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    The 26 marketing metrics every aesthetic clinic should monitor

    It’s safe to say that you probably didn’t get into medi-aesthetics and beauty treatments to sit at a computer analysing data. You want to focus on helping your patients feel confident and beautiful, not studying numbers and graphs.

    You want to provide more treatments and grow your business.

    And that’s exactly why you need to monitor your marketing metrics.

    Because those marketing metrics are an important insight into how your aesthetics business is growing.

    Why is monitoring marketing metrics important?

    Your marketing metrics show you exactly how your marketing is performing. They show you what’s working and what isn’t. And they give you a clear, reliable indication of your clinic’s success.

    Monitoring the right metrics on a regular basis helps you make sure you’re on the right track. It helps you spot potential issues before they develop into problems. It stops you wasting your marketing budget on areas that aren’t delivering.

    Most importantly, by tracking the key marketing metrics for your aesthetic clinic, you can quickly identify ways to improve your efforts and make your budget go further.

    You can use your marketing metrics to help you attract more new clients to your clinic.

    Which marketing metrics should your clinic track?

    There are lots of different metrics your clinic could track, and it all depends on where you’re focusing your marketing efforts.

    If you’re spending on social media advertising, you’ll want to track impressions, click-throughs and overall conversion rates. If you’re just posting organically on social media, you might want to monitor views, comments and shares.

    Overall, you’ll want to know how many prospects are engaging with your marketing, how many of those are getting in touch to become leads, and how many are turning into paying clients.

    Our infographic below details the top marketing metrics your aesthetic clinic should monitor. 

    If you’re looking for more advice and support with marketing your aesthetic clinic, take a look at all the helpful resources on our aesthetic marketing hub page.


    The 26 marketing metrics every aesthetic clinic should monitor

    Attracting Prospects

    The first metrics you need to track are those which tell you if your marketing is grabbing your prospects attention and directing them to your website.

    Website visitors per month

    How many prospects are coming to your website to find out more about your business?

    Number of page visitors

    Track the specific pages you promote or run campaigns for – particularly key treatment or landing pages

    Bounce rate %

    If you can pinpoint the pages that prospects leave quickly, you’ll know they don’t deliver the key messaging and information your clients are looking for

    Paid Advertising

    If you’re spending on Google, Facebook or Instagram ads, you’ll want to track exactly where that money is going.

    No. of PPC visitors

    The amount of traffic that comes directly to your website from all your paid adverts – the visitors you’ve paid for

    No. of impressions

    The number of times your prospects see your advert, your campaigns and your brand

    No. of clicks

    The number of times your prospects click on one of your paid ads to visit your website

    Cost per click (CPC) = Total spend on paid ads / Number of clicks

    This tells you on average how much it costs to get a prospect to your website

    No. of conversions from PPC

    The number of leads you get (filled out a form, entered their email address) directly from your paid advertising

    Cost per conversion = Total spend on paid ads / Number of leads

    This gives you a figure for how much you’re spending online to get a good lead

    Social Media Engagement

    Social media promotion takes a lot of effort; monitoring your key metrics here will help you see if those efforts are rewarded. But a quick word of warning – these can often be seen as vanity metrics. Just because you have 2000 followers on Instagram doesn’t mean you’ll have 2000 prospects or clients.

    No. of page/channel followers

    For each post:

    No. of views

    No. of comments

    No. of shares

    No. of reviews

    Tracking the number of reviews you have on Google and Facebook (+ any other social channels) is a great way to monitor customer satisfaction and engage more prospects.

    Emails and SMS

    When you’re sending out news, promotions and offers via email and text, you’ll want to know if your prospects and clients like what you’re saying.

    Email open rate %

    SMS open rate %

    The percentage of subscribers who open your email or text

    Email click through rate %

    SMS click through rate %

    The percentage of subscribers who click a link to visit your website (or offer post) in your email or text

    Enquiries and Bookings

    Getting prospects onto your website is one hurdle, convincing them to get in touch and then book a treatment are two more challenges where you’ll want to monitor your efforts.

    No. of enquiries/leads

    The number of prospects who fill in a form, email or call your clinic to learn. Segment these into “Enquiries from: PPC, Social Media, Organic and Local” to see which marketing channels perform best

    No. of bookings/consultations

    The number of leads who then go on to actually book an appointment or a treatment directly. Consider splitting into “Self-Booked” – i.e. straight from the website – and “Assisted” – i.e. ringing and booking via reception. If your marketing can encourage more clients to self-book and reduce admin time, you’re onto a winner!

    No. of cancellations/no-shows

    Don’t forget to track those who cancel, or don’t turn up. If you see numbers rising here you can adjust your marketing to address the issue.

    Client Revenue

    Finally, the £££! The most important metrics of all to keep track of for your aesthetic clinic. 

    You’ll want to try and DECREASE ↓ these two numbers (by reducing marketing spend or increasing the number of leads) 

    Total cost per lead = Total spend on marketing / total no. of leads

    Total cost per new customer acquisition = Total spend on marketing / total no. of new bookings

    And you should be looking to INCREASE↑ these numbers over time, if you marketing is proving effective

    No. of clients retained

    The longer you keep a client, the more effective your marketing was – and the more value that customer is to you.

    Customer lifetime value

    Calculate: average treatment spend x average no of treatments booked x typically retention period. 

    This tells you how much an average customer is worth to you – and suggests how much you could spend on marketing to win a new customer.

    Marketing return on investment (ROI) %

    = (Sales (after paying staff and supplies) – marketing costs) / total amount spent on marketing x 100

    This shows you exactly how worthwhile your marketing was. 

    How to track these key marketing metrics?

    You should use your marketing channels, your website analytics and your clinic management software. Software like Pabau, which can help you supercharge your marketing and collect all the essential data on bookings, enquiries and much more.

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