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    4 ideas to find the perfect aesthetic business name

    If you want to start your own aesthetics business and become an aesthetic practitioner, nurse or therapist in the UK, then there’s one very important thing you’ll need. It’s not a qualification, a piece of equipment or even a skill. 

    It’s a name.

    When you’re out there promoting your aesthetics business, you’ll need a name. When you’re dealing with suppliers or potential partners, you’ll need a name. When your clients look for you online, or tell their friends, they’ll need a name. And not just any name. 

    A name they can remember. A name that captures your brand and everything you stand for. A name that makes potential clients want to find out more. 

    The perfect aesthetic business name.

    Here are four ideas to help you find it:

    Once you’ve settled on the perfect name, if you’re looking for any extra support on setting up or running your medi-aesthetic clinic, visit the Pabau Aesthetic Business Hub

    Name idea one: Check your passport

    You’ve already got a name, and unless it’s very common, the chances are that you’ll be the only person in your area with that specific name who’s starting – or has started – an aesthetics business.

    It doesn’t even need to be your whole name. You’ll probably want to add on a descriptor, so you could easily be Alice’s Aesthetics or Chapman’s Cosmetics Practice, instead of the much less intriguing Alice Chapman Ltd

    A personal name ties your business to yourself, which could potentially limit your opportunities for growth. 

    But if you’re worried that naming your company after yourself makes you seem small or insignificant, just have a glance around next time you’re out and about. You’ll soon see that Mr. Marks and Mr. Spencer’s shop isn’t small, and Mr. Sainsbury’s start-up has grown into a well known brand.

    Name idea two: Go local, get specific

    When you’re searching for any service in your area, you’ll notice that among all the Sweeney Todd’s Barber Shops and Topp Cuttz Salons, you’ll see very simple names like The Alderley Edge Hairdresser popping up quite high on the page.

    That’s because Google likes names that tell the world exactly what you offer and where you are. So if you’re offering Dermal Fillers in Didsbury, something simple and easy like The Didsbury Dermal Fillers Clinic might be the perfect name for your aesthetics business.

    Easy for customers to remember, and helpful for marketing your business online. What’s not to like?

    Name idea three: Think inspirational

    The perfect name for your business might be one that has an instant emotional connection. Think about what your customers want. Not the exact treatments, but the way they want to feel. Do they want to feel more self-assured? Then they’d be inspired by The Confidence Clinic or Confidence Cosmetics.

    It’s far too easy to go far too cheesy with these kinds of names, so ask yourself whether you’d seriously visit The Fountain of Youth for botox fillers before choosing that as a potential name. 

    And be wary about excluding potential customers or becoming unappealing to your target audience. An aesthetics business name like Blossoms Botox probably won’t appeal to men looking for anti-ageing treatments. 

    You want to be inspirational, not over-the-top. It’s a fine line to tread, but it can definitely give you a really memorable business name.

    Name idea four: Get abstract

    Who says the name you choose for your aesthetics business has to be anything at all to do with aesthetics? The perfect name just has to be memorable and available. It could be the name of a tree, a country, even a fruit.

    After all, Steve Jobs didn’t go with The Steve Jobs’ Computer Company, or The California Personal Computer Store. He chose Apple. Nothing to do with computers in 1976, now pretty much synonymous with high-end technology.

    Maybe it’s a word you just like the sound of, or one that makes you smile. As long as there’s not an aesthetics clinic already using that particular abstract word, you can make it your own. 

    Make a success of your business, and in your customers’ heads, that name will always mean aesthetics.

    And isn’t that really the mark of a perfect aesthetic business name?

    You’ve got an idea for the perfect aesthetics business name. What next?

    The right aesthetics business name is only one of the things you’ll need to get started, which is why we’ve put together The Aesthetic Marketing Hub to tell you everything you need to know about your clinic’s marketing. 

    It’s packed with all the essential skills you need to run your own clinic – along with tips on branding, marketing, and – of course – what to do before you finally settle on the perfect aesthetic business name. Like checking TikTok, and having a quick glance at Facebook to make sure you can snap up the right social channels.

    And once you’ve settled on the perfect name, if you’re looking for any extra support on setting up or running your medi-aesthetic clinic,  visit the Pabau Aesthetic Marketing Hub

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