Pabau - Clinic Software & all in one Intelligent CRM

Reduce the amount of time wasted on admin

Busy clinics require hours of maintaining patient records, writing notes and following CQC regulations. Choose a practice management system that puts all this information in one place and is simple to use. Less time on admin means more time growing your business.

Work seamlessly across multiple devices

Modern day businesses need to be able to work from anywhere at any time. With Pabau’s cloud based system clients can make appointments, contact clients and check diaries securely from Laptops, desktops, tablets and phones at home in the office or on the move.

Pabau Clinic Management Software Features


Clinic Management software that makes booking and rebooking multiple appointments simple and pain free.


Medical software that simplifies key tasks such as patient consultations, consent forms, medical questionnaires, procedure photos & more.


Minimise wasted time and maximise cash flow with Pabau’s innovative built in invoicing system.


In built CRM system that combines text, email, gift card, and loyalty point services.

Smart Boards

If your practice can quantify it we can track it. Capture important sales data and display in a way that helps you push your business forward.


Medical software that makes stock counts, purchase orders and ordering new inventory simple.


Track all your clinics from any location at any time on any device. That’s what a patient management system should be like.

Lead Management

Pabau will capture all your enquiries and transfer the clients data direct into its CRM system, making it easier to track, contact and convert prospective customers.


Why doesn’t your current clinic software have automated reminders for when you should contact clients for reviews, leading to higher rebooking rates? We’re not sure either.

Treatment Plans

Custom bespoke treatment plans and SOAP notes centred around the patients’ needs and time requirements.

Online Bookings

An online booking system you can integrate with your website so customers can book anywhere anytime for the treatments they want when they want it.


Whether you are a dentist, doctor, aesthetic clinic or salon, there is no better way to display results than high quality before and after photos. Pabau lets you take and store these photos In a way that is simple and secure.

Online eForms

Move your medical questionnaires online and attach them to your clients records reducing time on admin and increasing important face to face time with the client themselves.


A clinic system with built in loyalty functions, allowing you to award points for amount spent. Clinic with loyalty points have a statistically higher rebooking rate.


Pabau has an awesome package tracking system which will track remaining treatments in real time, assign commission payments correctly, book treatments in bulk and more.


Clinic Software that enables you to create and securely manage all of your private practice documentation in the cloud so that it is available anytime, anywhere.

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Introducing True Online Bookings

We offer a truly automated online booking system that will maximise room and
equipment usage in your practice. Clinic management software that make a difference.

Book Online 24/7

A patient management system needs to be up to date with consumer trends. Pabau online bookings enable you and your clinic to accept bookings 24/7.

Book Anywhere

Online booking works on most devices. Customers can book on their phone, tablet or computer or from anywhere in your clinic.


Online booking can be embedded in your website with a simple line of code making for a more seamless customer experience. Does your practice management system allow this?


Install our clinic management systems app on your company Facebook page and your customers can make bookings directly from Facebook.

Who Likes Paper Anyway?

Install Pabau on your Tablets and Mobiles for the Complete User Experience

Repeat Signature

Your signature will be automatically tagged in all your clinics exported reports. You have the option of signing once, and using for all future professional signatures.


Make your patients fill medical questionnaire & sign consents on your iPad. Default are available but you can also add and edit your own. E.g. adjust for a Dental practice or a GP.


For every treatment, you may write down assessment notes securely within Pabau, making clinic management a far easier task.

Custom Forms

Create your own customised treatment forms using our simple form builder in our Clinic management system.


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Anything You Need

Every single account set-up and subsequent support package are tailor made to your needs. Whether you are a GP, Dentist, Aesthetic Clinic or a Hospital we will work with you to create a personalised clinic software package that meets the exact requirements of your specific clinic. We're here to help - anytime, every time, with every step you take towards your clinics success.


Tech support answers questions:
Mon-Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm


24 hour via ticket, whenever they come up.


We see little point in selling you a highly capable clinic system without showing you how to get the best from it now and as you grow. We understand a patient management system is a big step for a clinic to take and that’s why we are fanatical about training. There is a level of expertise we feel every client should target, and it’s our job to lead you there.

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