How to use data to make better business decisions for your clinic, salon, or spa

     The use of data is increasing day by day.

    It’s everybody’s challenge to learn how to use data to make better business decisions. Nowadays, a lot of different information is available, more than ever before.

    This will continue to grow.

    As an aesthetic business owner either in a clinic, spa or salon, you will have an endless number of decisions to make.

    Which decisions you make will depend upon the data available to you, and how you sort and display it.

    But how do you choose the right information for data reporting to make more informed decisions for your business in the future?

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    Real-time data and the strategic operational data.

    Our main recommendation for all aesthetic business owners is always to compare the real-time data and the strategic operational data.

    We recommend that you look at different types of aesthetic business reports, and always begin with real-time reporting. Pabau offers you more than 100 reports to check how your business is doing in all possible ways.

    You can see your inventory, scheduling, occupancy, revenue, or build custom reports on the fly to show whichever data you want.

    These are some of the most essential pieces of information you need to run your business and you will be informed daily regarding the number of appointments, staff schedules, number and type of leads or clients, a stock list with cost and retail price and many more.

    Strategic reporting is needed and it’s going to become a key element of business success and will be one of the most important tools for managers to make better, more informed decisions for their business.

    Strategic reporting tells you what is working or not working for your business so you can remove items/services or add new ones.

    Also, through this type of reporting you can keep track of your KPI’s and react to dynamic changes or stagnation. 

    As a business owner, you might now know, for example, what your overall therapist utilization is but software like Pabau, can tell you the numbers that you can’t see on first sight.

    Also if you have more than 1 location it’s great to compare revenue and other metrics across locations.

    This will provide benchmarking as a means of helping to identify areas where things are being managed properly and areas that could be managed better.

    Inventory Reporting

    Another example of how to use data to improve aesthetic business operations is inventory reporting.

    Pabau has a stock management system that allows you to track sales, manage stock, get alerted on low stock, and keep tabs of where your stock is at any one time. 

    These are just a few examples of how good data can lead to strategic reporting that will help you make better decisions in the future.

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