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    Why a CRM is critical for your aesthetics business

    CRM for aesthetics business

    Using a CRM is like casting a magic spell on your business.

    Just like the one the Fairy Godmother cast on Cinderella.

    “Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” and puff. Your aesthetic clinic transforms into the belle of the ball among your competitors.

    Implementing CRM software immediately after launching your clinic is critical for your business.

    Because if you wait too long before you do it, you risk your clinic turning into a pumpkin overnight.

    A CRM will simplify your clinic’s operations and will help you deliver an exceptional client experience.

    Working in the aesthetic industry means you need to manage client information, nail down appointment times for consultations and treatments, plan your team’s schedules, and keep your specialists, equipment, offices, and unique tools in sync.

    It’s undoubtedly a lot to oversee, especially if you are just in the early stages of starting your clinic. But with a CRM system, this becomes a straightforward task.

    A CRM = better customer experience

    Also, knowing all there is to know about your clients — from their appointments and treatments to their preferences and habits — allows you to offer a personalized experience that leaves them feeling special.

    And that’s one of the most important things.

    I know it by fact.

    Every time I went to my wedding dress fittings, the designer asked me the same questions over and over again. “What’s your profession? Where’s the wedding taking place? How are you styling your hair?”

    Predictability set in, and I knew precisely how our conversation would go on during my next fitting.

    In those moments, I felt ordinary. Small. On days when I needed to feel SPECIAL.

    Don’t make such mistakes with your clients. They are an integral part of your business and they should always be the stars when they come to your clinic.

    What is a CRM?

    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM is a software tool that helps businesses nurture relationships with clients and leads.

    The software is designed to simplify the process of monitoring client interaction by replacing the multitude of spreadsheets and all the different apps businesses usually cobble together to track and manage client information.

    The outcome? Better organization, increased efficiency, improved time management, and satisfied clients.

    CRM acts as the central nervous system of your business, allowing you to gather, organize, and analyze crucial information about your clients and leads.

    With a CRM, you can track communication history, manage appointments, and streamline your sales and marketing efforts. Apart from data storage, the software will help you understand your clients better, personalize your interactions, and ultimately, foster stronger, long-lasting relationships.

    In essence, a CRM system is the backbone of your customer-centric approach, enabling you to provide top-notch service, boost client satisfaction, and drive business growth.

    Why do I need CRM for my aesthetic business?

    Do you want to be the best in your industry? Do you want to scale your business?

    If you answered with “Yes” then the real question you need to ask yourself is “What kind of CRM should I implement in my aesthetic business?

    The answer: CRM system that is designed for aesthetic clinics.

    Pabau is one of the best CRM software that is perfectly designed for medi-aesthetic clinics.

    It will not only manage client information but also streamline your day-to-day operations by offering pre-made or customizable medical forms, pre-care and after-care, consent forms, and more, tailored specifically to the needs of your aesthetic clinic.

    Is CRM beneficial for small businesses?

    YES. A robust CRM automates many processes and will help you kick-start your business fast, efficiently, and successfully.

    Dr. Jordan, founder and lead injector at Allo Aesthetics shares a first-hand experience of why using CRM software early on in your business is crucial.


    Dr. Jordan Faulkner

    Founder and lead injector at Allo Aesthetics

    “Your instinct at the start of creating a business is to try and pull back on costs and things like IT software, but actually that’s quite shortsighted. By investing in something like that, it frees up your time to focus on those more important things.”

    When Dr. Jordan launched his business, he used pen and paper for taking medical notes and an Excel spreadsheet to track bookings. But that didn’t work for him.

    “That meant that every single day I had to be totally conscious in terms of making those follow-ups and making sure that I didn’t let anyone down.”

    “Even on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, I was having to log onto my laptop and check which patients I had seen 14 days prior and send them a message to make sure that they got the appropriate information.”

    That’s when Dr. Jordan decided to implement CRM software and he chose to invest in Pabau so that he didn’t have to do everything manually anymore, but he could still deliver a great client experience.


    “One of the key benefits that we’ve seen since implementing Pabau is the perception of the professionalism of the business. It just makes us look much more in tune with our patients.”

    So let’s find out all the things a robust CRM can do for your aesthetics business.

    7 smart ways a CRM will benefit your aesthetics business

    1. Manage important patient information

    A CRM will help you keep track of information about your patients and their appointments.

    CRM software provides access to an appointment calendar, offering a comprehensive overview that simplifies the scheduling and tracking of patient appointments, thereby ensuring that no appointments are overlooked or double-booked.

    Once a patient books an appointment, the client’s personal information is automatically stored in the system, which keeps track of every action and detail about their treatments and appointments they take in the future.

    Paper records and cluttered filing cabinets will be a thing of the past.

    For instance, in Pabau, you can store details about:

    • Forms that your clients filled out
    • Photos of the clients — pre and post-treatment
    • Client’s allergies and medical conditions
    • All their current and past prescriptions
    • Results of their patch tests
    • Lab tests
    • Problems your clients might have
    • Financials — all invoices, quotes, payments
    • Their purchased packages
    • All messages and emails they have received
    • Notes you take before and after their appointment
    • Details about their GP, preferred pharmacy, and lab
    • And lots more!

    All this information will be stored within one system, making it easily accessible for you at any moment.

    2. Increase the number of returning clients

    With all the client’s information stored in one place, you will be one step ahead to understand your clients better.

    Knowing your client’s needs and preferences can help you give them a personalized experience. This will instill trust in your patients and encourage them to return to your clinic for future treatments. 

    After all, when clients see that you know everything about their past treatments, they’ll feel like they are in capable hands.

    🌟Patient retention is key to success and CRM will help you keep the ones worth sticking with.🌟

    CRM can help you identify the clients that are likely to become loyal customers.

    For instance, if you see that a client visited your clinic more than once or referred your services to a friend, it’s a sign for you to take action.

    Everyone wants to be recognized for their loyalty and “good deeds” and you can do it by sending promotional emails, gift vouchers, or other perks to thank them.

    Doing this will certainly bring clients back into your chair and encourage them, even more, to spread good word to other friends.

    Pro tip

    Easily identify clients in Pabau by giving them labels. You can create labels to identify loyal customers, VIPs, big spenders, but also complainers, no-shows, debtors, or any other label you want to give specific clients.

    You can check out how to create labels in Pabau.

    3. Eliminate guesswork from your marketing activities

    If you’re like most aestheticians, your marketing efforts may be somewhat disorganized.

    You might post frequently on social media, promote campaigns, or send newsletters, but even if these actions are known to help marketing purposes, not having critical insights about your audience’s preferences, interests, and behaviors can make all your efforts go in vain.

    A CRM provides you with these insights promptly, helping you target the audience that is genuinely interested in the services your clinic provides.

    With CRM at your disposal, you can:

    • Find out who promptly opens emails within 24 hours and those who delay or don’t engage at all. This analysis reveals which emails resonate best and how often your audience checks their inboxes, helping you refine your email communication strategy.
    • Identify individuals who require appointment reminders due to their non-responsiveness and give them additional support by sending them emails or SMS reminders.
    • Target clients based on their past appointments and treatments they’ve undergone.

    Incorporating CRM into your practice empowers you to fine-tune your marketing strategies and deliver a more tailored and effective experience to your clientele.

    Within Pabau you can:

    • Create customizable automatic client recalls to encourage clients to schedule an appointment or make purchases.
    • Send targeted, personalized email and SMS campaigns based on different groups of clients, bookings, inquiries, or repeat business.
    • Manage leads, monitor their progress every step of the way, and convert them into clients as quickly as possible.

    🌟With CRM, driving patient acquisition becomes a piece of cake 🌟

    It helps attract, engage, convert, and retain new clients by:

    • Identifying potential new clients through precise, targeted advertising campaigns.
    • Engaging these leads with timely and personalized communications that cater to their individual needs and preferences.
    • Navigating the conversion process seamlessly, delivering the right information or experiences at precisely the right moments, and consistently re-engaging them as necessary.

    4. Enable clients to book appointments 24/7

    The back-and-forth communication often involved in appointment booking can be a tiring process, especially for busy clients with limited time.

    By offering online booking options, you provide your clients with the flexibility to schedule appointments effortlessly, at their preferred times. This streamlined approach can significantly increase your bookings with minimal effort on your part.

    Pabau allows you to integrate an online booking widget on your website or share a link to the online booking portal on your social media accounts, or even both!

    🌟Secure your appointments, time, and revenue with automatic reminders and implementing no-shows and cancellation policy 🌟

    Many clients may book appointments and then forget about them. A robust CRM can help address this issue by automatically sending email reminders to clients before their scheduled appointments.

    With Pabau, you can further enhance your appointment management by:

    • Sending automatic reminders not only via email but also via SMS. Check out our blog and learn why sending SMS rather than email reminders is smarter.
    • Securing appointments with deposits, avoiding last-minute cancellations.
    • Creating customizable no-show and cancellation policies that will help you get paid even if the client doesn’t show up for their appointment.

    5. Create seamless communication among your staff

    Delivering exceptional patient care relies on smooth teamwork among clinic staff. CRM software tailored for aesthetics clinics supports collaboration by enabling real-time access and updates to patient records.

    Additionally, it offers task management and shared calendars, ensuring appointments and treatments run seamlessly. With CRM, your team can collaborate effortlessly, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

    6. A CRM will help you receive feedback more easily

    The best way to improve your clinic’s operation is through receiving client feedback.

    However, many people just don’t have a habit of filling out long surveys or leaving reviews voluntarily. That’s why we should show them that leaving feedback is important for them and other clients so that your clinic can improve their services.

    A CRM system will make the process of leaving feedback easier for them as it will send automated reminders through emails or notifications right after their appointment.

    🌟Reviews and surveys can elevate your clinic’s reputation to the top 🌟

    You only get one chance for a first impression. And you should make sure it’s a damn good one.

    Reviews are the first thing clients check before booking an appointment and you should aim to gather as many positive ones as possible.

    Even if your clinic performs all the services impeccably, some clients might still have unpleasant experiences and leave bad reviews. 🙁

    With Pabau, you can choose which reviews you want to share on your website or show on Google and which you want to keep in the system only for you to see.

    Surveys, on the other hand, are private to you, but you get more detailed feedback that will help improve your clinic’s operations.

    In Pabau, you can customize your feedback surveys and include only important questions. This will help you find out exactly what you want, and will not waste your client’s valuable time.

    7. Helps you make data-driven decisions

    Clinic CRM software excels at gathering and analyzing vast amounts of data, providing invaluable insights into your clinic’s performance.

    You can effortlessly track KPIs (key performance indicators), monitor patient satisfaction, evaluate the efficiency of appointment scheduling, and measure staff productivity.

    Armed with this information, you can confidently make data-driven decisions that not only enhance patient outcomes but also optimize resource allocation and drive clinic growth.

    In Pabau, you can generate reports on every operation or action your clinic takes with just one click. Reports on clients, leads, sales, appointments, financials — you name it.

    And even better, you will have an up-to-date overview of your most important statistics right on your Pabau’s dashboard and track all your operations in real-time.

    Pabau’s key features for the aesthetics industry

    Pabau is an all-in-one solution software that is designed to ease the day-to-day activities specifically for the medi-aesthetics business. While we went through many of its robust features, there are even more that your clinic will thrive upon.

    1. Client Portal

    A client portal is a portal where your clients can keep track of all their appointments, forms they need or are already filled out, their paid or pending invoices, purchased packages, and more.

    They will have their own credentials to login into the portal and from there they can easily manage their booking and make payments.

    2. Face plotting diagrams

    With this feature, you can easily create accurate treatment records by marking injection points on a face diagram, or even better, directly on a photo of your patient’s face.

    At each injection point, you will be able to add the exact amount of injectable used, which will give you a clear visual overview of the treatment your client underwent.

    3. Creating before and after photography

    Within Pabau, you can create professional before-and-after images effortlessly or document your treatments with multiple side-by-side images using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

    You can find a range of comparison options to help you capture and showcase your treatments effectively, and they will be perfect for sharing them on social media and showing off your magic.

    4. Automated notifications for allergies

    Before a client comes for an appointment, they should fill out a medical form and inform you of any allergies.

    Once they do, all the details are stored in the system. So if you want to use products or prescribe some drugs they are allergic to, the system will automatically notify you.

    This will prevent you from putting your client’s health at risk and give you an opportunity to look out for another safe drug for your client.

    5. Pre-care and after-care forms

    Pabau can help you prepare your patient for their appointment by sending automatic pre-care and after-care forms directly to them.

    The system recognizes the type of appointment your client has booked and sends them the right form for their treatment.

    You can also link medical and consent forms to your clients, giving them the flexibility to fill them out at the time most convenient for them.

    What are the risks of not using CRM in your aesthetic business?

    In today’s interconnected world, for both newly established and long-standing aesthetic businesses, the decision to not implement a CRM system carries a host of risks.

    These risks can significantly impact various aspects of your business:

    Inefficiency Without CRM, your staff spends a lot of time on admin work and manually searching for client information, whereas CRM software automates these processes.
    Lesser client experience The absence of CRM means missing out on valuable customer insights, hindering your ability to understand client preferences and tailor services and marketing effectively.
    Damaged reputation and client trust Without a CRM, you might struggle to maintain organized records of client interactions and appointments, potentially leading to scheduling errors, missed appointments, or double bookings
    Lack of follow-up Missing out on follow-ups can mean missing out on new appointments or sales. CRM helps you keep track of who needs a follow-up, so you don't miss any opportunities.
    Difficult to measure return on investment (ROI) Without accurate measurement of marketing impact, budget allocation becomes challenging, potentially leading to wasteful spending.

    A CRM is the smart move

    To sum it up, CRM is not something you should consider using. It’s a must!

    CRM makes your aesthetics business more efficient, client-focused, and ultimately, more successful.

    It streamlines operations, enhances client experiences, and empowers data-driven decision-making. CRM is the key to professionalism, efficiency, and patient trust.

    For any aesthetic business aspiring to be the best and achieve scalable growth, implementing CRM is crucial to avoid reputation damage and to mitigate risks like inefficiency, stagnant client experiences, poor team collaboration, lack of follow-up, and difficulties in measuring ROI.

    CRM is the royal path to turning your clinic into the belle of the ball, so that every client feels like the star, ensuring their loyalty and your business’s long-lasting success.

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