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    The best apps to use in your clinic

    Running a business, keeping your clients happy and staying up to date can feel overwhelming at times. Luckily, there are some tools, tips and tricks that you can use to make managing and marketing your clinic easier.

    We’ve pulled together a list of the best apps to use in your clinic to make the day to day running of your clinic space a breeze.

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    Canva has made a huge difference to how easy it is to design for social media, websites and emails, especially if you don’t have a design background. While hiring a professional designer can make a big difference, sometimes that isn’t feasible or you don’t have time.  

    This is where Canva comes in. Almost anyone can use it to create digital content for their business or brand. It’s extremely user-friendly and there’s a free version to help you get started, though the paid version comes with more features.

    It’s filled with templates and images with the ability to customise everything from your logo through to your social media posts. You can even make and print business cards and posters through Canva.


    Social media

    Whatever social media channels you’re using for your business, it makes sense to have the apps for each one. Whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn or YouTube to market your business and connect with other professionals, having the app on your phone means that it’s easier to scroll and post in real time.

    You’ll also get analytics that you can use to work out what’s working best for your business when it comes to social media. That means you can concentrate on the channels that bring clients to you.



    InShot is an editing app for videos and photos. People are watching more video than ever and as aesthetics is such a visual industry, it should definitely be part of your marketing strategy. 

    You can make basic videos and even do some more advanced video editing, like video collages, slow motion, stop motion, reverse videos and more. You can share and edit for various social media channels too – no more trying to crop and work out the right size.


    Because phones and tablets are now able to take great photos and videos, InShot makes creating video for social media much easier and you can use it straight from your phone, so even if you’re on the go or busy in clinics you can still create beautiful images and videos.



    Milkshake is a free iOS and Android app that allows you to create a website all on your phone without specialist design or IT skills. Most people start their search for a new product or service online, so a website presence is important for bookings and enquiries. Plus it can look more professional than directing clients to your social media pages.


    With Milkshake you can make a totally free website in just minutes. It takes five simple steps and allows you to gather analytics and insights from your site so you can see who’s checking it out. You can include your booking link, service info and contact details so that people can see what you’re all about and get in touch. 



    Later lets you plan, analyse and publish your social media content in just a few clicks. 

    No more setting reminders in your phone, posting when you’re not in work or just hoping that you remember. You can still sense check posts before they go live, just in case you’re wanting to review what you’d planned to post.


    With Later you can schedule posts, gather analytics, post content across multiple platforms and provide insights that you can use to help improve your social media posting and strategy. 

    You can even post stories or videos and include captions that are posted at the touch of a button from your app. There’s a free version and a paid-for version with more features.




    If Later’s not for you, then Hootsuite might be. It’s a social media management tool that lets you manage, schedule and post content across platforms as well as get analytics, track pages, accounts and hashtags and gain insights about your content.


    It’s easy to use, there’s a free version and it works across most of the main social media platforms. You can even use it to reply and engage across multiple channels all at once, so no more flipping between different apps.


    Banking and payments apps

    Whoever you do your business banking or payments through, you need to have those apps so that you can keep track of what’s going on with your finances and take client payments on the go. No-one expects to be paying for their aesthetics treatments in cash, so an app where you can take payment is a must.


    Having a banking app that you can check and keep an eye on is an essential part of running a business. Do your research to check which is going to be best for your business.

     You’ll want to manage your cash flow, check for client deposits and manage expenses easily, conveniently and on the go with a banking app too.



    Lightroom is a free app that helps you to capture, edit and share your photos. It’s great for product images and the app means you can edit on the go. If you haven’t used it before, you’ll be surprised by how much it elevates


    You can edit photos on your phone straight in the app – a must for client pics to smooth out any imperfections or lighting issues. Crop, adjust colour and tone and apply presets to your photographs using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom wherever you are. 

    No more trying to add a filter and distorting your image completely. Your prospective clients want to see a real representation of your work.



    Stock images can definitely have a place when it comes to your marketing, just don’t over do it. They’re great to use in a pinch when you don’t have a specific owned image to use, or where you’re sharing a general post rather than a real case study. 

    While they shouldn’t be used all the time, they can definitely come in useful for your website, social media and marketing material. Apps like Unsplash and sites like Pexels and Pixabay are filled with images that you can use in your marketing as needed.


    If you want to get a little more individual, using a paid-for service like ShutterStock can help you to get more specific imagery for your marketing needs but the cost will increase.

     It’s usually worth it if you can grab an image that’s perfect for your business and you’ll reuse again or across other marketing materials.



    Facetune has quickly become the go-to tool for editing images and videos for social media and other digital platforms. 

    It’s all done through tapping, dragging and dropping in the app so it’s easy to edit even if you don’t have any experience. It’s effortless to use and gives great results, whether you’re smoothing, sorting out shadows or cleaning up a background.


    Remember, customers want to see real images of your products and services, so don’t go overboard with your edits. Keep it subtle, simple and real. You don’t want to leave your clients feeling disappointed or misled after seeing some heavy-handed Facetune images and expecting their results to look the same.


    Aesthetics Medicine Magazine

    Aesthetic Medicine Magazine is one of the best resources for professionals within the aesthetics industry in the UK. 

    Having the app on your phone or clinic tablet can help you stay updated with the latest news, trends and events in the aesthetics industry wherever you are.


    This app helps you to stay on top of your industry knowledge, treatment awareness, news and CPD activity to support your clinic’s success on the go, between appointments or when you’re at home. No need to spend time glued to your desktop or trying to pick up textbooks between clients.


    Aesthetics Journal App

    The Aesthetics Journal print, digital & social platforms are some of the UK’s leading educational resources in Aesthetics. 

    They share scientific articles covering the latest in clinical advances, monthly CPD accredited articles, real-time news updates, a dedicated business section and more in-app you’ll be able to keep on top of the industry.


    Whether you’re reading about the latest clinical developments, the Aesthetics Awards or training news, it’s an essential resource wherever you are. 

    Keeping ahead of the industry and competition can be the difference between surviving and thriving in the aesthetics industry.



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