Top tips on how to motivate your employees

    Are you a clinic, spa or salon owner?
    Have you ever wondered if your employees are not as motivated as your business is?
    You want your enthusiasm and passion for your business to be contagious but your employees may perceive things differently.
    It is, however, possible to motivate your employees without giving up shares in the company.
    With the Pabau Staff Management Feature you can grow your business by empowering your people. Pabau will let you improve retention, performance and save on labor costs.

    Here are a few suggestions:

    Try to build team-oriented environment

    Now you can do more with less by letting Pabau stay on top of company policies with HR tools that improve your bottom-line everyday. You can easily keep your employees happy and motivated by pulling helpful analytics related to their performance to make sure everyone is reaching their targets. You can schedule one to ones, and record and track performance.

    Set and Reach Goals

    The Pabau team report is essentially 10 reports in 1; you can track key information such as average spend per head, hours worked and much much more.
    Also here they are, powerful dashboards integrated into Pabau, with which you can generate different team statistics at a click of a button. You can also measure employees against each other to have a true view on performance. Apart from this you can set team targets by gaining some useful insights by setting targets for both your financial & non financial KPIs.

    Give your employees a reward

    You can consider some sort of a reward for when staff achieves a personal or salon goal.
    At least acknowledge each of them for their contributions and for every milestone and major success.

    Deciding which software to use, between Pabau and another software? If you are looking for a game-changing investment for your business, than you are on the right place.

    Now you can book your free personalised demo and our team member will be in touch with you to show you the software and discuss the features and benefits that will provide the most value for your clinic, salon or spa.

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