and re-engage leads

    1. Make their initial contact as easy as possible 

    When a potential prospect has read your website, opened an email or text message you sent or engaged with a social media post – and they’re ready to get in touch and find out more – it should be an absolute doddle. 

    You want as few barriers as possible to help a prospect become a lead. 

    If they have to wait for a call back to book an appointment, search around for a form to fill in, or spend time listening to a number ring out, they won’t convert. 

    Give them multiple, simple ways to contact your clinic – Whatsapp, social media messaging, email replies and an online booking form. Each should be achieved with just one click. 

    And of course, your responses should be prompt too. 

    Clinic management software can help you integrate different communication channels into one platform, letting your prospects contact your clinic in a way that best suits them. It lets you add online booking forms straight to your website – a quick, easy place to send all your prospects too. 

    That’s exactly what Pabau does. It gives you a simple direct link to register, so your clients can join your onboarding process right away. 

    Dr. Richard Etok, of the London Face and Skin Clinic, uses Pabau to streamline his patient sign up. He just sends prospects the link via Whatsapp, and even added it directly to his Linktree. Quick, simple, effective. 

    2. Help your prospects help themselves

    By giving your prospects a single, simple link to register their interest and get in touch, you’re putting the power and control into their hands. 

    They’ll really appreciate that. 

    They’ll know they can get in touch whenever they want, choosing the time that best suits them. 

    Better still, if you use clinic management software to help you book and manage initial consultations, you can let prospects decide exactly which appointment they’d like. 

    They don’t have to wait for a response. They don’t have to question their decision, or re-consider your competitors. When they’re ready to find out more, they can book themselves straight in for a consultation – no second thoughts. 

    And they’ll appreciate the fact that they can decide exactly when they’d like an appointment, without needing to speak to anyone. 

    Software like Pabau helps you manage consultation appointments your way. Set your desired length of consultation (perhaps based on treatment type) and block out times when you do (and don’t) want to be meeting with new patients. 

    It also gives your prospects the freedom to record their own key details simply and efficiently, so they can spend more time during that initial consultation focusing on their needs, rather than filling in paperwork. 

    That will help you convert them. 

    3. Automate confirmations and reminders 

    Poor communication is a surefire path to confused prospects and a lack of conversions. It’s one of the main reasons why clinics of all sizes struggle to engage leads and turn them into paying clients. 

    When prospects don’t know what to expect, they’re easily disappointed. When communication isn’t clear and simple, prospects can build the wrong expectations, feel misled, or worst of all, think they’re being ignored. 

    And if that happens, they’ll go elsewhere. 

    But when you’re running a busy aesthetics clinic, it’s all too easy to forget to send appointment consultations, prep your prospects on what to expect and remind them of consultation times. 

    That’s why clinic management software is invaluable. It helps you streamline and automate confirmations and reminders so you never need to think about them. 

    • If a prospect books a consultation, send an automatic email to confirm the booking, based on your calendar availability
    • When a prospect is getting ready to attend their first meeting with you, share directions to your clinic ahead of time
    • As the appointment time approaches, send a text message to confirm the exact time and location

    Clinic management software helps you reduce no-shows and cancellations, but just as importantly, it helps you build a more engaging, personalised patient journey – one that’s completely automated. 

    Use it to set up automatic email sequences ahead of consultations that tell your prospects exactly what to bring, what to expect and the next steps on their treatment journey. 

    You can even use clinic management to prepare key medical information in advance – step 4 of our onboarding plan. 


    4. Share customised medical forms and health questionnaires 

    Medical forms and health questionnaires are a daunting part of any clinic onboarding process. 

    For staff, they’re absolutely essential and need to be as complete and accurate as possible. But for prospects, it’s long-winded paperwork that can feel intrusive, exhausting and even a little scary… if not managed correctly. 

    This can often lead to conflict in the onboarding journey, with prospects not filling in forms and staff chasing and chasing to get them completed correctly. Conflict that affects your conversions. 

    But with clinic management software, you can quickly and easily create customised medical forms and health questionnaires. You can: 

    • Tailor forms to individual treatments – asking only for the information relevant to your prospect’s needs
    • Split and stagger information requests – so your prospects never feel bombarded with questions to answer
    • Automate email reminders to prompt prospects who’ve missed important questions

    Clinic management software lets you tailor digital forms any way you like, streamlining the consultation process so that you have all the necessary information you need, and your prospects progress easily to the consultation stage.


    5. Create personalised experience and treatment plans 

    Sometimes, the most effective way to convert more clients in your aesthetic clinic is to focus on good old-fashioned customer service – something that’s all too easily overlooked these days. 

    For that initial consultation, you want your clinic environment to be as warm and welcoming as possible. That means an inviting, comfortable reception area that puts clients at ease and makes them more likely to return. 

    A clean, comfortable and welcoming environment will also help to create a positive image of your clinic in the minds of potential clients, reassuring them that they want to book a treatment. 

    Clinic management software can help you and your team deliver that exceptional customer service. Use it to help prospects plan their journey to your clinic, find where to park and know what to expect, as detailed above. 

    Call up your appointments for the day on a mobile app – like that offered by Pabau – so you know exactly who’s about to walk through the door and can welcome them personally. 

    When they’re ready for their consultation, you can then use clinic management software to show prospects a personalised treatment plan by: 

    • Collecting key personal information securely 
    • Detailing client goals and requests
    • Recording current progress with before pictures and key measurements 
    • Mapping out a treatment plan that’s automatically tailored to information you’ve entered

    By building out a personalised treatment plan and a custom prospect experience, you’ll show you immediately care about their wellbeing and their outcomes, and aren’t just churning out generic plans. 

    You’ll stand out from other clinics and reassure prospects that you’re the right choice for them. 


    6. Build a relationship with consultation follow-ups

    After that initial consultation – when you’re busy with other prospect enquiries and you’re carrying out treatment on existing clients – it’s easy to forget about that lead and leave them to their own devices. 

    They’ll go ahead and book that treatment you quoted when they’re ready, right? 

    Probably not. 

    While you don’t want to pester prospects after their consultation, you do need to stay front of mind. You need to:

    • Remind them of their treatment plan
    • Showcase the benefits they can expect 
    • Demonstrate your expertise and experience 

    Clinic management software can help you stay engaged with your prospect, nurturing a relationship that eventually will help convert them into a client. 

    Use software like Pabau to send a follow-up email or text message to your prospects to thank them for their time after a consultation and remind them of the next steps.

    Share before and after case studies, client reviews and key treatment information – personalised of course to your prospects desired treatments – to demonstrate your capabilities and the results you anticipate. 

    (Pabau can even help your automate review requests and assign them to specific treatment types, so you can automate this relationship building process) 

    All this social proof will build to convince your prospects to book their first treatment. 


    7. Streamline appointment bookings 

    When your prospects are finally ready to book their treatment, as with that initial contact and consultation, you want to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible. 

    One button, one click. 

    Clinic management software gives your prospects an easy and convenient way to book their appointments, directly from the emails and/or text messages you’ve been sending as part of your onboarding journey. 

    Ideally, it will pre-populate appointment booking fields from their profile detail page, so your prospects don’t need to waste time re-entering information. It’s a small touch, but one that will be appreciated and one that helps streamline conversions. 

    You might also want to give your prospects the option to book in for all their treatments in one go – over the course of a few weeks or months – if they require multiple visits. 

    This can help secure a commitment and get prospects over the finish line. 

    Similarly, you might also want to ask for deposits from your prospects at this stage, to further secure their commitment and minimise the chance of no-shows and cancellations. 

    By requesting a payment up front with your clinic management software, you’re more likely to secure that conversion. 

    That’s what Camille Armstrong found in her practice – Secret Enhancements. When she started using Pabau, she stopped wasting time with prospects who weren’t genuinely interested and could focus on helping those who were serious, with streamlined online deposit functionality making bookings and payments quick and simple


    8. Chase up and re-engage leads

    The final stage of your 8-step onboarding plan to convert more clients is to double back and focus on those you missed. 

    Those prospects who didn’t book a treatment right away or who didn’t request a consultation. Because they’re still warm, active leads. Leads you could convert into clients. 

    With clinic management software like Pabau, you can easily track and follow-up those prospects who have yet-to-become patients. 

    You could manually reach out to them, via phone, text or email, or you could build automated lead nurture sequences that fire off emails to increase the chances of converting them without you lifting a finger. 

    Emails that promote your clinic and your team, that showcase your expertise and your results, and that offer incentives to book. 

    You could customise promotions and discounts based on how busy your clinic is, how long prospects have been in your onboarding process and how valuable their custom will be to your business. 

    The more enticing the offer, the more likely they are to convert. 

    8 simple onboarding steps for a more prosperous aesthetic business 

    Once you’ve got a multi-step onboarding plan in place like this one, you’ll find your conversion rates increase dramatically. 

    More leads will get in touch, more enquiries will turn to consultations, and more consultations will become more regular bookings. Regular, repeat revenue

    You’ll streamline the admin for your staff and personalise the journey for your prospects – a better experience for all. 

    By using clinic management software you can automate and manage each step of the onboarding process, making it more efficient, more effective, and more profitable. 

    Plus, when you use the right clinic management software like Pabau, you’ll be able to continuously measure and improve every stage of the onboarding journey. 

    You’ll see exactly how your conversion process is performing, spot barriers and identify areas for improvement. 

    You’ll quickly make the small changes – an extra email here, a missing link added there, or a new form at an earlier stage – that will turn into big results. 

    Why you need clinic management software

    All you need to get started is clinic management software like Pabau

    If you’re new to clinic management software and want to learn about all the features and benefits it offers – to onboarding processes and much more – take a look at our definitive guide

    Or if you want to get started right away to see how Pabau can help you attract and convert more clients, book a demo today


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