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    The essential aesthetic business checklist for your opening day

    There’s a lot to think about when you’re starting an aesthetics business. From the obvious – like what will you call your business? – to the not-so-obvious like having the right business cards printed – there’s a lot of urgent jobs to be done and essential tasks to complete . And as opening day gets closer and closer, you might find yourself worrying whether you’ve remembered everything, prepared everything, dotted all of those i’s and crossed all of those t’s. But don’t worry. Just run through our opening day checklist, and you’ll soon reassure yourself that your brand new aesthetics business is ready for lift-off.

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    Things you should prepare well ahead of opening day

    Some things you can prepare the afternoon before your big aesthetic business launch. Others take a little more prep, a little more legwork, and a little more forward planning. So before you even set a concrete date for the big opening day, make sure you’ve got the following items ticked off your list:
    • Decide whether you’ll be opening your new business as a part time aesthetician, or making the leap into full-time self-employment on day one
    • Choose whether you’ll niche in one or two specific treatments, or offer a wider selection of medical and non-medical procedures
    • Decide if you want fewer premium clients who’ll pay for luxury, or more everyday clients who want a regular, reliable service
    • Choose which treatments you want to focus on
    • Make sure you’ve got the right qualifications to offer those treatments
    • Choose the right name for your aesthetics business
    • Find the right location…
    • …or the right vehicle if you’ll be working in clients’ homes
    • Decide between setting up as a sole trader or a limited company
    • And make sure you’ve got enough funding in place

    Things to get in place the month or two before opening day

    Everything you’ve done until now is big picture stuff. As opening day gets closer and closer, it’s time to focus on the nuts and bolts of making sure your aesthetics business can launch smoothly.

    These are the sorts of tasks that have shorter lead times, but still need a little bit of prep to make sure everything goes to plan.

    • Find the right suppliers, and order the products you need for your treatments
    • Decide on your pricing structure for your various aesthetics treatments
    • Finalise your business plan with SMART goals
    • Find a reliable accountant – or the right accounting software
    • Make sure you’re fully insured, and that you’re covered from day one
    • Fit out your treatment space with the right chairs, couches, worktops and waste bins
    • Order a uniform, for that extra professional feel
    • Start building up buzz with the right marketing
    • Set up all your social channels

    Things to do the day before opening day

    The day before your new aesthetics business opens, there’ll be a buzz in the air. You’ll be excited, and rightly so. This is a big step for you, and you’re going to smash it.

    But before you turn in for a hard-earned night’s sleep, just make sure all the final tasks are done:

    • Send out a last-minute blitz of social media posts to let everyone know you open tomorrow
    • Confirm that your first clients are booked in and ready to go
    • Make sure your phone is fully charged – for enquiries and those all-important before-and-after shots for social media
    • Check your payment processes are ready and working
    • Decide if you’re going to offer a little incentive for your first few customers – a discount in exchange for a review, perhaps?
    • Get a good night’s sleep

    Extra peace of mind before you open your aesthetics business

    There’s a lot to do before your aesthetic business’ opening day arrives. Far more than can fit in a single blog post. That’s why we’ve set up our aesthetic business library

    You’ll find advice on getting started, including our Ultimate Guide to Starting an Aesthetic Business which covers everything on this checklist in a little more detail.

    And it explains the benefits of adding clinic management software like Pabau into your plan.  

    From helping you market your new aesthetic business to the right audience, to managing your customers and treatments, Pabau’s all-in-one software will help you save time and minimise effort. It’s a little extra peace of mind for that all-important opening day.

    Try Pabau yourself, for free, today, and see how it works.

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